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Chudney Ross, the television producer you may have heard a lot about or not. Either way, today we will be talking about this gorgeous woman who has made a lot of people go crazy and swoon over her. But what is it exactly that makes her so special? Well, for starters, it is the way she looks.

Chudney Ross has big bright eyes that reflect the joy and fill the other person who is looking in them with a longing to stare into them more and more. Then comes her bewitching smile that simply strikes people in a way nobody can. And then comes her personality that is what extenuates all of her attributes.

Chudney Ross

Given these attributes that Chudney possesses, she must be an actress right? Well, she would have done great, but Ross thought otherwise and decided to stay behind the camera. Speaking of that, another reason why Chudney is famous is because of her parents. She is the daughter of one of the most famous singers of all time.

Her mother is Diana Ross, who is the lead singer for Supreme, whereas her father is a recognized music executive and businessman. So, today, we sought to learn more about Ross’ personal life because we still haven’t talked about who her husband is or if she is even married. Without any further ado, let’s set out for the journey.

Chudney Ross Personal Life

Ross’ personal life is anything but normal. As mentioned, her parents are very well known personalities in the music business, and fame never leaves anyone alone. If parents are famous, their children are as well, and this is the way everything goes around here. She has known what it is like to have attention from her childhood.

Maybe, that is the reason she chooses to keep away from it as much as possible now that she is an adult. But something never remains hidden. When it comes to her personal life, it is anything but normal. Chudney Ros is married. Sorry bachelors for mentioning this out of nowhere but it is what it is.

Fortunately, Ross does not publicize her personal life but does not hide it as well. If you are wondering who is her husband, his name is Joshua Faulkner, and this is how they met for the first time.

Chudney Ross

Meeting Husband

It all happened when Joshua Faulkner was scrolling through a friend’s Facebook profile somewhere in 2009. While thoughtlessly scrolling through pictures, one, in particular, grabbed his attention. He opened the picture and saw those big bright eyes and an infectious smile as Faulkner puts it.

He did not want to lose this chance, so he asked his their mutual friend to help him set a date with her. His friend happily obliges and set the time and place where he could meet Chudney. The Ross and Faulkner met for the first time in a loud Los Angeles bar where anyone could barely hear anyone talking.

Somehow, Faulkner managed to get near enough Chudney, and the two started having a conversation which grew more and more interesting. With few cocktails, Chudney out of nowhere put a hand on his face and as Faulkner said it, petted him. Later, Ross revealed that she had to make sure he was real.

The reason is that Ross never encountered such a gentleman in Los Angeles, let alone a handsome young gentleman and that she needs to touch him to confirm the ba, and the conversation was real. Ross and Faulkner started dating in no time and were very smitten towards each other.

After years of dating, the Ross and Faulkner welcomed their first child together, a daughter they named Callaway who played a major role even as a toddler. Ross and Faulkner were already dating for six years now, and by then Faulkner knew what must do. Faulkner knew he wanted to marry Ross and so he planned for it.

Chudney Ross

Engaged and Married

As Ross has mentioned it on several occasions, Faulkner is a very furtive person who does not prefer crowds and attention and seeks private and intimate moments instead. So, what Faulkner did was plan a moment where only the couple and their little ones were present.

By this time, both were living together and had their own home. Faulkner made their daughter Callaway distract Ross as she gave her a box she wrapped with self-made drawings. When she looked back, there was Faulkner, on his one knee, beaming at Chudney and asking her to marry him.

It was also Ross’ birthday, and she was overwhelmed with emotions. Naturally, Ross said ye, and the couple kissed with joy. They had already planned a dinner with family that evening so Faulkner and her husband could celebrate and announce the special news to their families.

Now was the time to plan for the wedding, which in reality, the couple did not have to think about very much. Ross and Faulkner already knew where they wanted to get married, and the location. It was in Hawaii, Maui. The place where they went for their big trip, and also the place where Ross while traveling with their mother came to know that she was pregnant.

The wedding took place at the Montage Kapalua Bay. Ross’ mother Diana Ross and her sister Tracey Ellis Ross helped with the majority of the wedding details and arrangements and also helped Chudney to pick out a wedding dress. The wedding ended with a lot of laughter; love filled the atmosphere, and people toasting for the couple.

Everyone danced all night, the couple performed together, and Chudney’s sister sang a song that she exclusively wrote for her.

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About Joshua Faulkner

Joshua Faulkner is the man everyone envies. He is married to one of the most beautiful women in the world, and naturally, people want to know about him. However, too many people’s disappointment, Joshua has closed off his details.

He has remained silent on his career, education, or any other detail that introduce his professional career to the media. While we cannot fathom the exact reason for this secrecy, but it is most probably privacy.

Chudney Ross

Chudney Ross Bio, Age

American TV producer Chudney Ross was born on November 4, 1975, in the United States of America. Chudney is currently 43 years old and was born to parents Robert Ellis Silberstein and Diana Ross. Ross is the youngest of five children. She has two sisters, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Rhonda Ross Kendrick. Also, she has two brothers Evan Ross and Ross Naess.

She attended the Georgetown University in Washington D.C. from where she graduated and got her education. After graduation, Chudney started teaching at the Unified Public School District for three years. She retired at the age of 22 years old and leaned towards writing and eventually got into modeling.

She did have very exciting offers in Los Angeles and New York. However, she did not excel in modeling. Although Chudney always considered her mother as a role model, she took a career that stood more behind the camera. Her most noted work includes Fame which premiered in 2003 and Mesmerized which premiered in 2004.

Net Worth

However, despite having a successful career in the film industry, Chudney keeps her earnings a sworn secret. Her earnings depend on how the movies she produced does on the box office, which is pleasant so far. Her mother has a net worth of $250 million whereas her father as a net worth of $50 million.


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