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Collins Tuohy reflects the perfect example of family, that blood relation isn’t the only and purest meaning of family. It is more about acceptance and loving others for who they are. In 2003, her family adopted a child who went on to become a reputed name in American Football. If her family had adopted and Collins had not accepted him, America could have never found a gem.

Moreover, Collins also has a personal life that we cannot help but envy. The Tuohy family story also has made its way into a documented film. Find out the details.

Collins Tuohy

Collins Tuohy Married

Collin Tuohy is the name you might have heard quite often if you have watched the movie called The Blind Side, a movie based on the real-life story of famous footballer Michael Oher. In that movie, Michael Oher is a homeless child who found a home with the wealthy Tuohy family. So now you remember the name.

Collins Tuohy is one of the original family members of the Tuohy family. She is a sister to Michael Oher. She is not the biological sister but is as good as one. Both of them get along very well and have love and respect for each other.


But we’ll talk about the famous Tuohy family later. For now, let’s focus on Collins. In the movies, an actress who happens to share a similar name, Lily Collins portrayed Collins Tuohy. The actress is gorgeous, and she had to be because she was playing the role of Collins Tuohy, who is an undeniably beautiful woman.

A perfect balance of blonde and brunette hair color, she has that gaze to pierce through the heart of many. But the question has she already found the one she could gaze for her entire life? Let’s find out together.

Collins Tuohy as we know is married, and her husband is Cannon Smith. To talk about her husband, he is the co-owner and Director of Marketing and Sales of a local distillery. We’ll get to know him in detail a little bit later — first, his wedding with Collins.

Collins and Cannons Wedding Day.

Collins and Cannon Smith dated for 11 years before getting married. The longtime boyfriend and girlfriend tied the knot in April of 2016, and the wedding is anything besides normal. The couple married in Memphis, Tennessee, in a two-day affair.

With venue Memphis Hunt and Polo Club located very close to both family’s homes, they decided Friday to be a more closed and intimate friends and family dinner. The next day was where things got a little frisky.

Saturday, everybody invited was in a mood to let go and dance as if it was their last day on earth. Collins later revealed that it was the whole plan all along.

While Collins wanted the wedding to reflect their personality, Cannon said that he wanted to make people feel that the couple love each other and enjoy life to the fullest. The Saturday dance party got everyone on the floor, and people started ditching their excellent shoes and heels for flashy kicks which also had led lights embedded in their soles.

The Fun

One of the attends said that he never had so many people in black ties dance and have fun so wildly and thought the wedding was very well put together and executed.

For attire, Collins had a wedding gown made by a team of vendors, and her mother helped her stay sane through it all. She says that without her mother, the wedding preparations would have driven her crazy. On the contrary, groom Cannon was okay with tux of choice.

“My mom was my warrior and constant provider of peace and ideas throughout this entire process -– I would not have stayed sane without her. My husband was game for anything that made me happy as long as he could wear a cool tux, which he did both nights.”

She also threw in some tips and he thought about the wedding saying that she would not have changed anything about the marriage if given a chance. The wedding preparation and execution happened as planned and reportedly exceeded her expectations. The night was magic, she said.
As for tips, she says all bride-to-be should always stick to their gut feeling. Fort Collins, all that matters is the memories with the person you love the most.
Well, anything can turn into reality when two rich families merge. While the movie showcases Tuohy family’s fortune, it is Cannon who is not that well know, but in all honesty, he should be.

Collins Tuohy

Who Is Collins Tuohy Husband Cannon Smith

Cannon Smith is not exactly the name of Collins husband. His legal name is Frederick Buchanan Smith, and if you do not know him yet, he is the son of FedEx founder and CEO Fredrick W. Smith. He was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee and is the youngest among ten siblings and has quite the academics and career.

Smith graduated from Olive Branch High School and later got into the University of Miami in full athletic scholarship and studied Business Management. He played football in college and was in the Memphis Tigers team. After graduating, St. Louis Rams signed him as an undrafted free agent.

His Career

He would have continued his NFL journey if it wasn’t for his knee injury. He then started his entrepreneurial journey and started a local distillery.

His siblings are also very accomplished as most of them own business of their own. Apart from owning a business, Smith also appeared on TV for small roles. Nothing big but he reportedly pursued acting line because he wanted to.

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Collins Tuohy Family

Collins Tuohy was born to parents, father Sean Tuohy and mother Leigh Ann Tuohy and is the oldest as she has a brother Sean Tuohy Jr. Her family owns a fast-food franchise, and her father is also a known commentator. The Tuohy family rose to fame after the film The Blind Side premiered. The movie highlights the life of Michael Oher, a homeless child that the wealthy Tuohy family adopted.

The family decided to take in Michael Oher after they found out his condition, how he was struggling for even one-time food. Sean Tuohy said that if a person has the resources and means available, they should definitely adopt and help a child. The family took in Oher in 2004 and raised him since.

Oher’s Journey

Oher went to college and later on became a widely known NFL player. He previously played for Tennessee Titans and Carolina Panthers and is now a free agent.

Michael Oher has not married yet and does not has a wife.

As far as his relationship with Collins goes, he is months older than her and is the same age. Oher is currently 32 and is more like a friend than a brother to Collins as they share a special loving bond. Including Collins and Sean Tuohy Jr. Oher has ten siblings, among which 8 are his biological brothers and sisters.

Leigh also emphasizes the practice of adoption and is an avid advocate. She said that there are more than 400,000 children in foster care, and people should start thinking about what they can do to drop that number.

Collins Tuohy

Collins Tuohy Age, Bio

Collins Tuohy was born on December 29, 1986, in the United States of America. She went to the University of Mississippi and graduated in broadcast journalism. She was also the cheerleader for Ole Miss Varsity, an officer for Kappa Delta Sorority and president of the Student Alumni Council. Despite graduating in journalism, she says that she always had a love for fashion.

Collins also has a massive fan base on Instagram, with over 200 thousand followers following her.

Collins Tuohy Career

Apart from being involved in fashion, blogging and boasting a large following, she is currently the owner of Whimsy Cookie, a boutique bakery located in Memphis, Tennessee. The company specializes in custom design and hand decorated cookies.

Net Worth

At the moment, the business owner and fashion blogger have an estimated net worth of $2 million. On the other hand, her parents have a net worth of $25 million each. Collins also had appeared on TV on Family Addition with Leigh Anne Tuohy in 2013.


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