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It seems that everyone around here is going to get their hearts burned. Why because we are about to talk about a man who is married to one of the most famous women around the world and not to mention, extremely beautiful. We will be talking about Cash Warren.

If you have not heard this name before then, do not fret because you are not the only one here. Cash Warren not so much of a household name but rather a man who is known for linking to someone. That does not mean he doesn’t have his own identity.

Cash Warren

Cash Warren is one of a kind, but the fact that he is not in the core entertainment industry made it a little hard for him to gather excess recognition. You must all be very anxious to know who Cash Warren is married to because we have already created the hype.

But rest assured, when you know who Cash bagged as his wife will blow your minds. Not literally though, that would be horrible. Now, we are not only going to talk about who Cash married but also about who he is so you have a better idea of this incredible man. So let’s start with it.

Cash Warren

Cash Warren: Who Is He?

As discussed, learning about his amazing man first is a top priority because he deserves all the recognition. Cash Warren is an American businessman who has his hands in different things altogether. However, people mostly recognize him as a film producer.

He started involving in film production since 2004 and ever since has continued to do so. He involved himself in movies like the Fantastic Four, Taxi and much more. Apart from having top-notch business ethics, his involvement in such films reflects his skill and capability.

His involvement in Fantastic Four has much more than just producing as he found the love of his life right there. On the sets with the invisible girl. Now, remember who the invisible girl in Fantastic Four was. That is right, Jessica Alba.

Told you that it would blow your mind.

Meeting Jessica Alba

After Taxi went to do very well on the screens, Cash got another offer to work on Fantastic Four, a movie with a greater range of audience and a bigger budget. At that time Cash did not have any idea that he will be meeting his soulmate here.

He thought this as a bigger opportunity and went for it. The cast included big Hollywood names such as Jessica Alba, Gruffudd, Julian McMahon and Chris Evan who most famously portrays the role of upper hero Captain America.

While working, Cash started talking to the cast, and with Jessica, he clicked. Both of them started having a conversation which only grew interesting each time. Without realizing, talking to each other became a habit.

One date led to the other, and soon, the couple became inseparable. Jessica liked how hard working Cash was, and the same goes for Cash. Both of them eventually learned they liked each other and went for it.

Cash Warren

Engaged and Married

Cash and Jessica started their relationship, and there was no turning back from there. From dating, the couple soon began living together. In Late 2007, December to be precise, Cash decided that it was time the relationship leveled up and got to the next phase.

In December, Cash got down to one knee and asked Jessica to marry him. By the time, the couple were already dating for a couple of years and were living together as well. So, for Jessica, this was no brainer. She said yes to marry Cash.

To the couple’s delight, Jessica was also pregnant at that time which meant that they had more than one thing to celebrate. While fans, followers and the media, in general, were waiting for the couple’s wedding, they did not get to witness it.

In May of 2008, Jessica and Cash got married. Just like that. While their first baby together was due for June that year, they decided to get married right before the birth of their daughter. Cash and Jessica got married in a Courthouse in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles.

The ceremony was tranquil and low profile for they did not want any attention. Only the closest family and friends of the couple attended the wedding. The reason for rushing the wedding before welcoming the child, however, remains unknown.

Welcoming the Baby

Right after marrying, the couple welcomed their first child together. Jessica previously said that the baby seemed to like staying in the womb and just hanging out. But, babies do come out eventually, and when they do, everything becomes more beautiful.

On June 7, 2008, Cash and Jessica welcomed their first child, a baby girl and they decided to call her Honor Marie Warren. Naturally, the couple was over the moon on the arrival of their first child. The picture of their daughter made the July issue of OK magazine, and the magazine reportedly paid $1.5 million for it.

Cash Warren

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The family of three started living together quite happily, but the number increased when Jessica became pregnant again in late 2010. On August 14, 2011, Jessica and husband Cash welcomed their second child together, another daughter and they decided to call her Haven Garner Warren.

The baby came out healthy weighing 7lbs and 19 inches long. She announced the news of the arrival of her second daughter via Facebook in which she mentions her firstborn couldn’t be a happier elder sister. She also thanked everyone for the support during her pregnancy.

While you think things could not get any happier, the couple revealed announced expecting third child in early 2017. Warren and Alba welcomed their third child, a baby boy this time and they decided to call him Hayes Alba. The baby was born in late December, right on New Year eve.

Cash and Alba are determined to raise their kids good. They claim to be very disciplined parents while keeping love. They want their children to become good people when they grow up and are working with a specific approach.

Their Relationship

Cash and Jessica are a family of five now, and things could not get any better; unless they decide to welcome another baby of course. They have stayed together for more than a decade, and that means a lot, especially as a Hollywood couple.

Jessica revealed the secret to her perfect relationship with Cash as she said that the couple are very supportive of each other. Whenever Alba feels a little wrong, she says that Cash is the person who lifts her and motivates her.

Alba further said that she loves how Cash listens to her and loves to cuddle followed by date nights every once in a while.

While Cash’s past relationships remain undisclosed, Jessica previously dated someone else.

Jessica’s Past Relationship

It is very much natural for anyone to fall in love and later realize that things do not work out between them. Before finding the love of her life, Jessica almost married someone else. In January 2000, Jessica began dating her Dark Angel co-star Michael Weatherly.

The two grew together in love and ended up getting engaged. On Jessica’s             20th birthday, Michael thought it as a great time to ask her to marry him. She said yes. However, about a year later on August 2003, the couple broke up and split for good.

Jessica said that the reason for calling off the engagement was because it disrupted her faith and her parents were not happy with her decision either. But let’s thank that situation. If that did not happen, Alba would not ever date Cash, and they would not get married and have such a perfect family.

Cash Warren

Cash Warren Bio

American businessman and film producer Cash Warren was born on January 10, 1979, in Los Angeles, California, United States of America. He is the son of famous basketball player Michael Warren and mother, Sue Narramore.

Cash has two sisters, Koa and Makayla and a brother as well, Grayson. Cash attended Yale University and graduated in Political Science in 2001. Although walking in his father’s footsteps and playing basketball in college, his interest lied in the film industry.

Net Worth

Cash started his producer career with Taxi which was a success. He involved himself in movies like In The Blood, Made in America, Independent Lens and much more during his career. Warren currently has a net worth of $20 million.

On the other hand, his successful actress wife Jessica Alba has a massive net worth of $350 million.


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