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How many people have you seen so far who were on one track and then moved to another, really bad ones? As bad as it can get. While people do not believe, traits of a person who later became a criminal remains visible from the very beginning. If you do not believe us, then the person we are talking about today has all the evidence. The evidence is his life story that is as extraordinary as it is terrifying. Today, we talk about Charles Manson.

If you know the name, you likely also know why Manson is someone we are talking about. Even though he is not alive at the moment because of obvious reasons. He grew old and weak. However, even though Charles is not alive, we talk to learn more about what made him particularly different than other crime people. There are some who run a drug dealing business, or someone who solely run around killing people. Charles did not do either, technically.

Charles Manson

Initially, Charles worked as a singer and songwriter based in Los Angeles City, United States of America. However, his traits of ill behavior have a long history before that as well. For the most part of his life, Manson walked in and out of prison for different guilty crimes he did. For the remaining last ones of his life, he stayed in prison. Some of the felonies that Charles did are rape, plotting murder of more than seven people at once and more.

But without jumping at once into his crimes, let us first see what was his personal life like? Did Charles, a man with such cruel nature cramped inside him have a wife? What was his childhood like? In this post, learn everything there is about Charles.

Charles Manson Early Life

The notorious cult leader and one of the most dangerous criminal minds of all time, Charles Manson was born on November 12, 1934. He was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States of America and at the age of his death, Charles was 83 years old. The cause of his death was an impending illness.

Even his parents were a bit queer talking in all honesty. Manson was born to father Colonel Walker Henderson Scott Sr. and mother Kathleen Manson-Bower-Cavender. The reason why we say that his parents were a little queer as well is that they named baby Charles in a very queer fashion as well.

After Colonel Walker Henderson and Scott Sr. and Kathleen Manson-Bower-Cavender gave birth to Charles, they named him Non Name Maddox. Maddox is the last name that Kathleen sported before giving birth to Charles. However, after everyone advised that the name is not a favorable one for a child, they renamed the baby as Charles Miles Maddox.

After the birth of Charles, there came a dispute when Colonel Walker Henderson Scoot Sr. denied to take responsibility of Charles claiming that Charles was not his child. Colonel Walker also implied that Kathleen budded a romantic affair with some other men and that resulted in the birth of Charles.

However, after Kathleen Manson filed for paternity suit, both parties took test and came to a agreed judgement. After Kathleen turned bad herself and started drinking heavily along with her brother. On that path, Kathleen and her brother also attempted robbery. After imprisonment, Charles spent most of his childhood with his aunt and uncle.

Charles Manson Education

Most of his childhood, Charles remained with his aunt and uncle’s home. Because Kathleen would partner with her brother and his girlfriend and drink till their systems would collapse. Or other times, the three drank to the point where they all sported ill ideas about crime.

At a very young age, when Charles’ mother returned from prison on parole, the family moved to Charleston, West Virginia. After Kathleen married again, an alcoholic man whom Kathleen met while attending Alcoholics Anonymous meeting sessions. The marriage did not do any good for Charles.

In mid-40s, Charles began stealing from his home as well. After finding that out, Kathleen and her husband Lewis started looking for foster homes for Charles. After failing to find one, Kathleen sent Charles to Gubault School for Boys. The school fashioned a male only school rule and was run but a priest as well.

However, Charles managed to flee from the school shortly because he did not like his stay there. Instead of studying, Charles would plan and plot his escape to home. One glorious day, Charles managed to escape the school and return home. However, his furious mother took him back to the school.

Early during his teenage days, Charles started to commit serious crimes from a young boy’s perspective. After a judge found him guilty, considering his young age, the judge sent Charles to Boys Town but Charles escaped from the school. Later, government officials sent Charles to Indiana Boys School, but he escaped from there as well.

Charles Manson

Personal Life

During the height of Charles’ criminal activities, he met a woman at a hospital restaurant. After both fell in love with each other, they later married as well. In January of 1955, Charles married a woman named Rosalie Jean Willis. Rosalie, at the time of marriage, worked as a hospital waitress.

After a year, Charles and Rosalie welcomed a baby boy together and named him Charles Manson Jr. But Rosalie, even after giving birth to the couple’s child felt fed up from Charles’ criminal activities. Most of the time, Charles remained in prison and Rosalie started living with another man as well.

Later in 1958, just three years of marriage, Rosalie filed for divorce and received a decree of divorce as well. While the divorce remained as something that Charles did not see coming, he did not take it too badly. A year later, Charles married another woman named Leona.

Leona worked as a prostitute and a year later, Charles and Leona welcomed a son and named his Charles Luther. Later, in 2014, reports surfaced that Charles was engaged to a 26 years old woman named Afton Elaine Burton. Later, reports also surfaced that they possessed a marriage license as well.

While no marriage ceremony took place, the marriage kept on staying legal until the license expired in 2015. Later, other reports came out in the media that Charles’ fiancé only intended the marriage so that she could put up Charles’ corpse after he died for tourist attractions.

While this came as a shock to Charles’ it did not matter much because in 2017, Manson died of health complications.

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Charles Manson Career

At one point in Charles’ career, he pursued to become a singer and songwriter as well. Charles has managed to pen songs like Look at Your Game, Girl and another one called The Spaghetti Incident? One of his songs, the Look at Your Game, Girl, famous American band Guns N’ Roses helped him record.

But his musical career easily gets overshadowed by his criminal career, if we can call that a career even. One of the very first offenses that Charles Manson committed during his early years is such as robbery, burglary, and others as well. However, the first offense that got Charles arrested a more serious one.

In 1952, authorities caught Charles raping a boy while he kept the victim at knifepoint. This was enough for the authorities to send Charles to a much secure facility, a prison. While at the Federal reformatory, Charles further committed multiple offenses, which also included homosexual acts on peers.

During the mid 19th century, Manson after going in and out of prison multiple times, he began collecting a lot of attention. Most of the people that Manson attracted were young women. After having an adequate number of people to call a group, Manson began naming his group and called it Manson family.

In 1969, Manso’s family committed murder acts. In 1969, Manson’s family murdered Sharon Tate, an actress and four other people as well. In 1971, Manson’s family reportedly committed seven murders. However, later investigations showed that Manson himself never gave the instruction but people believed his instructions were there but not directly.

Net Worth

During his time as a criminal and a cult leader, Manson earned money primarily through burglary, and robbery as well. His cult members or so-called Manson family member would go around committing crimes and Manson would enjoy the fruits of it all.

While sources have no fixed numbers to stamp on his possessions, there are reports that Manson possessed real estate and other possessions. One source also claims that Manson possessed a massive net worth of $400 thousand. Most of the time, Manson kept his fortune unused because he was in prison.

After the death of Charles, his grandson claimed rights to all of Charles’ possession and while there were two other people claiming to possess his will, a judge ruled in favor of Charles’ grandson.


Name Charles Manson
Date of birth November 12, 1934
Birthplace Cincinnati, Ohio, United States of America
Ethnicity White
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Profession Cult Leader
Married Yes
Nationality American
Birth sign Scorpio
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $400 thousand


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