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Demetria McKinney appeared on The Real Housewives of Atlanta and made a mark there. People loved Demetria so much that a lot of fans and followers demanded her appearance to never stop in the show. So, what she makes guest appearances every now and then to entertain and keep the hearts of her loyal fan base.

But, shows like these will always come and go, what matters the most than anything is that the celebrity itself hangs around for more. Apart from appearing on the famous reality TV show, many also recognize Demetria as an actress and a singer. She has appeared in Drop Dead Diva, Mann & Wife, The Quad and many more.

Demetria McKinney

Also, she has a voice that can melt every heart that gives a listen. But, let’s not get distracted because it is not her professional life that we are here to discuss today. All details regarding her professional life are easily available, but we don’t like our viewers to wander around aimlessly. Because of that, we will still talk about her professional life.

But first, let’s ask the real question. Is Demetria McKinney married? Well, if you already do not know then rest assured, you will not return empty-handed from this post. Keep reading, and you may just leave as a happy person who knows all the detail about one of their favorite celebrity.

Name Demetria Dyan McKinney
Date of birth August 27, 1979
Birthplace Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States of America
Ethnicity African and American
Height 5.8 ft
Weight N/A
Profession Actress
Married No
Nationality American
Birth sign Virgo
Measurement 31-25-34
Net Worth $3 million


Demetria McKinney

Demetria McKinney Personal Life

We know that you have a huge crush on Demetria McKinney and to be very honest, who wouldn’t. She is the perfect definition of sheer beauty. That dark and sexy skin tone with an equally complementing set of eyes and the lips when curled makes the toughest men out there weak on the knees. Quit daydreaming people!

Only after laying eyes on Demetria that we believed one person could pack so much beauty. But, what do you know about nature because here she is, living and breathing all that hotness? McKinney can give the hottest of the hottest sauce in the world a run for its money, and that says something.

However, Demetria is not just a pretty face. Although fans and followers can gaze at her all day and not get tired, Demetria is famous for the work she does. She has gathered success and fame because of her beauty. But if it wasn’t for the work she put into her career, tell us, how she could stand out in this harsh and brutally competitive world.

But that remains a story for another day. What we are here to find out is if this hot mess has someone in her life that makes her feel butterflies inside the stomach and go weak on her knees. Is she already married to someone and settled down? Well, all the answers lie below.


As a matter of fact and to many men’s delight, Demetria McKinney does not seem to have a relationship at the moment. Now, we all know you have high hopes and dreams of dating her and possibly get married someday. But think about it, she is a superstar, and millions of people know her name. Do you think she’ll settle down for anyone?

Now, we are not trying to belittle you and of course, not trying to kill off your hopes of dating her and possibly become her husband someday. But you have to consider the facts that point elsewhere. If you seriously want references, just look at her past relationship and affair. There you will see the person who managed to steal her heart.

Demetria McKinney


And be warned because he is not just a man next door. The man that Demetria previously dated is Roger M. Bobb. Now, many of you may be scuffing right now because you do not recall a famous man with this name. But successful people are not always famous, especially if they are successful in a particular area or niche.

Well, Roger M. Bobb is a film producer and also the president and CEO of Bobbcat Films. His runs a film and television production company that is based in Atlanta. He also previously served as the Vice president of Tyler Perry Studios before starting his own venture.

See? Bobb is a man of power and also highly successful, but his work of line does not really correspond with fame directly. But by the talks of it, you might question what went wrong in their relationship. But for that, we must know what went right.


After meeting for the first time back in the early 2010s, Demetria and Roger knew they had a special bond together and wanted to give it a try. After months of conversations and meetings, things finally took off, and the couple started dating each other. Shortly after officially dating, Demetria and Roger became inseparable and for every good reason.

When 2016 approached, Roger got the feeling of escalating his romance with Demetria and realized that he wants to get married to her. With that in mind, in January of 2016, Roger got down to one knee and proposed to Demetria, and naturally, she said yes, and the couple kissed off their engagement.

But unfortunately, their engagement invited some other things that are best kept away from a healthy relationship. Soon after the happy moment, the couple slowly started to notice some changes in their relationship and themselves as well. Things got to the point where both couldn’t neglect the differences.

The souring love eventually reached its endpoint and McKinney, and Bobb called off their engagement. While her fans were already excited for a wedding, this hit everyone out of nowhere and left everyone in question. While the exact reason for the break up remains hidden but some suspect it is because of Demetria’s past relationship from where she has a baby.


Don’t you know that Demetria is a mother and has a child? If so, then you are in for a treat. During her teenage days, Demetria met a man and fell in love. As people say that it is the best feeling to be young and in love, Demetria probably felt the same way and gave her all to the man she loved.

The couple grew very close over time and also shared many intimate moments. One of those moments led to pregnancy, which at that time, both did not anticipate. Regardless of the situation, Demetria decided to have the baby and become a mother at just the age of 17. At that age, most worry about their school curriculum.

In an interview, Demetria reveals how she worked around her way with abuse and homelessness which she faced after having the baby. At the moment, the identity of her ex-boyfriend remains a mystery. Nevertheless, McKinney stands as a beacon of hope for all the women out there.

Demetria McKinney

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Demetria McKinney Early Life

American Actress Demetria McKinney was born as Demetria Dyan McKinney on August 27, 1979, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States of America. She is 39 at the moment. As a young child, she went to the Fort Walton Beach High School and later attended the Okaloosa-Walton Community College from where she received her Alma mater.

McKinney started her career with Tyler Perry’s Meet The Brown back in 2004 in which she portrayed the character of Kim Brown. McKinney then appeared in Tyler Perry’s House of Payne in 2006 and appeared as the main character called Janine Shelton-Payne for 153 episodes that stretched for six years.

Her other most noted career starters include Daddy’s Little Girls, Breaking Up Is Hard To Do, In the Meantime, Deranged, Providence Island, The Rickey Smiley Show, The Quad, Being Mary Jane. At the moment, Demetria appears on Saints & Sinners and Superstition.

Net Worth

With a massive career in the film industry, Demetria has successfully gathered herself a giant $3 million net worth. However, as a humble person, she does not brag about her riches. Demetria also possesses fancy cars and a big house. She is very fond of traveling and visiting new places.


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