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The internet is a great place where people can elevate their creativity and master the art of presenting oneself in front of others. They manage to do this by simply being present on the internet and churning out content after content. That is how they manage to establish themselves as social media personalities and YouTubers per se. A nice example of such kind of person is Casey Neistat. But he is not the person we are here to talk about today. The guy of whom we talk here today is CJ So Cool.

Have you ever heard of this name before? Well, if you have not, then that’s fine as well because not many people follow the trends going on around as well. There are a lot of places that people diverse their interest in, and we know, following social media personalities isn’t one of them as well. Therefore, it is okay if you do not already know or remain familiar with CJ or for the sake of convenience, let’s call him Cool.

Cj So Cool

Now, let’s head towards giving him a slight intro because if Cool wasn’t a man of importance or fame, would we be here, trying to make you read all this? Absolutely not. So, who is CJ, after all? Well, for starters, Cool is what people call these days a famous internet sensation or also YouTuber. Cool has an array of videos on the internet that makes people laugh, and sometimes they start rolling on the floor as well. Yes, CJ is that funny.

But how much do you know about Cool’s personal life? Well, we know the answer is very limited. Don’t you worry, we are here to rescue you from the mystery. Learn about everything you want regarding Cool here.

CJ So Cool Early Life

In the world of YouTube and internet fame, CJ So Cool shines apart, and he was born on March 29, 1989, in Gray, Indiana, United States of America. At the moment, CJ is 30 years exactly, but still, he convinces people and passes out as someone who is in their early 20s.

It always comes off as so unnatural for someone to look so you despite their age closing in the old people line. How do they do it? Do you have any idea about that? Well, one way that CJ manages to preserve his looks is by making sure he goes to the gym regularly and eats a healthy diet. See? Not that hard, is it?

When it comes to talking about family, CJ does not really talk about it all because of his conservative nature that kicks in when family topics arise. Because of that, we do not really see any substantial details when it comes to his early family life and how he grew up as well. Moreover, this mystery has also kept some other information hidden.

As of now, we do not really know what are the names of his parents as well because CJ makes sure that this information does not go out in the media. However, what we do know is that his childhood did not experience a lavish living lifestyle, but rather, his family always remained on the brink.

Another family detail that we know about CJ is that he has a brother whose name is Anthony Brady, and people also call him Jinx. CJ belongs to black ethnicity and lives in the United States of America as a proud African-American male.

CJ So Cool Education

Western parents, in particular, parents in the United States of America, have an as notorious reputation as parents in Asian countries. They often believe that education and proper schooling is the way to success for kids and that if their children do not go to college, things never will become fruitful for them.

While this holds some truth, CJ has a different story. As a kid, CJ went to a local elementary school, and there he began his educational journey. From early childhood, CJ presented himself as very uplifting and very energetic. However, his grades did not share the same persona. Let’s discuss more what we mean by that.

As a child, CJ managed to go to elementary school, but his grades never came up to par. They certainly managed to get CJ going on, but as a student, CJ never became an extraordinary student. However, after joining high school, CJ began taking his study more seriously and began studying hard.

However, because of family conditions, CJ started taking jobs during his summer holiday so that he could pay his college fee and also help his family financially. Several years later, CJ graduated from high school with acceptable marks but nothing out of the ordinary as well.

However, here comes a jolting halt because CJ does not really talk about his educational journey from there onwards. As CJ grew up, he began ignoring any questions regarding his college degree or continuation of his educational journey. We believe that So Cool went to college, but the facts and answers remain with him.

Cj So Cool

Personal Life

Like many other famous personalities on YouTube, CJ also remains fairly open about his personal life. It all comes after the notion that a YouTuber’s life is never personal. For anyone who wants to take CJ into their life as a boyfriend or husband, sorry, but that may never happen.

Why? Because Cool is married and quite happily as well. Back in the days, CJ started dating a woman who goes by the name Royalty. After dating for a couple of years, CJ and Royalty thought it wise that they tie the knot. And to everyone’s surprise and glee, CJ and Royalty did tie the knot.

As a married couple, CJ and Royalty are parents to three beautiful children. Welcoming them one after the other, CJ and Royalty have one handsome son and two beautiful daughters and make a very cute and wonderful family altogether. Also, at the moment, there are no rumors about the split.

The whole family lives a very happy and content life together, and certainly, we hope CJ and Royalty never go apart as well.

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CJ So Cool Career

While in school, there came a new trend of YouTube, and people became hooked to what is offered. YouTube simply acted as a gateway to many lives. People would upload their videos just about anything, and people around the world could watch it; millions and billions of people.

While studying, CJ started taking summer break jobs so that he could financially aid his family. CJ worked as a Casino Crap and also a poker dealer at one point in his life. These kind of odd jobs helped CJ make some money to pay the college fees and also help his family financially.

With the enthusiasm to share something rather than just sit back and watch, CJ started a YouTube channel as a school kid and began posting random videos on his channel. However, as his videos lacked quality, things did not fly for CJ right away. During that time, CJ gathered a total view of 35,000 and limited subscribers.

But, seeing CJ’s determination to do something on YouTube, his brother Anthony started to drop some tips to him and began helping CJ making nicer videos. Anthony or as people also call him, Jinx, stirred up the content of CJ’s YouTube channel and began improving the quality of his videos as well.

The effect of it was dramatic. As of 2014, CJ started gathering substantial views and subscriptions to his YouTube channel, and people started coming back to his channel. In 2014, CJ experienced his breakthrough, thanks to the help of his brother Anthony or also knowns as Jinx.

After his YouTube channel, which solely dedicated towards entertainment, began collecting more views and subs, CJ began posting an array of videos on his channel. CJ began posting videos of prank, reacting to other funny videos, and all kinds of stuff that people wanted to see.

Net Worth

Some of the most successful people around did not start to work to make money but rather to fulfill their hunger for growth. But most of us work so that we can financially get out of the rat race and live life as we please. CJ works for the same reason as well because he knows what it is like growing up in a poor family.

As a child, CJ struggled financially with his family, and that made his obliged towards aiding his family. As a result, instead of going out and traveling, CJ began taking summer jobs. But after YouTube, CJ’s career took a dramatic turn, and things began to shift for him.

As of now, CJ is one of the most famous YouTubers. Also, with a lot of fame and success, CJ has also managed to earn a pretty hefty amount for himself as well. At the moment, CJ enjoys a massive net worth of $400,000 thousand.


Name CJ So Cool
Date of birth March 29, 1989
Birthplace Gray, Indiana, United States of America
Ethnicity Black
Height 6 ft
Weight N/A
Profession Social Media
Married No
Nationality American
Birth sign Aries
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $400,000 thousand


Social Reach

Twitter: @cjsocool1

Instagram: @cj_socool

Facebook: Cj So Cool


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