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There are plenty of people who get famous because of their link or affiliation to a particular person, and one of them is David Nehdar. Some of them are either married to another famous personality or relatives, which goes to the blood one usually. However, predominantly, this list is filled with mostly women. No, we are not prejudiced in this particular area but just mentioning what the stats point towards.

However, there are exceptions, as well. One of the most prevalent exceptions is Wendy William’s ex-husband Kevin Hunter. Kevin Hunter is a music personality who came to the spotlight as the husband of Wendy Williams becase let’s face it. Who does not know Wendy Williams? But who is David Nehdar? Is he the son of a famous personality or a spouse?

As it turns out, David Nehdar is a spouse to one of the most famous personalities in Hollywood, and when we reveal her name, surely, a lot of men will lose their cool. Yes, she is beautiful and incredibly talented. Let’s not keep you in the shadows here because we also know how it feels to wait for a suspense revelation.

David Nehdar is famous as the husband of Lacey Chabert, the famous Hollywood actress who has a massive fanbase across the world. Also, now you are mad because we know a lot of you are madly in love with Lacey. This also brings us to another intriguing question. Who exactly is David Nehdar? Because one has to be an astonishing man to bag this wonderful woman.

David Nehdar

In this post, we talk about David Nehdar and all the fascinating details related to him.

David Nehdar Early Life

American personality David Nehdar was born on August 16, 1974, in Los Angeles, California, United States of America. David is currently 44 years old, and his zodiac sign is Leo. People who bear the zodiac sign Leo are often very vehement about their intentions and get what they want in life. A simple example is how he managed to bag Lacey Chabert as his wife.

David Nehdar was born to parents who managed to grasp their roots deep into business and playing with money. Because of that, David always grew up with a mindset that most people only develop after years of struggle and experience. His parents always taught him to work smartly rather than hard.

However, this never meant that David neglected the essentials in life. Nehdar grew up as a very obedient and good Christian boy who believed in god and rested his faith in his religion completely. Because of his upbringing, David is not much of an open person. He likes to keep all of his personal matters to himself.

Moreover, any further information regarding his family is a sworn secret at the moment. David does not talk about his parents or any other things that indicate his early life with his parents and family. Nehdar also keeps quiet about his family matters in any of his interview.

This also led tabloids to believe that Nehdar is the only son to his parents as he also does not reveal or talk about having any Nehdar siblings. Weather, his parents, remain together or divorced back in the days also remains a secret. As of now, until Nehdar claims otherwise, he is the only son to his business family.

David Nehdar Education

When it gets to education, this is where David shines but not particularly clear for what. As we mentioned earlier, David Nehdar’s family runs a business and have always played with money to make it work for itself rather than work for money. This gives everyone a preference of his educational background.

Education is not always something that people get at school or colleges but from people or from the situation. In this case, David got a business education from a very young age from his family members like his father. All the business tactics that made his family business grow always remained with him.

However, to receive a widely accepted and formal type of education, David went to a local high school and from there graduated to attend college. In college, Nehdar focused on business studies and management so that he has the edge over other people in terms of business.

After a couple of years later, Nehdar finished his studies and completed with a bachelor’s degree in business. Unfortunately, any further information regarding his formal education remains a mystery as David does not talk about it very often. Nehdar likes to keep his personal details as private as possible.

Name David Nehdar
Date of birth August 16, 1974
Birthplace Los Angeles, California, United States of America
Ethnicity White
Height 5.10 ft
Weight N/A
Profession N/A
Married Yes
Nationality American
Birth sign Leo
Measurement N/A
Net Worth N/A


David Nehdar Personal Life

We already know why David Nehdar is so famous and well known. He shared the list of people who are famous because of their spouse or partner and rightly so. However, it does not mean that their relationship only serves as a stepping stone to fame. Married to a well-known personality automatically makes the other a famous person.

Did David ever ask for fame for marrying Lacey? Well, a good chance is no. Marrying a Hollywood celebrity like Lacey Chabert comes with perks and becoming famous with her is one of it. Now, let’s focus more on his marriage with Chabert, one of the most beautiful and skilled actresses currently active.

David and Lacey met back in the 2010s and fell in love gradually after staying best of friends for years and years. After a couple of years of dating, Nehdar and Chabert married in a very extravagant wedding in the states in December 2013. Nehdar and Chabert invited their family and friends and became husband and wife in front of them.

However, their relationship does not surface as often as another celebrity’s because Lacey once told that she likes keeping her personal life within her home and will not share it with other people. Chabert believes that keeping marriage secret is a healthy way of maintaining a relationship.

Nehdar and Chabert welcomed their first child, a baby girl in 2014 and named her Julia Mimi Bella Nehdar. The arrival of their baby set Nehdar and Chabert over the moon. At the moment, they do not have any plans on expanding their family. No rumors surface regarding the pregnancy of Chabert or any of the couple’s plans to have more children.

David Nehdar Career

We have mentioned it multiple times that David Nehdar hails dows from a business family and naturally, his instincts guided him towards becoming a  part and managing his family business. However, as unfortunate as this may sound, Nehdar keeps this a massive secret as well. Right, so disconcerting of him.

Nehdar is one of those private people who think it best just to let the water flow and not make any ripples. By that, we mean that he is really very passive about sharing his career details just like his personal life and early life details. However, this is also one of those contributing factors which intrigues followers.

Despite all this secrecy and hiding of information, we and everyone else is sure of one thing. David Nehdar is a businessman because why would he get his formal education in business management if it wasn’t for joining his family business. This only makes so much sense. While Nehdar keeps his career a secret, wife Lacey Chabert couldn’t even if she dearly wanted to.

Chabert is one of the most famous actresses at the moment, and everyone loves to see her on their TV screens. She has appeared in Lost in Space, Family Guy, and another famous TV series called Party Five. As a result of a  cunning career, Lacey won a lot of awards throughout the years.

Social Reach

Twitter: N/A

Instagram: N/A

Facebook: David Nehdar

Net Worth

When it comes to a businessman, they usually do not have any salary, and even if they do, it is all just for a show. Instead of a salary, a businessman collects revenue and enjoys a massive fortune. And why should David any different from any other businessman around. He is not.

At the moment, Nehdar earns a very healthy sum from his business and has a seven-figure salary with no obligations. On the other hand, his wife Lacey Chabert is pretty comfortable with all her paychecks as well. As of now, Lacey has a massive net worth o $9 million.


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