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Daymond John is one of the most successful business people that America ever witnessed until now, but many out there still people out there who do not know him. But one thing is sure, you have, once in your life bought a pair of FUBU shoes. So, you are now wondering about how that is relatable right. It is because he is the CEO of the company that manufactures the FUBU line.

Another sublime notion about FUBU and Daymon is that the name has a full form. FUBU stands as a full form For You By You, and that is a great message to send to customers. As one of the most famous business person of this era, Daymond also serves as a major source of inspiration to many people out there.

Daymond John

Given the fact that he is a huge personality, people want to learn more about this entrepreneur so that they can also learn how to become as successful. While on that road, his family helped Daymond a lot, but a small number of fans know that. Oh, so you want to know about Daymond John’s personal life as well?

If that is the case, then you stumbled on the right place. Here we will talk about his personal life in detail and also his career that made him this successful. Daymond John is the man you want to know very much. Who is he married to? His family background, and every other little detail. Keep reading.

Early Life

American businessman Daymond John was born on February 23, 1969, in Brooklyn, New York. He was born as Daymond Garfield John to father Garfield John and mother Margot John. Apart from his parents, there is no information available regarding his siblings and any other extended family members.

His parents, however, developed a sour relationship as he grew older and older. When Daymond reached the age of 10, his parents Garfield and Margot decided to get a divorce. This news, of course, came as a surprise to Daymon who at the age of 10, was probably too young to understand the actual concept of people marrying and divorcing.

Nevertheless, as he understood the gravity of the ongoing situation, John started to work, and since then, he has never looked back. As a boy whose parents divorced when he was just ten years old, Daymond is a beacon of hope for everyone stressing over their lives for something unfortunate going on.

He successfully showed that a person could use pain and sorrow as a tool to grow.

Name Daymond Garfield John
Date of birth February 23, 1969
Birthplace Brooklyn, United States of America
Ethnicity Black
Height 5.5 ft
Weight N/A
Profession Businessman
Married No
Nationality American
Birth sign Pisces
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $350 million


Daymond John


John already witnessed a broken family and that instead of shattering him as a kid and leading him to drugs and all the bad stuff that go along with it. Daymond attended the local high school but on special circumstances that allowed him to work full time for an extended period.

Daymond went to high school on an alternative weekly basis which then allowed him to work on a full-time basis for one straight week and then also let him study another full week so that he could cover all the syllabus and chapters that everybody already went through.

After graduating from high school, John did not apply for any college because he could not afford the expensive fees that colleges so freely charge to students. John also did not have any athletic performance points that could get him any kind of scholarship and help him get into college.

But as per John, even though he did not attend college or university, he never stopped learning. After high school, John started a commuter van service and also got a side job as a waiter at Red Lobster tables. During his time waiting tables, John learned different skills such as managerial, customer service, and employee management.


From a very young age, Daymond became focused on making a living for himself and pursued whatever he did so that he is able to support his family when the time comes. As mentioned, John is the CEO of FUBU, the billion dollar company that laid the foundation for hip-hop clothing from the very beginning.

He started the first FUBU initiative while living with his mom in her house in Queens. In whatever John did, his mother supported him relentlessly. His spark for running a business sparked when he saw one particular product selling in overprice. He then talked with his mother and mortgaged his home to start a business from his home.

FUBU started out as a logo initially and later; John started manufacturing Hockey jerseys, t-shirts, sweaters, and other clothing items that were doing very well in the market during that time. As time went by, John started to market his products heavily, and sales started to escalate. As his sales went up, so did his ambition to increase the business.

Soon, business took such a pace that people demanded more FUBU products. Sales hit its first milestone when it reached a whopping $6 billion in global sales.

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Net Worth

Naturally, with massive sales, John started accumulating large chunks of sales as his fortune. The man who once mortgaged his mother’s home to start a business became a millionaire; all because he took the first step of actually starting a business of his own rather than always dwelling from one job to the other.

At the moment, John enjoys a massive net worth of over $300 million. Also, John appears on the famous entrepreneur show called Shark Tank, where he invests money in different startups which carry the potential of doing very good in the future and earn him profit in return. In total, John has over $7.5 million worth investment in Shark Tank projects.

Among his riches include some of the most extravagant purchases that rich people make. John is fond of luxury cars, big houses, and jewelry. He always wears custom made diamond earing that cost a whopping 10 thousand dollars. John also owns a fancy Rolls Royce that cost over 450 thousand dollars.

Besides business, John also earns from his books.

Daymond John

Daymond John Wife

For such a successful person, it is very surprising that he is not married yet. Yes, that is right. Daymond John is not married, but that does not mean you ladies have any chance of getting this handsome millionaire fall in love with you and possibly even marry. That is because Daymond is in a committed relationship.

John is dating a woman named Heather Taras, a beautiful blonde woman who is very attractive. The couple dated for many years and John proposed her in September of 2016. The couple does not have any plans of getting married any time soon. However, tabloids claim that a wedding is due soon.

John and Heather have a very cute little daughter who was born on March 2, 2016. They named her Minka Jagger and the family of three live very happily together. At the moment, there are no rumors about separation. John and Heather are very happy and do not contemplate divorce at the moment.


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