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Men have excelled in sports for years and years, and it hasn’t been long since women have also started to compete in games on the national level. After all, there are many women in history books who have proved that gender is not something that dictates a person’s ability. Famous personalities like Mary Kom, Serena Williams, Sania Mirza, and others have dictated time and again that women are sometimes more capable than men. On that list is someone here today who has set new bars in her field of sports. Her name is Dorothy Hamill, and she is one of a kind sports person.

However, people who are not in sports may not know her. Even though you reading this means that you certainly know who Dorothy Hamill is, let’s just give a brief background on who Dorothy is and why are we talking about her here. Briefly talking, Dorothy here is one of the very few people who have won Olympic games not just once but multiple times. That is right. Hamill is an Olympic gold medal holding figure skater and a very attractive woman as well. During her career, she brought the United States of America glory by winning two gold medals.

Dorothy Hamill

While this is surface information about Hamill and that too only about her professional life. In this post, we shall talk all about Hamill and her personal life as well. Many people wonder who Hamill is in her personal life. Let’s learn more here.

Dorothy Hamill Bio, Age, Background

The two times gold medal winner and absolutely beautiful personality Dorothy Hamill was born on July 26, 1956. Dorothy was born in Chicago, Illinois, United States of America, and at the moment, Hamill is already 63 years old. However, if you look at her current pictures, Hamill is a very gracious looking personality.

For someone who is 63 years old, how is Dorothy keeping her beauty intact all these years? Well, there are rumors that plastic surgery is the help that Dorothy opted for. However, there’s a severe lack of evidence when it comes to plastic surgery. The only explanation is Dorothy never left her habit of remaining fit and keeping up a healthy lifestyle.

Dorothy was born to father Chalmers Hamill and mother Carol Hamill, who are both American. Growing up, Hamill has a lot of happy memories that she looks behind. Born on July 26, Hamill shares the zodiac sign of Leo and has a very correlative personality as well.

Just like other people holding the zodiac sign of Leo, Hamill also shares the trait of a very determined person. Because of that, whatever that Hamill put her mind into, she always managed to finish doing it as well. There are not a lot of people who have this kind of ability, even among people who share the same zodiac sign.

Dorothy Hamill Family, Parents, Siblings

As mentioned earlier, Dorothy was born to father Chalmers Hamill and mother Carol Hamill in Chicago, Illinois, United States of America. Talking about her mother and father, Hamill’s father worked as a mechanical engineer. Chalmers was a well-educated man who made a career in engineering.

On the other hand, information about what Hamill’s mother, Carol Hamill, did professionally remains a mystery at the moment. For all that we know right now, Carol Hamill looked after the family and made sure that all were looked after. In short, Carol Hamill may have been a housewife.

Talking more about her family, Dorothy also has a couple of siblings. Chalmers Hamill and Carol Hamill welcomed three children together. Dorothy is the youngest of all three children. Chalmers and Carol welcomed one son and two daughters. The names of Hamill’s siblings are Sandy and Marcia.

The whole family moved to Greenwich, Connecticut, a while after Hamill made her debut into the world. Born in Chicago, Hamill spent the rest of her childhood growing up in Greenwich and enjoying her time there. That is also the place where Hamill caught on her hobby of skating first.

At the age of eight, Hamill first introduced to the sports of skating, and since then, she became quite hooked to it as well. Because she was so passionate about skating, her father also supported her wholeheartedly.

Dorothy Hamill

Dorothy Hamill Education, School, College

Parents in the United States of America have always considered their child’s best interest in their top priority. These parents also know that their child’s future becomes bright with proper knowledge, and that is also what Dorothy’s parents believed. However, they also wanted to support their child’s dream.

As a young child, Dorothy began going to an elementary school. Chalmers and Carol moved to their family to Greenwich a long time ago, so the schooling of all children also happened there. Elementary school gave Dorothy an idea of what school is all about and prepared her for further journey.

While catching on with skating from a very young age, Dorothy also had to balance her schooling as well. Because of that, Dorothy began having a very tight schedule for someone in school. After done with elementary school, Dorothy enrolled at a public school in Riverside.

