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Today we talk about Dana York, someone who is famous mostly because of someone they have a link to. However, it is not anything new of news that some people get famous because of their connection with people of career line: actors, magicians, comedians, politicians and mostly those who are in the entertainment field.

Some people are simply famous because of their link to this kind of famous people. We have another person right here who shares a similar case. As mentioned earlier, today we will be discussing the life of someone who is entirely famous not on their own but because they are married to, or in this case, were married to someone famous. Her name is Dana York.

Dana York

So you have never heard of Dana York? That is alright because you will surely know her more after going through this post. It is most obvious in every way that you are not familiar with this absolute blonde beauty as she has keeps herself away from the media attention as much as possible. To talk about her first, she comes from the 90s with rather thin yet silky smooth hair that perfectly compliments her facial structure.

With one of the most piercing looks that ever existed, York looks more like a diva; the only thing is that York does not try to become or act like one at all and instead lets herself get known through her husband. Well, Dana York is the was the wife of famous singer Tom Petty. Here, get to know about her more.

Early Life

Dana York is the former wife of famous American singer Tom Petty. Dana was born in 1964, in Flint, Michigan, United States of America. York is currently 55 years old, but unfortunately, York keeps her birthday a very much sworn secret and does not reveal it to anyone. At the moment, we do not know when she celebrates her birthday.

When she was a young child, Dana and her parents moved to Genesee County, Michigan, and spent her childhood growing up there. While her mother lived most of her life in Fenton, Michigan, the previous whereabouts of her parents remain a mystery as well, just like her birthday.

Dana’s parents always taught her the best things in life and raised her to become wonderful, respecting as well as a respectful and kind person. Growing up, Dana always believed in doing the right thing because of her parent’s virtues. They engraved in her and helped her become a better person as she grew up.

York also liked helping people a lot, and a perfect example of that is when she helped husband Tom Petty with his drug addiction a long time ago. That shows how caring Dana York is and also reflects the way her parents raised her. But unfortunately, any other details regarding her family remains missing. Even the fact if she has any siblings or not is a secret.

Dana York

Dana York Education

When we talk about how well York’s parents raised her, we are also talking about her interest in education because York always prioritized her studies more than anything. As a young child, York attended the Flushing High School which conveniently located in Michigan itself.

York always introduced herself as a very attentive student in school as she always listened to what teachers would say, empathize with them. She also established herself as one of those students who would learn things quicker and easier. All this gave her an advantage, and eventually, York graduated in 1982 from high school.

Unfortunately, York does not talk about her further educational journey. After high school, it remains unclear which college York joined. She does not talk about it or reveal anything regarding her studies after high school. But her career does suggest that York received high education.

To become a principle of a university, one must have a very good educational background, and York served as a principle for a university high school in Ferndale. This proves that York did go to college and got a higher education degree.

Name Dana York
Date of birth 1964
Birthplace Flint, Michigan, United States of America
Ethnicity White
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Profession Former Principal
Married No
Nationality American
Birth sign N/A
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $94 million (husbands)


Personal Life

Dana York and the Free Fallin singer met during a concert in Texas concert in 1991 where the conversated for a short time. After meeting for a couple of times, the couple started meeting more frequently and during that process fell in love with each other. However, there was one problem. Dana was married to another man at that time.

Years after in 1996, when her first marriage ended with her husband, the couple contacted each other. Both realized this feeling of mutual attraction and started officially dating each other. During her time dating Tom, she struggled managing Tom, who heavily involved in drug use.

But Dana never lost hope on Tom and managed to get him out of the heavy drug abuse habits. She pulled him out of the dark, and Tom always acknowledged her. She supported Tom until he turned sober and clean after multiple therapy sessions.

When that sorted out, the couple finally decided to get married, and Tom asked Dana to become his lawfully wedded wife and presented her with a ring.

Dana York

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On June 3, 2001, Dana York and Tom Petty married each other, twice.York and Petty married first in Las Vegas after two sold-out shows, and then again in a closed and small wedding ceremony where their family and friends witnessed the whole matrimony. While this York married before, this also served as a second marriage for Tom.

Tom was previously married to Jane Benyo from 1974 to 1996. He welcomed two daughters with Jane Benyo, and they named their daughters Adria and AnnaKim.

York and Petty remained married for 16 years until death took them apart. On October 2, 2017, Tom accidentally overdosed on his prescription drugs and died from cardiac arrest. Sadly, York was the only one around, so she tried to save him via CPR, but it did not work.

Tom Petty died and but he still lives on inside his fans’ hearts.

Dana York Career

Initially, York started her career from an entry-level job and gained experience through her work life. This gave Dana York an upper hand in terms of other competition and managed her to secure a high position for potential high rewarding jobs. After years, York joined the University High School management as a principle and became looking after school.

However, after meeting Tom Petty and dating him for some time, she decided to switch her career and join the band as a band manager. York started looking after all the band needs, their schedule, and other things as well. York helped the band schedule their tours and joining them during tours to help.

Her resignation for the role of principal did not turn out as a regretful decision because she enjoyed working beside her husband and for the band as well. She traveled a lot with the band to different cities and countries and experienced something new every time. But unfortunately, secrecy strikes again.

At the moment, her whereabouts remain secret. Dana does not talk about her professional career at the moment, which makes it hard to assume where she is now what she is doing. Additionally, York subsided from fame so drastically after husband Tom Petty’s death that fans do not even know where she is.

Dana York

Dana York Net Worth

Dana York worked very hard during her career. She worked many jobs before landing a prestigious one as a principal of a University High School. Her responsibility there required her to look after the management and enhancing the quality of education provided there.

Her job as a band manager after she resigned from the role of principal also served her very well because she looked after all the major decision of the band. All these jobs paid her very well, and she gathered a lot of riches during that time. While her earnings remain secret, Dana York reportedly accumulated massive net worth.

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