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Hold your breath because today, it is Claudia we’ll be talking about. You must know her, and if you are here, you are among the 1.2 million Instagram followers she has. But do you want to know who Claudia Tihan is and if she is dating someone? If so then you are at the right place.

Claudia Tihan as you are familiar with is an Instagram model and internet sensation who rose to fame with the help of her beauty and well, her physical attribute. But there is more to her than just looks. In a few moments, you will be familiar with who exactly is he behind all the photoshoots. Who is her boyfriend, family, and how did she start in this field. Keep reading to know it all.

Claudia Tihan

Claudia Tihan Personal Life

Now, who could be dating this pretty little lady here and when I say little, I seriously mean no offense to her. She’s just so cute as a bunny. But there’s a whole other side to her that is as hot as a flame – literally! With misty eyes and a strong, majestic gaze, she can turn any man drop down weak on his knees.

Anything mentioned here is not an over exaggeration because she is one of a kind and full of hotness. Which, is also one of the things that have helped her gather a mass following.

Right in this post, you are going to be familiar with who this Instagram model and YouTube vlogger are. Caution alert, do not blame us if you can’t control yourself and fall in love with her because there is a very high chance that you will. Going through her online posts suggest that she is highly proud of her body and the attributes they showcase and why wouldn’t she? She has got it all.

A face that looks innocent and full of mischief at the same time and the body that goes with it, making her a complete package and a perfect girlfriend material as well because sadly, she is dating someone and that someone has got his hands all over her. Now now, don’t get all jealous and start pounding the wall with your fist.


It is just a natural thing for someone so beautiful to be taken. However, the man she is dating isn’t also just anyone. Meet Claudia Tihan boyfriend, Samuel Olaechea.

He is all over Claudia Tihan’s Instagram and looking at all the photos; a very, very good looking man. He also has the same misty eyes that go with his chiseled jawlines face. The couple started dating since 2018 and have remained inseparable since then.

Both of them are blessed with beautiful genes and have those model looks. We’ll get to know her boyfriend in a bit, but first, let’s know the couple’s relationship more deeply.


Claudia often posts bold shoots on her Instagram and half of them are with her boyfriend. Sometimes the couple is in a pool on a sunny day, chilling and minding their own business while sharing some intimate moments together or are traveling together to different places of the world. However, Claudia does not reveal where the couple travels to. She keeps her getaway destinations private.

Claudia Tihan

Who Is Claudia Tihan Boyfriend?

As introduced before, meet Claudia’s boyfriend, Samuel Olaechea. He is currently the Director of Photography and co-founder at LCDG Studio. LCDG stands for La Cour Des Grands. He takes cinematic pictures and also works with a clothing line Creo Studios.

He met Claudia between 2017 and 2018 and started dating her. As discussed earlier, his is just not some other guy next door. Like Claudia, he likes to keep his shape as well. Looking at his Instagram posts, he has got the abs that girl would kill for to just stroke their hands around.

His physique also helps him to get all those model-like pictures and do we even need to talk about that face of his? He makes looking good so effortless that it makes us think anyone can do it. Apart from pictures, he is also an avid videographer who takes the breathtaking shots. Judging by all the Instagram posts, the couple is very much in love. Claudia also spent her birthday with boyfriend Samuel, and the couple went off to Mexico.

He gives her neck kisses and lifts her off her feet – literally. Both of them are just pure couple goals at its best.

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Claudia Tihan Pervious Dating Affairs

Before there was Samuel, Claudia was dating, and a few other guys have got the chance of calling them her boyfriend. However, since Claudia has not talked about having any past relationship herself, none of this are deemed true.

She was reportedly dating Jack Johnson back in early 2017. According to the tabloid, Claudia and Jack were in a PDA session in Mexico and were also seen kissing in a vine video posted by Sammy Wilkinson.

Next up, the same year in 2017, she started dating Madison Beer. The rumor started spreading like wildfire when the couple was seen kissing in a video. The internet is a nasty place, and nothing is hidden from it. Especially, when you are a particularly famous internet celebrity. But as mentioned earlier, Claudia has not confirmed any of these rumors herself, so all these past dating affairs of her are questionable to the very core.

Claudia Tihan Facts

  • Her favorite color is Purple
  • Loves candy more than chocolates
  • Speaks French, English, Romanian and understands Spanish
  • She likes to travel
  • Loves ice-cream
  • She has 11 tattoos

Claudia And Samuel Split or Engaged?

No matter how perfect a relationship may seem on the internet, there is always a lingering question. Is it all for the gram or are the couple really enjoying together and not contemplating a split out in the dark. What might be the case of Claudia and Samuel? Are the couple together forever or is the love momentarily.

Judging by the couple’s latest Instagram posts, they are here to stay together and enjoy each other’s company. As far as the split rumors go, it seems to be just a hoax. On the contrary, Claudia and Samuel seem to have gotten engaged secretly.

On March 5, 2019, Claudia posted a picture on Instagram where Samuel was carrying her, and the couple was kissing. While the picture gave serious relationship goals vibe, it was the caption that shocked everybody.

Claudia only had a ring emoji on the photo as a caption. This alone was enough to create a ripple of question asking whether the couple is engaged to get married. Sadly, they have not confirmed the speculations yet. Tihan seemed to sport a diamond ring, but it was not on her ring finger.

Claudia Tihan Bio, Age

Claudia Tihan was born on February 19, 1997, In Montreal, Quebec, Canada. She is also known as Claudia Emilia Tihan. She is currently 22 years old. Although born in Canada, she shares French roots and is widely known as French-Canadian. Despite being famous on Instagram now, her first social media account was Twitter.

She usually did not post very often on Twitter. When she moved to Instagram and started uploading her pictures, she gathered a lot of attention. Thanks to that beautiful face. She made her first Instagram post in 2015 and then everything changed.

In just a matter of 4 years, Claudia has managed to amass a massive 1.2 million followers on Instagram alone. She has other social media accounts with massive followers like on Twitter; she has over 50 thousand followers; on Facebook, she has over 85 thousand followers. She also makes YouTube videos and has over 40 thousand subscribers.

Net Worth

With such mass following, she wants to open a clothing line of herself and wishes to work with children with Down Syndrome. In her family, she has her mother and has one half-brother and one half-sister. She has not openly talked about her father until now.

Tihan grew up in Canada but later moved to Los Angeles to pursue her career. She also has a patreon account where she makes extra incomes by providing paying fans with her workout routine, skin care plans, etc.


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