Carey Lowell: Body Measurements, Career, Net Wroth, Rumors


Carey Lowell, a popular model, was born on the 11th of February, 1961 in Huntington, New York in the United States of America. Her birth name is Carey Evelyn Lowell. She belongs to the zodiac group.

Nationality and Ethnicity

Talking about her ethnicity, she belongs to the American nationality. She has citizenship of the United States of America and is an American citizen. While it comes to her ethnicity, her ethnicity is North American.

Carey Lowell

Carey Lowell; Family Life

Carey Lowell has a proper family life. She was a traveler when she was with her family as they moved from one country to another. Her father name is David Lowell, and her mother name is unknown. She is the only daughter of her family. So, she does not have any siblings. David Lowell, her father was a well-known geologist. He was involved in petroleum exploration, and for that purpose, he had to move from one country to another. She had a good childhood life as she was the only child of her parents, and they loved her very much.

Early Life

Carly Lowell had a good and satisfactory early life. She moved from one different country to another as her father was a petroleum exploration geologist. She spent her childhood days in Texas and Denver, Colorado, the United States of America, France and Netherlands.

While she was only twelve years old, she had already traveled these many countries. She then went to Colorado to pursue her career in modeling as she wanted to be a model from her early days. There, she completed her studies, and she got hired by top fashion brand like; Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein. At her young age, she was already the model of the well-known fashion brands of the world. She then took more classes, and she came up as the successful model.

Hence, the early life of this fashion star was perfect as she struggled in the right field. Also, she was successful in making her appearance in the renowned magazines of the world.

Carey Lowell; Education History

Carey Lowell completed her high school, and then she moved to New York City to pursue her modeling and her higher studies. She was brought up in different countries, and she had to finish her schooling there. In Colorado, she began to pursue her career in modeling and joined Bear Creek High School located at Lakewood, Colorado. She did her high school there.
As she graduated from high school, she was able to secure her position at the University of Colorado, Boulder, and she started studying literature there. She was the model of fashion brands like Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren there.

Then she attended New York University and started studying Documentary Filmmaking. She then got a degree and graduated with a good scare. But, she wanted to do more, and she joined private drama classes called the Neighborhood Playhouse School of Theatre. She graduated from there too, and she started pursuing her career.


Carey Lowell first started her career as a model in the High profile brands like; Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein. After modeling, she took drama classes and then she appeared on Dangerously Close in 1986 was her first move. Also, she was in Club Paradise. Her first appearance was pleasing, and her fans liked it. So from 1989 to 2001, she acted in various movies like; “The Guardian,” “Love Affair,” “Fierce Creatures.” “Sleepless Seattle,” “Road to Ruin,” “Leaving Las Vegas,” and “Big Apple.” With her excellent acting skills, she was able to be the part of James Bond’s movie, caked the License to Kill. In 1989, she got featured In Law, and Order and she did 49 episodes. Then, she appeared on “Homicide: Life on Street” and “Six Degrees.”

After that, she could not feel the contentment that she wanted in the acting field. And then she joined, New York University to study documentary Filmmaking. She completed her graduation, but she gave up on acting after that. Hence, this famous model was able to rule the world of the modeling when she got featured by the top brands of the world. Her career was outstanding, and she was the topmost wanted model of all the times.

Net Worth

Talking about the Net Worth of this favorite model and an actress, Carey Lowell, she is wealthy. She has spent ten years in the entertainment industry. Her movies were excellent, and also she was featured in the film by James Bond. So, she was able to collect quite a significant amount from the field of acting. Nevertheless, she was the model of the leading brands of the world like; Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren, which made her earn a considerable amount of money.

Currently, she is one of the millionaires of the United States of America. She has a net worth of 6 million dollars, and she lives quite a lavish and luxurious life with all her needs and demands fulfilled.

Rumors and Controversies

Carey Lowell was decent and polite. She was the girl of the century as she got admired by everyone. Her professional life was full of her strong dedication, hard work, and good will. Also, while she was in the acting field, she gave the best she could, and no people could raise a question on her strength of the acting. But, when it comes to her private life, she was in years of misunderstanding and battle with her Husband in Richard Gere. They had four contests, and at the end, her divorce got finalized for almost 120 million fortune. Hence, she had to face a lot of gossips because of this. Other than the divorce case, she is not involved or found in any kinds of rumors of controversies till date.

Body Measurements

Carey Lowell has excellent body features. She has a build that can attract almost everyone. Favorite among her fans, she had the personality of a great diva. As she was the model of the world popular fashion brands, she was able to build her body that way. She had a curvy and sexy structure of the measurement of 24 inches breast, 25 inches waist and 35 inches hip. Her body looks like an hourglass as it is boiling and curvaceous. She stands 5 feet and 11 inches, which is 178 centimeters. Her body weight is about 58 kilograms, which are perfect for her height. The color of her eyes is beautiful dark brown, and her hair color is brown.

Moreover, she requires the dress size of 8 according to the U.S standards and the shoe size of 10.6. Hence because of her physical features, she can attract many people.

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Social Media Reach

This beautiful and young lady, Carey Lowell, is not active in any social media platform. She does not like being involved in social sites and is away from all the social media sites like; Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Hence, she has not yet made her public appearance through any social media profile, and she has no plans of doing it too.

Relationship Status

Moving towards the relationship history of Carey Lowell, she had a marriage that was difficult to maintain. Till date, she had married and got divorced with there men. Her first husband was John Stember with whom she had a long, four-year relationship. They were married in 1984 and got divorced in 1998. There were no kids as a result of their marriage. After one year after her divorce got settled, she was in love with an actor, Griffin Dunne. She and Griffin married, and they had a relationship that lasted for six years. Also, they had a daughter named Hanna Dunne.

Then, she was married to Richard Gere, who is a Pennsylvania-born ace actor. They dated for a few years and later married each other. Their marriage looked successful for a few years, and they gave birth to Jigme Gere. This marriage was a significant marriage and got attended by many movie stars of Hollywood. Sadly, they also separated in September 2013 after they spent eleven beautiful years together.


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