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While the world goes digital and more advanced with every passing month or year, people have adapted to the technology as well. You probably have heard about DJ, it means Disc Jockey. Can you name the most famous DJs of this decade? Surely, names like Marshmellow, Steve Akoi will come to your mind.Who is DJ Duffey? Here are the things that you should know about her so you know about the person whose music you’ll be dancing to.

Dj Duffey

Now, can you name the most sexiest DJ, and we’re talking about a female DJ. Well, for all of those who cannot think of one, we present you, DJ Duffey. She has made quite a buzz over the years and rightly so. Her DJ skills are phenomenal, but it is her looks that gets people pumped as well.

Who is DJ Duffey?

DJ Duffey for starters, is a DJ. But this is not her real name. DJ Duffey, in reality, is Latosha Duffey, a hot mess who previously played basketball before turning around to switch knobs and swirl the discs.

DJ Duffey has her share of struggles like any other people because nobody’s life is perfect. People have fame and money, but not the peace of mind and vice-versa. However, there is a difference between being unsatisfied with what you have and struggling to make ends meet or put food on the table.

In her early days, DJ Duffey worked for Rent-A-Car Enterprise. Even though the company name sounded lucrative, she barely made any money to live comfortably. After making some connections, she thought best of moving on from the job that did not pay her well.

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From Latosha To DJ Duffey

People go through a transformation. It does not always have to be a physical transformation as people can have a different perspective after a while, a different goal and that it the case with Latosha.

After she quit her job, Latosha moved to Dallas and had the chance to converse with DJ ASAP, a famous DJ around Dallas town. Motivated and ready to see some change, Latosha started out practicing DJ.

She would restlessly practice for more than 5 hours a day and committed to seeing a change. At this time, she only had one goal on her mind, to become a full-time DJ. With all the hard work she put into making it come true, she started out doing small shows. People started to like her, and she started doing shows with 300 people. This made her a renowned DJ in Dallas. She continued her DJ career and voila! Now she is recognized nationally if not worldwide.

Dj Duffey



With new found skill, fame and success, Duffey did not rest just there. Latosha started working hard to make an imprint on the music industry. She started performing at various clubs and bars and eventually became an official DJ for Curren$y, an American rapper.

Duffey accompanied him on his tour called Canal Street Confidential Tour which they performed across 20 States in America. Duffey also went on to release a music album under her own production alongside producer Noel Detail Fisher. She has also worked with famous artists like Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, Beyonce, to name a few.

Duffey has also successfully performed on Tomorrowland which hails the position among Coachella and is one of the world’s most popular music festival. She performed there in July of 2018 and made each and everyone dance.

Basketball Wives & Controversy

Apart from her DJ career, Duffey is also famous for her appearance on Basketball Wives LA. She decided to get into the show because of her love for reality TV shows as she claims to enjoy watching the shows and liking it very much. Second and most importantly, Duffey said that her appearance on the show could give a boost to her career.

After all, this is the show that millions of people watch and appearing on this show can change her life.

Her appearance did make quite the buzz, not only around fans but for the show’s cast members. Duffey had a long-standing feud with Tami from the show which eventually got her fired. Tami went on to claim that Duffey slept with the entire Dallas Basketball team.

Despite being fired from the show, Duffey claims that she has no regrets. But you might be wondering. To appear in Basketball Wives, one must first be married to a basketball player. Is Duffey married and her husband is a basketball player?

Duffey’s Personal Life

Duffey was previously married to Brian Jackson. After graduation, Duffey got engaged to her beau Brian Jackson who is an NFL player. Soon, the couple got married, and Deffey was only 21 at that time. The couple moved to New York and later welcomed a son.

However, months after the birth of their son, the couple started to change, and things went cold gradually. Eventually, all that led to divorce.

After her divorce with husband Jackson, she moved on and focused on her career. Later in 2016, Duffey met Iman Shokuohizadeh, an NBA player. The couple got engaged in late 2016 and are still going strong.

Duffey once claimed that she and her fiancé Iman would be the next Kim and Kanye. In an interview, she gushed about her fiancé and gave more details on him. Iman has since left professionally playing basketball and is now a very successful basketball agent.

The couple engaged in Las Vegas.

Dj Duffey

Who Is Fiance Iman?

While talking in the interview, Duffey became very candid about her fiancé. She mentioned that Iman is Persian and grew up in Sweden. But because of his Persian roots, Duffey says that he has a very strong accent which people find difficult to understand. During 2017, Iman already had 70 players and was managing them. After, almost three years, the number surely may have changed.

She said that Iman is the sweetest person she has ever met and also the kindest because of his kind gestures. He also is a very good father material given the fact that he takes great care of Duffey’s son from her past relationship.

Duffey claimed at that time that their relationship was going perfect and there was no stint whatsoever. It is just that Iman likes to keep a low profile all the time and does not fancy any attention from the media.

DJ Duffey Age

DJ Duffey was born as Latosha Duffey on August 25, 1988, in Texas, United States of America. She is currently 30 years old and her zodiac sign in Virgo. Her father was a military man while her mother used to play college basketball. No wonder she also did while in high school.

Duffey joined Mansfield Summit High School and played basketball there. While playing for the High School, she competed in the winning four state championship girls’ basketball team.

After graduating from high school, Duffey went to join the University of Texas where she played division 1 basketball for full four years.

Net Worth

Duffey is not only a DJ but also a producer with a music album under her belt. After a lot of hard work, she managed to get her name among the top leagues in the music industry. With an extensive career, Duffey currently enjoys a net worth of $1 million.


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