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There are people who reach new heights of couple goals. They go on vacations, posts cute PDA pictures on social media and well, maintain a healthy relationship. However, Doreen Lioy is someone who takes that to a new level.

She makes us believe that love is blind and that it sees nothing but the person. You must be wondering what it is normal but can you overlook multiple murders and sexual assaults that someone performed and still think that they are innocent?

The answer is typically no because you surely would not like a relationship with a serial killer; not because of their crimes but also for your own safety. But Doreen Liyo thinks otherwise. She saw the vulnerability in the man who took the lives of dozens of innocent people.

What was the reason behind her loving such a man? Not only that but she married the love of her life inside the prison. Now that is something you do not hear every day. Without any further ado, let’s learn more about Doreen Lioy and also know who that man is.

Doreen Lioy

Doreen Lioy Personal Life

As mentioned, Doreen Lioy fell in love with a man who was an infamous serial killer in the 1980s. His name is Richard Ramirez. You may have heard about this man because he is only one of the few ones who committed such vicious crimes.

Richard in his time reportedly killed 13 people and attempted 13 sexual assault, making him one of the most feared, wanted and vicious criminals of all time. However, Doreen seems to have neglected all the crimes he committed.

A man that everyone knew as a serial killer was innocent and lovable to her. While everyone claimed that Doreen had lost her mind, she had her reasons to pursue a relationship with Richard.

The Relationship

In 1985, Richard was sentenced to death after a jury convicted him of all 13 murders, five attempted murders, 11 sexual assault and, 14 burglaries. While he served his time in prison, there was a trend where prisoners used to get a lot of love letters from outsiders.

Richard, in particular, had once a consistent person who admired him. She was Doreen Lioy. In 11 years, Doreen had sent about 75 love letters to Richard. Everyone was shocked when the revelation flashed out, and people could not understand how and why.

The person who without any mercy committed so many crimes in just a matter of approximately two years was loved so much.

Richard Ramirez Crimes

Ramirez specialized in murders and burglary as he carried both deeds at the same time. He terrorized the greater Los Angeles area before affecting South California and making the residents there live in fear.

People could not anticipate when this vicious criminal would break in their home kill them and loot their belongings. One of the most horrifying crime scene Richard Ramirez had left when he broke into the house of a man named Bill Carns.

Richard entered the home through the back door and fired three shots at his head. After that, Richard turned towards the man’s fiancé and told her that his name was The Night Stalker. He then forced the man’s fiancé, raped her and then took all the couple’s belongings.

During that time, Richard reportedly forced the terrified woman to say that she loved Satan. Fortunately, the man he shot survived after he was taken to the hospital by his fiancé and their neighbors.

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Richard Ramirez Captured

In August of 1985, the Los Angeles police took him into custody after a group of people earlier recognized Ramirez who was returning from a trip to Arizona. Richard says that he was a wanted criminal as posters indicated and tried to flee. Multiple groups of people recognized him and forcibly restrained until the police arrived.

When the police took arrived, he was already beat to the ground. His case came in the court on July 22, 1988. A year later, on September 20, 1989, the jury convicted him of all charges and sentenced him to die at the California gas chamber.

But, the death sentence did not frighten Richard. While serving in prison, Doreen came in contact with Richard via letters and the couple started their infamous relationship.

Doreen Proposed

After more than a decade of letter exchange and prison visits, Richard believed it was time the couple’s relationship escalated. In 1988, Richard proposed to Doreen to which she said yes. While a normal couple would pick a wedding date immediately, Doreen and Richard were far from a normal couple.

It took them almost a decade to get married, but it finally happened. On October 3, 1996, Doreen and Richard married at the San Quentin State Prison in California. A wedding which usually has friends and family had guards and legal personnel.

For Doreen, the wedding came at a cost as her family disowned her after she married a death row inmate. But she could not care less for she was in love and married the love of her life. In an interview, Doreen claimed that she believed Richard was innocent and that he was kind, funny, and charming.

Although she could not live together with her husband, she did her best in being with him as much as possible. She went to visit husband Richard four times a week and did not care when people would say she married a murderer.


The love continued for years, but things started to change slowly. The couple reportedly became distant after years of visits and reportedly they even split. Doreen previously stated that she would commit suicide when authorities executed Richard. But due to the long procedures of the California law, that took a lot of time.

By 2010s, Richard started refusing any personal visits which further strengthened claims of the couple’s rift and split rumors; until all of it replaced by Richard’s death.

Death of Her Lover

On June 7, 2013, media learned that Richard Ramirez, the man who established terror with the name Night Stalker died. The reason for his death was not inmate fights but instead health issue.

Ramirez battled complications are secondary to B-cell lymphoma which combined with chronic substance abuse and Hepatitis C infection. He died at the Marin General Hospital located at Greenbrae California.

Doreen Lioy Bio, Age, Now

Lioy was born in the United States. Unfortunately, information regarding her date of birth is missing. She served as a magazine editor for a magazine company. After the death of her love, Doreen completely vanished from media attention.

At the moments, her current whereabouts are unknown.


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