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Daine Plese is a Canadian doctor who was born in 1959 in Parkdale, Toronto, Canada. She had not come into public until she married her ex-husband. Her husband, Robert Herjavec, was a famous Television personality and also a business. Because she did not go into the appearance of public, she had not come into the public presence, her family life and her childhood have not come to the disclosure.

Diane Plese


Being Born and growing up in Parkdale, Diane Please is the daughter of Croatian immigrants. Her parents moved to Canada, and right after that, she was born. Not more information about her parents is known. Diane Plese does not have any more information regarding her family shown to the media and the public figure as she got her fame only after her marriage to Robert Herjavec. Hence, her family life is not known.

Nationality and Ethnicity

Daine Plese was born in Canada. So, by birth, she received the citizenship of Canada. Although her parents were Croatian immigrants, this lady is a citizen of Canada. As her parents were originally from Croatia, her ancestry is Croatian, and she belongs to white ethnicity.

Education Background

Diane Plese was very talented as a child. She was interested in medical science from a small age. This talented and creative lady pursued matriculation in her high school. After her high school, her keen interest in medical science dragged her into seeking pre-medical before taking her bachelors degree. Diane Plesethen went to take pre-medical classes before she joined bachelors.

After she completed her medicine classes, she joined bachelors. She had joined for Optometry, which is the study of the eyes. This medical study includes the study of eyes along with the way our eyes sees. Also, it consists of the strategies and the means to cure the defect and abnormalities in our eyes. She then studied with all her patience and hard work.

Successfully, she was able to specialize in Optometry. Hence, she was a prominent doctor who could cure correction loss and the use of spectacles. Her degree helped her to serve people with serious medical issues and also manage eye diseases. With this, she was able to make a lot of money. Like most of the doctors, her savings and earnings were very high. However, she did not get much fame being a doctor, and she started gaining popularity after her marriage.

Social Media Reach

Diane Please believes in serving mankind, and she prefers to stay away from social sites. Her social media profile is not so active. But, she occasionally posted pictures with her husband before they got divorced. As a famous doctor, Diane Plese facebook account has a massive number of followers. Her followers are because of her husband, Robert as he gained fame after marrying him.

Moreover, she was an eye doctor, and she served million of eye patients, which could be a significant factor influencing her followers. She is active on Facebook and Twitter. But, her Instagram account is still unknown, and she is not keen on Instagram. Also, she appeared several times on the Television with her husband, Robert. They have given many interviews together. This couple seems to look happy and cheerful in all the meetings. But sadly, they divorced due to some reasons. So, it clear that marrying her husband helped her to boost her social media reach.

Body Measurements

Diane Plese is pretty and adorable. This stunning woman has a good body and a perfect height. Even at her old age, she can keep herself perfectly fit and fine and maintains a good shape. Her body is slim with her height that suits her lean mass. She has curves that are in the right way. Her height is 5 feet and 10 inches, which are approximately 178 centimeters. She has a beautiful pair of attracting brown eyes and perfect blonde her. Her body measurements, including her weight, is still unknown.

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 Net Worth

Diane Plese is an Optometrist by profession. Being a degree holder in medical and an Optometrist, she had quite a pleasing job of an eye doctor. Her career was to test the eye defect. After examining any eye defect, she would provide her clients with corrective lenses to correct their vision. As she was a professional in her field, she had a good income. In average, the salary of an Optometrist is nearly 1 million dollars per year. So, she earned almost one million dollars from her doctorate profession itself because she had developed an excellent image in her field. She has a lot of houses, cars, and planes too, which adds to her net worth.

Also, being a wife of a famous Canadian businessman Robert Herjavec, she has earned a lot. Her husband was a renowned businessman as well as a Television personality too. Hence, he had a satisfactory income. They lead a happy and luxurious life. Her husband was the founder of BRAK Systems, which is an Internet Security Software. His business was widespread, and he was able to collect a considerable amount of money. Also, he had a total investment of 200 million dollars on the real estate business.

This lovely and well-established couple decided to divorce. Divorce led Diane Plese to gain half of the property of her husband. So, her husband’s wealth was divided and shared between Diane and him. As ordered by the court, he gave her the property of 100 million dollars. So, she became the sole owner of 100 million dollars. Therefore, after her divorce settlement, it is concluded that her net worth is more than 100 million dollars.

Rumors and Controversies

As Diane Plese was a well-established Optometrist, she never had any stories and controversies. She was a professional in her field, and no people gossiped about her. Her life was good until then as she had no fame and surely no rumors too. After she married Robert, she came in the highlights too fast. Her interview with her husband became the first on the hit list. This lovely couple then separated after a few years of their marriage.
Their separation caused Diane to Plese a lot of headaches.

She then started facing controversies. This lady demanded about 263 million dollars on her departure, which depleted her name and fame. She finally got 100 million dollars, and then this case was shut. This case was the first ever rumor about her. Her divorce case was a big highlight. After her divorce, too, she never faced any controversies.

Diane Plese; Relationship Status

Diane Plese married the popular Television personality and business Robert Herjavec. Robert used to be Diane’s patients before they married each other. Many follow up treatments led them to get feelings for each other. Then, they got into a beautiful love relationship. Finally, in 1990, after years of their glowing and growing relationship, they got married.

Robert was gaining a lot of popularity at that time, and with this Daine, Plese also got the same amount of fame being his wife. During that time, his shoe ABC’s Shark Tank and Dragon’s Den gained popularity and established him as the lead actor. Also, he started his career in film production after this. Hence, he was successful in shining his name. Diane Plese was appointed as the General Manager of Logiquest as she was very talented. After his appointment, this company gained a massive amount of profit. In this way, his d was right for establishing many companies.

Despite a healthy and romantic relationship, Diane Plese and Robert Herjavec had to separate. According to the rumors, the reason for their divorce is Robert’s new relationship with Kym Johnson. This new relationship of Robert made them separate, and they finally divorced. After the divorce, he surrendered half of his property to Diane Plese. Now, Robert and Kym are happily engaged and have two children who are twins.


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