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There are only very minimal ways to get oneself famous and have everyone know your name. If you want to do so, you should probably start doing something that sets you apart. Become a very successful business person, do good in the world, become an actor or one of the most subtle way. Get married to someone famous. Getting married to someone famous has its perks, and one of them is getting famous, like Edith Mack Hirsch.

Edith Mack may not be your typical household name for this generation, but a lot of people from the 60s know her name as she married one of the most popular actors of all time. You must be thinking of who is that particular person who we refer to as one of the most famous actors of all time because there are honestly a lot of them. We are talking about The Ann Southern Show and The Untouchables actor Desi Arnaz.

Edith Mack Hirsch

So, magically, all your questions vanish now as Desi Arnaz’s name comes up and you fully agree that he is one of the most popular actors of all time. Now, let’s get back to his wife, Edith Mack. Edith is one of the only few women who got to spend part of their lives with this handsome hunk and become his wife. So, how well do you know about Edith and her life with Desi?

Unfortunately, Edith is no more with us, and neither is Desi Arnaz, but that is no reason for us not to remember them and the memories they left behind. Here is everything about Edith Mack and her life. Marriage with Desi and all other interesting details. Consider this Edith’s comprehensive biography.

Edith Mack Hirsch Early Life

American actor Desi Araz’s wife Edith Mack Hirsch was born on April 15, 1917, in Illinois, the United States of America. The name that her parents gave Edith is Edith Mack McSkimming. According to her birth details, Edith’s zodiac sign is Aries, which suggests that her personality should be very outgoing and emphatic.

As far as we know about Edith, she was always passionate about finding and going to new places and also helping people as much as she could. While growing up, people also loved Edith because of this simple yet powerful factor. This also rendered possible because of her childhood and how she grew up.

Talking about her family, Edith rarely talked about her family in general. In fact, as of now, there remains no information about Edith’s parents whatsoever. Because of this, Edith’s growing up experience remains as a mystery. This also gives leaves her followers bewildered on other factors of her life.

Parents details are not the only thing that Edith has kept a secret, as she also never talked about having any siblings. Edith never talked about her parents or the fact that if they had any children besides Edith. Why Edith made her family information, such a mystery part remains a mystery in itself because.

Edith Mack Education

During the century that Edith came into this earth, the scene was very different. There were very few things that the society could offer to people. However, even during that time, there were educational institutions that made sure that people receive an education. Edith’s parents also believed that sending their daughter to school was a very good idea.

Edith went to a local high school located in Illinois, where she was born, which made sure that the journey from home to school did not become too hectic. As a child, Edith bore the same determination to study very hard and get good grades as most young students. Edith also had her share of fun times, which included going out and hanging out with school friends.

After graduation, further information about Edith continuing her studies remains as a mystery. We do not know for sure if Edith went to college after high school and got her higher education degree. For now, until any credible source like her relatives confirms, Edith did not get to college after high school.

Name Edith Mack Hirsch
Date of birth April 15, 1917
Birthplace Illinois, United States of America
Ethnicity White
Height 5.4 ft
Weight N/A
Profession N/A
Married Yes
Nationality American
Birth sign Leo
Measurement N/A
Net Worth N/A


Edith Mack Hirsch Personal Life – Desi Arnaz’s First Marriage

For anyone familiar with Edith and her husband Desi Arnaz, they also know that Edith is not the first wife of Desi as Desi was previously married to another woman. That is right people, but he is no surprise here because you already knew all this.

Desi Arnaz previously married Lucille Ball, a fellow actress who possessed godly beauty. Desi and Lucille, also known as Lucy, married on November 30, 1940, in a very perfect and intimate wedding ceremony. Despite everyone calling that the couple had the most amazing marriage, Hollywood had ever seen. There were troubles.

Lucy revealed that Arnaz possessed alcohol abuse issue and also allegedly infidelity as well. Desi and Lucy welcomed two children from their marriage, but that did not lessen the tension between them. Lucy and Desi separated and divorced in 1960 after a two-decade-long marriage.

Marrying Desi Arnaz

In 1963, three years after Desi divorced from his first wife Lucy, he met Edith. At first glance, Edith took Desi’s breath away and his ability to speak because of her sheer beauty. Regardless, taking advantage of his charisma and masculinity, Desi talked with Edith and sparks flew.

Six months later, after meeting for the first time, Edith and Desi married each other on March 2, 1963. Determined to make his second marriage a success, David also minimized the time he devoted towards his Hollywood and showbiz career and started focusing more on his marriage with Edith.

The couple did not welcome any children but the gap filled by Desi’s children from his first marriage with Lucy. Edith and Desi did not make the headlines as Desi and Lucy did, but the couple’s marriage stayed intact. As they say, Edith and Desi became apart only after death.

A mark of true love, Edith and Desi always remain in our hearts and memories.

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Edith Mack Hirsch Fame

Edith Mack is relatively under the radar person as far as her career comes. Because Edith never talked about her early life, there remains no information available about her career and other facets of her early life. What she did before is a subject only her closest relatives can answer for us now.

However, despite having a relatively no imprint on society that made her famous, Edith is a name that many Hollywood fans recognize, and that is for one reason in particular only. It is because of her marriage to Hollywood actor Desi Arnaz, the man who made any woman’s heart race like a racehorse.

Desi Arnaz is one of the most popular actors as we always speak and for all the good reasons. Desi delivered some of the most famous and loved movies and TV shows of all time. The Long, Long Trailer, The Navy Comes Through, Four Jacks and a Jill, I Love Lucy are only one of the few movies and TV shows that Desi delivered during his career.

After Edith married Desi, her fame spiked, and people started to know about her. Of course, Edith always recognized herself as Desi’s wife but to other women, she stood as the woman who bagged one of the most handsome actors of that time and most probably of this era as well.


After living a fair part of her life with dear husband Desi, Edith Mack, unfortunately, passed away. At the age of 67, deteriorating health conditions caused by cancer, which grasped Edith very tightly and became the cause of her death. Edith, most, unfortunately, died of an undisclosed form of cancer on March 25, 1985, in Del Mar, California.

Her husband Desi Arnaz died about a year later on December 2, 1986, after losing his battle to lungs cancer. Desi was 69 years old when he died of cancer.

Social Reach

Twitter: N/A

Instagram: N/A

Facebook: N/A

Net Worth

As we already mentioned, Edith did not disclose her career and nor she ever talked about any of the work experience she gathered. However, after marrying Desi Arnaz, his wealth also became hers, and the couple always lived very comfortably. After several years of working in the film industry, Arnaz gathered a massive fortune.

When alive, Desi Arnaz and Edith enjoyed a massive net worth of $40 million.


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