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Ever know a person who can do multiple things and all of them as perfectly as Chuck Woolery? We bet you will have a hard time finding someone like that because Chuck Woolery is one of a kind and that is why he is as famous and successful as he is. We’ll give you five minutes to get us another person as multi-talented as him. Go on.

Chuck Woolery is only one of the most sought after person in the entertainment industry, and people have a sheer abundance of admiration and love for him. He is a TV show host, game show host, and along with all that hosting persona, Chuck also introduces himself as a musician. Bet you did not know that one before.

Chuck Woolery

As a famous personality, Chuck has remained with the industry for a very long time, and for all the good reasons. Since his career started in 1963, Chuck is unstoppable, and we don’t want to stop himself either. If he does, where are we going to find someone like? You must have realized that by now because you did not find someone like him in the given five minutes.

He has a lot of achievements that we can talk about forever, but, we gather here to learn more about Chuck on a personal level. You see, there lies a lot of information regarding his professional career and all that good stuff, but people do not seem to know the real Chuck Woolery. Here, that chances as we talk everything about Chuck, the man who reigns over millions of heart.

Chuck Woolery Early Life

The American TV and game show host Chuck Woolery was born on March 16, 1942, in Ashland Kentucky, United States of America. Since he was born on March 16, Chuck shares Pisces zodiac sign. Chuck is 78 years old at the moment but hardly gives off that aged look. All thanks to his highly healthy lifestyle, which allows him to eat healthy food and exercise.

As a child, Chuck always donned an extroverted personality, which means he always liked talking to people and making new friends wherever he went. As an extrovert, Chuck did not have any difficulty growing to make friends and always have the limelight on himself.

Woolery grew up in Ashland as a kid with his family. However, as Chuck has failed to specify his family, we at the moment remain bewildered on that part of his life. Woolery does not talk about his parents whatsoever, which keeps his fans guessing regarding his early life and what he experienced while growing up with his family.

Regardless, Chuck always managed to excel wherever he went. Moreover, Woolery also does not talk about having any siblings. It remains unclear whether his parents have any other children other than Woolery, and this brings everyone to the conclusion that Chuck is the only child of his parents.

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Chuck Woolery Education

No matter how much extroverted Chuck seemed like a child and how much fun he always got out making new friends and talking with them endlessly, Chuck always made sure that his education remains in check and that he does not drift off to the path where he quits education at any point in his life.

Growing up with parents who taught Chuck only good and the things he should avoid as a child, Chuck always bared in his conscious mind about the importance education held in people’s success. He attended the local high school as a kid and as mentioned, always acted very vivaciously.

After high school graduation, Chuck applied and enrolled in the US Navy to serve his country. As a young and tough man, serving in the US army came as an honorary factor to young American citizens. After serving for two years in the US Navy, Chuck also got on with his education and started establishing his career.

Name Chuck Woolery
Date of birth March 16, 1941
Birthplace Ashland, Kentucky, United States of America
Ethnicity White
Height  6.3 ft
Weight N/A
Profession TV Host
Married Yes
Nationality American
Birth sign Pisces
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $15 million


Personal Life

Chuck always presented himself as a very approachable person, and everybody liked him; especially ladies. As they say, a man who can make women smile can also make them fall in love. With that said, Woolery made a lot of ladies fall in love, and he also ended of marrying a few of them.

That is right; Chuck married more than once as three of his married life failed previously. Woolery first married a beautiful woman named Margaret Hayes. The couple welcomed two children together, a son named Chad and a daughter named Katherine. Unfortunately, his son died in a motorcycle accident in 1986.

He divorced Margaret and later married a fellow actress named Jo Ann Pflug in 1972. Chuck and Jo married in a very intimate wedding ceremony and exchanged vows in front of friends and family. As a married couple, they started to live very happily but never welcomed any children.

As time went on, their relationship started to get sour, and Woolery and Ann ended up getting a divorce in 1980, after about eight years. After the divorce from Jo Ann, Woolery found his way back to marriage with another woman named Teri Nelson. Woolery and Nelson adopted a baby girl who David Nelson fathered.

Woolery and Nelson did not stay together for too long as Nelson had extramarital affairs which came out to the public in 2003. At the moment, Woolery is with Kim Barnes, another beautiful woman Chuck married in 2006. Woolery and Barnes do not have children of their own and live together in the United States currently.

Chuck Woolery Career

Due to his talkative and persuasive nature, Chuck started working as a wine consultant for a very reputed wine company called Wasserstrom Wine & Import Company based in Columbus, Ohio. His career as a consultant took him to places as he went on with gathering knowledge that further helped him climb the success staircase.

From working as a wine consultant, Chuck started working as a sales representative for another company called Pillsbury Company. His career started in 1963, and during that period, he also started to get on with his musical career. In the early 60s, Woolery formed a trio called The Bordermen in which he sang as well as played bass fiddle.

As his musical career progressed, Chuck started collaborating with other artists as well. In 1968, Chuck and a duo called The Avant-Grande signed a contract with Columbia Records and put out a song called Naturally Stoned. The song got into the Top 40 hit chart. However, as an aspiring musician, Chuck had to work other jobs to sustain himself.

As his musical career started taking off, Chuck did not have to work odd jobs and started making money by producing music. In the early 70s, Chuck started to appear in movies as well. Woolery appeared in Evil in The Deep and in another movie called Cold Feet. Apart from that Woolery also famously appeared in children’s TV series called New Zoo Revue.

His hosting career started in 1975 when Woolery began hosting Wheel of Fortune. The singer and actor hosted the game show for six long years and withdrew from hosting job when his salary amendments did not run par with others. Woolery left the hosting job in 1981.

Net Worth

After taking leave from hosting the Wheel of Fortune Woolery hosted other famous programs such as Love Connection. Woolery started hosting the show in 1983, and while he was with the show, Woolery also hosted other shows such as Scrabble, The Home and Family Show, The Dating Game, Greed, TV Land Ultimate Fan Search, Lingo.

Additionally, Chuck also hosted some of the most famous reality show of that time, which titled after his previous work, Chuck Woolery: Naturally Stoned. Chuck also previously hosted The Price Is Right Live! And other famous shows during his career. With a very extensive career as a show host and as well as a musician, Woolery gathered a massive fortune.

AS of now, Chuck Woolery has a massive net worth of $15 million, and still, the number grows as the hosting legend still works.

Chuck Woolery Social Reach

Twitter: @chuckwoolery

Instagram: N/A

Facebook: Chuck Woolery


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