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Art is one of those things that keeps a person alive throughout history, even after that person is gone for centuries at a time. That is the kind of power that art holds. Just look at some of the prime examples over the years about people who have successfully lived among people even after death. Some of the prime examples are Leonardo Da Vinci, Picasso, and others as well. Along that list of people there is another person who people talk about often. His name is Dante or also known as Dante Alighieri.

Those of you who indulge themselves in any kind of form of art then you are familiar with this person and the kind of work he did back in the days. As someone who penned extremely beautiful words on paper, Dante is a revolutionary person in the field of art. Seeing all of his work, it’s no wonder that Alighieri remains alive in people’s hearts and minds to this day. As mentioned, the power of art truly is something that people often tend to neglect.


Now, we may be leaving behind the people who remain oblivious to this name and this personality but do not feel so. We have every idea of enlightening you about who Alighieri is and why people still look up to him. For anyone who does not know yet, Alighieri is a poet and also, later in his life, indulged himself as a political theorist as well. In particular, his work remains a pinnacle and also one of the most important works of the middle ages.

In this post, we strive to learn more about Alighieri and about his work back in the 12th century. Also, along the way, we will talk about Alighieri’s personal life as well.

Early Life

One of the most important figures in the history of art and also a very talented personality, Dante Alighieri, was born in 1265. He was born in Florence, Republic of Florence, or currently also known as Italy. Now, many of you out there may be wondering why there is no specific birthdate of Alighieri?

Well, that is because historians have yet not found the exact birth date of Alighieri and still debate over the exact one and when it is. However, other reports suggest from Dante’s work that he was born in 1265. This is because of one of Alighieri’s work called Midway Upon the journey of life.

As per the bible, a person’s average lifespan is 70, and this suggests that Alighieri was 35 at the moment of publishing this particular work. The work of Alighieri took place during the 1300 century, and with a simple calculation, we have the year 1265 at hand. This is a little farfetched but still better than nothing.

Another factor that determines about Dante’s early life is his zodiac sign. Historians believe that Dante shared the astronomical zodiac sign of Taurus. Now, according to this, Dante was born somewhere between April 20 to May 21. This gives everyone a closer picture of Dante’s birth details.

As Alighieri grew up, his interest in art became bolder, and he began playing with words, creating beautiful sentences that took form as poems. Now, back in the 13th century, there were no such things as a camera, so people have only talked about the appearance of Dante.

They say that Alighieri possessed a brown complexion with thick hair and beard, which were curly. Alighieri also possessed a rather strong jawline as well.

Dante Family and Siblings

Famous personality Alighieri was born as Durante di Alighiero Degli Alighieri to father Alighiero di Bellincione and mother Bella. His father, Alighiero di Bellincione worked as a political alliance to the Guelphs. On the other hand, his mother is a total mystery. Till this date, any substantial information about his mother remains a mystery.

When talking about Alighieri’s family, things start to become a little obscure and a little mysterious because of all the lack of information. While many believe that his father, Alighiero di Bellincione was a married man, many of the historians actually presume that he did not marry Bella.

Of course, according to historians, Bella and Alighiero welcomed Dante into their lives, but what makes historians believe that they did not marry also has a point. Back in the days, in the Republic of Florence, there was no provision for widowers to remarry. This is the sole reason why historians believe that Bella and Alighiero never married.

When Alighieri was almost a decade old, his mother Bella passed away, and some years after the death of Bella, his father, ALighiero married another woman named Lapa di Chiarissimo Cialuffi. His father and new mother, Lapa di Chiarissimo Cialuffi welcomed two children, giving Alighieri two half-siblings.



For the most part, when it comes to education, there were no concrete establishments that provided that kind of facility to people back in the days. Most of the people who received an education were the kind of people who aspired to become a philosopher later.

Now, Alighieri is not much of a philosopher, but he stays in that range anyhow. Historians are not really sure about the educational journey of Dante because of a lack of evidence. However, one cannot just learn to make poems without knowing how to read letters and words. For that reason, people believe that Dante learned and got an education in churches, monasteries, and other places.

As a young person, Dante became fascinated by Tuscan Poetry and also really loved all the work of Guido Guinizelli, a Bolognese poet. As Dante began working on his skill of poetry, he also began to work on something over the years. As a result, Alighieri found something entirely new on his own.

For the other most part of his life, Dante influenced his writings based on his personal life. He met a woman named Beatrice Portinari at the age of nine and immediately fell in love with her as well. However, Alighieri never really confessed his feeling towards her but rather expressed his feelings in the form of words.

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Personal Life

As a young boy of the age of nine, Dante saw a girl named Beatrice Portinari, who was extremely beautiful and also very attractive for Dante. As per historians, it was love at first sight for Alighieri, and he did not even need to talk to her to fall in love. Unfortunately, it remained like that for years.

At a very young age, his father, Alighiero, promised his marriage to another girl named Gemma di Manetto Donati and later married her. Gemma was the daughter of Manetto Donati, who held a very powerful position in the country. After marrying, Alighieri and Gemma welcomed three children and named them Pietro, Jacopo, and Antonia.

During the exile, the whole family went to Ravenna and settled there. For the most part of his life, Dante wished to come back to Florence, but that never happened. During one of his diplomatic visits to Venice, Alighieri came back with Malaria and sometimes later died suffering from it.

Alighieri died on September 14, 1321. In 2008, Italy passed a law canceling the exile of Alighieri.


As mentioned, Dante is a very prominent figure as a poet in Italy, and also he worked as a political theorist. However, not many people know this, but he actually fought in wars as well. In his early days, Alighieri began working on his poems based on aspects like love and other factors.

As mentioned earlier, most of Dante’s early poetry was influenced by the unconfessed love that he carried around for Beatrice. When Alighieri came up to the age of 18, he met fellow poet Guido Cavalcanti and began working as leaders of Dolce Stil Novo. While his poetic career was going good, there came way.

Most of his life, Alighieri’s family remained embroiled with the Guelph and associated with them on a political level and also always remained quite loyal as well. During the end of the 1280s, Alighieri fought beside Guelphs against a war with Arezzo. Later at the end of the 12th century, Alighieri began working as a pharmacist.

Then came the tension between the Guelphs itself as there were the White Guelphs and Black Guelphs. Between the arguments, the Black Guelphs won over Florence while Dante was on the White Guelphs’ side. The higher authorities exiled Alighieri and condemned a fine for return.

While in exile, he worked on his The Divine Comedy, which still remains one of the most important works in the history of art in Italy and in the whole world as well.

Net Worth

The term net worth is actually one of those that did not really apply back in the days as people were either rich or poor. The rich people were among the royalties or other people who came from wealthy backgrounds. However, Alighieri also possessed some properties of his own during his life.

However, during the exile he faced after the Black Guelphs took over the Republic of Florence, they banished Alighieri and put a fine for return. Making the scenario worse, the Guelphs also confiscated all possessions of Alighieri. At the moment, historians still work on figuring out how rich was Dante back in the days.

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