However, there began arising problems because Dorothy had to practice skating and focus on her school and not miss any classes. As time went on, this became difficult, and Dorothy had to change her schooling. In 1970, Dorothy transferred to another school that managed her tuition timing.

After graduating from there, Dorothy joined Colorado Academy High School and began focusing on her career since then. As far as reports suggest, Dorothy did not go to university.

Personal Life, Married, Husband

When it comes to personal life, Dorothy has had quite an unstable relationship rollercoaster. Talking about her most recent personal news, Dorothy suffers from depression and has relied upon getting medical attention to battle with the mental condition. This is particularly sad news.

Moving on, Dorothy has married three times which means, two of her marriages ended in divorce. Back in 1982, Hamill married a man named Dean Paul Martin. Dean Paul Martin was a singer, actor among many other things. Hamill and Martin remained married for only two years as they divorced in 1984.

After divorce with Dean, Hamill met another man named Kenneth Forsythe and married him in 1987. Unfortunately, her marriage with Kenneth did not become a successful one as well. After half-decade, Hamill and Forsythe divorced each other in 1995. Later in the 2000s, Hamill met another man named John MacColl, and the couple married in 2009. Since then, Hamill and MacColl have remained married.

Hamill also has a daughter that she welcomed from her marriage with Kenneth Forsythe. Her daughter’s name is Alexandra Hamill.

Dorothy Hamill

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Dorothy Hamill Career, Skating

Catching on with the sports of skating since the age of eight, Dorothy began practicing seriously later on. For practicing purposes, she used to wake up at 4 am in the morning and head to the rink to practice. During her initial days, Hamill began practicing with coach Otto Gold and Gustave Lussi.

Since Riverside did not provide her optimal practicing environment, Dorothy moved to New York City, where she also made friends practice with. Her father also supported her very much as well. At one time, Hamill moved to Toronto, where she began practicing with a new coach named Sonya Dunfield.

After years of practicing and competing in small events and competitions, Hamill made her first appearance in national fame in 1969. At the 1969 U.S. Championship, Hamill won the title of Novice Ladies. This happened when Hamill was only 12 years old and starting out fresh in skating.

In the coming years, Hamill competed in almost all U.S. Championships. In 1971, Hamill became second in her first competition as a senior. The following year in 1974, Hamill won the U.S. Championship and held the title till 1976. Hamill also won third place at the 1974 World Championship.

Olympic 1976

Dorothy competed at the 1976 Winter Olympics. After winning multiple U.S. Championship titles, Hamill went to get the big fish. The Winter Olympic of 1976 that took place in Austra was a very tough one, and Hamill secured the second position in figure skating.

However, in the short and long programs, Hamill managed to get gold medals and became one of the few Americans who did it as well. Followed by winning a gold medal at the Olympics, Hamill also went on and won the 1976 World Championship. This gave her the title of professional.

After her fame began booming among people, they began following Dorothy from a fashion perspective as well. During her 1976 Olympic competition, Dorothy tried on a bobbed hairstyle that became a fashion trend. People thought that the hairstyle had a short and sassy look to it, and it created a hairstyle trend as well.

1976 is also the year in which Hamill retired from professional skating. However, she continued to skate in different shows.

Dorothy Hamill

Net Worth

Over the years, Dorothy Hamill has garnered a massive fan following. Gaining America Gold medal made her a hero into the public’s eyes, and people started following her as well. During her career, Dorothy also earned a massive fortune. While Gold medalist earn from the state as well, Dorothy also earned from appearing in shows, promoting brands and other works.

At the moment, Dorothy has a net worth of $5 million. While skating was one thing, Dorothy also appeared in multiple TV shows like cooking shows, Dancing shows, which also earn her money.

Name Dorothy Hamill
Date of birth July 26, 1956
Birthplace Chicago, Illinois, United States of America
Ethnicity White
Height 5.5 ft
Weight N/A
Profession Skater
Married Yes
Nationality American
Birth sign Leo
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $5 million


Social Reach

Twitter: @DorothyHamill

Instagram: N/A

Facebook: Dorothy Hamill


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