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How many of you have ever heard about Doug Spedding? No? Well, It is already high time that you should because there are only so many reasons to know this Spedding. An auto dealer by profession, Dough is not someone to mess with. But these are hardly the things you know about Dough because, first of all, you do not even know why we are talking about him here.

Can you believe that? We, as your loyal informative, telling you about someone not worth the time? No. You will surely get shocked when we start talking about why Dough Spedding is a big of a deal. He is charming, and no one is taking that away from him, and Dough also has a nice sense of style.

Doug Spedding

Doug Spedding, the handsome man who is known as an Auto dealer in Orange County area. However, this is only the second thing that serves as an introduction for Doug Spedding. Because if his actual profession as an auto dealer is not something that made him famous. Did Doug do some kind of crime that shuns his professional career? Well, the answer is no and a yes.

But rather than that, Doug is famous for dating a spectacular woman. But, before we talk about Doug’s detail, we have to learn more about Doug first. Let’s take a deeper dive into Doug Spedding’s life and learn about him in a detailed manner. Also, along the way, we will also talk about his affair and the reported crime that he got himself into.

Doug Spedding Early Life

Doug Spedding, the American auto dealer, was born in the year of 1962 in the United States of America. He is 57 years old at the moment and likes to keep his actual birthday detail a secret because of unknown reason. As born in America, Dough holds an American nationality and shares the American virtue.

Also, Doug Shares American ethnicity and likes to stay close to his religion, which is Christianity. From a very young age, Doug grew up as a very good and obedient Christian boy following and believing the God who showed him the way to the good path and helped him become a nice man.

Unfortunately, Doug is a very private man and does not talk about his family life much. Spedding does not reveal about his family details like his parent’s name, his birthplace or even his birthday. Tabloids also do not have any idea if he has any siblings or not, which makes him a more privacy concerned person.

People always want to know more about Dough, but he just refuses to give out any information that could reveal details about his personal life. Until he does, we just have to stay very patiently.

Doug Spedding Education

From a very young age, Doug thought about it, and the concept of business always fascinated Doug and intrigues him as a child. So, he knew what he would have to do first to pursue that path. Dough attended the local high school where he was raised and started studying very hard at school. He reportedly became favorite of teachers as well.

After studying very hard for years, Doug graduated high school with very good grades. Apart from that, there remains no evidence that Doug continued with his studies. This particular fact also remains very secret alongside his family information. Why he keeps such information is also a question for people around.

However, may believe that to start his business later on his life, Doug needed to have some theoretical knowledge; hence they all believe that Doug went to college and studied the relevant subject to get broader knowledge in business management and tactics that could make him a successful business person.

Doug Spedding

Name Doug Spedding
Date of birth 1962
Birthplace United States of America
Ethnicity White
Height 5.9 ft
Weight N/A
Profession Businessman
Married No
Nationality American
Birth sign N/A
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $2 million


Personal Life

Since 2017, Doug started dating one of the most beautiful women in the biz. Surely, you all know Christina El Moussa the Flip and Flop star. Well, as it so happens, the couple started dating, and Dough and Christina also made quite the couple. Doug and Christina started dating each other after Christina’s divorce from former husband named Tarek El Moussa.

Although the couple started dating only in 2017, both knew each other for around a decade ad they were good friends. After Christina and her husband legally separated, Doug and Christina started dating, and they even spent the 4th of July on a boat in Newport, California.

Moreover, they took their romance to the next level as both did not hesitate to share a kiss in public. After having a meal at the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills, the couple shared a very passionate kiss while exiting the premises which hinted everyone that both did not have anything to hide.

However, by October of 2017, Christina and Doug split and went their separate ways. According to reports, Dough reportedly cheated on Christina, and she got wind of it.

Past Affair

Previously, before Christina, Doug started dating a woman named Tracy Diaz. While Doug secretly claimed that he and Tracy no longer dated, Tracy said that the couple was still in touch and that their relationship never really ended; at least not officially.

Also, Doug is a father to six children that he welcomed with multiple women over time. However, as a privacy junkie, Doug does not talk about his past relationship and likes to keep everything quiet. At the moment, Doug is not dating anyone.

Doug Spedding

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Doug Spedding Career

When it comes to career, the word auto dealer describes his profession. Doug started his auto dealer career back in the days and made an imprint on the Orange County area as a very successful auto dealer and a businessman who had his hand in multiple areas and not just one fixed business.

However, his career does have some rocky and shaky times where Doug got into a lot of troubles for some of the things that he did, which everyone deemed as a crime. During his time as a business person, Doug reportedly held employee payments, and that led to court lawsuit.

Doug also reportedly refused to sign necessary papers that would allow his customers to register their vehicles on purpose. We are still not sure behind the reason for such actions, but Doug reportedly did all of that which led people suing him and numerous court appearances. However, as of now, all the cases are managed and taken care of.


But if you thought troubles ended there, you are very much wrong because Doug kind of has a knack for troubles and well, getting himself out of it. In 2011, Doug got himself into another problem, and this time, it was a major one compared to the employee payment stiffing and not signing customer vehicle registration form.

In June of 2011, the police arrested Doug and charged him for possession of drugs and a misdemeanor for possessing a drug called Paraphernalia. Naturally, Doug pleaded not guilty to all the charges but still received an 18 months long diversion program. The court also freed Doug of all charges and did not linger around to investigate him more.

Doug, as a responsible citizen, agreed to complete the 18 months long diversion program and comply with the government fully. This gave him a new opportunity of building trust with his community and the country. At the moment, Doug is a retired man who only looks after other business and not auto dealing.

Net Worth

As far as the net worth goes, Doug is a very rich man with multiple businesses. Before all the charges came raining down on him, Doug ran his auto dealing company with full force and became one of the most profitable in the Orange County. However, despite having a loss in his involvement in the housing business, Doug has plenty of cash.

Currently, Doug has a net worth of over $2 million, and he is working very hard to increase the figure significantly. He, while appearing on the show, reportedly made about $10,000 an episode and that gave him an edge. Before Christina, Doug was dating another woman, and the couple lived very lavishly until the major financial crisis hit them.

Doug Spedding Social Reach

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