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When it comes to looking good, there are not many men out in the real world who can sport any look they want without doubting themselves or looking like an uncomfortable wannabe. However, some men seriously possess some serious natural disposition for great looks, and one of that kind of men is Bryton James, the very actor who’s name is making your heartthrob at the moment.

You see, like we just said, not many men are capable of doing so but then again, not all men are Bryton. He has the cunning ability to make himself look astonishingly pleasing without effort, and that makes other men go mad. Just tell us, how many men can sport a shaved or very closely trimmed head and look irresistible. Moreover, he appears on TV with such look so let’s just not talk about confidence here. Bryton has all in the world.

Bryton James

Now, for anyone who does not really know Bryton, he is an actor who most famously appears on The Young and The Restless, one of the very most highly acclaimed Soap Opera by CBS. But these are not just the only qualities that Bryton possesses because apart from being an actor, Bryton also introduces himself as a voice artist and a singer. Ladies, we know how bad you already want him, but there are certain things you ought to know before.

While his professional life is crystal clear to anybody’s eyes, it is his professional career that has everyone confused as many do not know about it. However, that shall change from this post. Here we talk everything about Bryton and his personal affairs. Is Bryton dating someone right now? Who is she? Find out everything right here and right now.

Bryton James Early Life

The multi-talented actor who also introduces himself as a voice actor and singer was born on August 17, 1986, in Lakewood, California, United States of America. As of now, Bryton is 32 years old, and while looking at him, we cannot help but think how well Bryton is aging. Just astonishing how handsome he gets every year.

Bryton was born to father Erc McClure who passed away in 2016 and mother Bette McClure, and despite being born in Lakewood, his family later moved to Fullerton and started living there. His father was a musician, singer, and songwriter who also, in his days, produced music. In this way, Bryton spent most of his childhood in Fullerton and grew up there with his family.

According to his birth details, Bryton was born on August 17, which means his zodiac sign is Leo. Now, according to superstitious beliefs, people with Leo zodiac are born very resilient, and very firm minded on what they want and achieve anything that they set their minds into. Now, we do not know about you, but this is every bit true when it comes to Bryton.

While fans remain very anxious towards knowing more about their favorite actor, Bryton stops right here in letting anyone into his early life any further. As of now, we also do not know if Bryton has any siblings as well or not. Because of all the secrecy, his fans are shunned out of that information. Until Bryton says otherwise, he is the only child of his parents, and he does not have any siblings.

Bryton James Education

Growing up with educated parents in Fullerton, Bryton always possessed the idea and the importance that a proper education possessed over people and their success. As like any other normal parents, Bryton’s parents Eric and Bette encouraged their son towards the path of acquiring proper education from a very long time.

As a result, young Bryton (not to say that he isn’t young anymore) went to a local school with all the determination and aspirations to become a very good student. While at school, his school teachers seldom poured out any inconvenience caused by Bryton as he became everyone’s favorite. However, Bryton did have his share of fun in school.

Bryton also participated in many extra-curricular activities during his school days such as drama, sports, and music classes as his father was a musician himself. All these extra activities that Bryton did while in school ensured a brighter future, the one that he wasn’t aware of as a kid.

After years of hard work and persistence, Bryton managed to graduate from high school with very good results, and this allowed him to contemplate to continue his studies further with other very highly renowned colleges. However, as of now, we do not know if Bryton actually continued higher studies or not because he has kept it a secret from everyone.

Name Bryton James
Date of birth August 17, 1986
Birthplace Lakewood, California, United States of America
Ethnicity White
Height 5.10 ft
Weight N/A
Profession Actor
Married No
Nationality American
Birth sign Leo
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $2 million


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Personal Life

Mostly, all of his fans are very desperate to know about Bryton, the actor who brings The Young and the Restless show’s character to life. This is natural in every way because Bryton is one hell of a sexy man and naturally, any women or men would want to have him as their own. Is this possible?

Well, the answer inclines towards a yes because this is possible but with an exception. For anyone who does not already know, Bryton previously married and divorced. Yes, this may come as a shock to you, but this comes as a delight to many others when they hear the word divorced. Back in the 2010s, Bryton met a young and beautiful woman named Ashley Leisinger.

After meeting for a couple of times and after endless talks over the phone, Bryton and Ashley began dating each other. The relationship took its pace, and shortly after some time, Bryton and Ashley found each other talking about wanting to spend the rest of their lives together.

On March 16, 2011, Bryton and Ashely married each other in a very beautiful wedding ceremony. Interestingly, Bryton’s co-star from The Young and The Restless Christian LeBlanc officiated the ceremony and named Bryton and Ashley husband and wife officially.


The charming hunk and his beautiful wife Ashely started living as husband and wife very prolifically; however, things started to get a little sour between this couple after some years into their marriage. Bryton and Ashley, both young, did not want to have any children as it would jeopardize their career.

By near 2014, Bryton and Ashely started to rift apart considerably and slowly that led to the end of their relationship. In June of 2014, a public statement came out stating that Bryton and Ashley have divorced and that they remain close friends whatsoever, regardless of the divorce.

The fact that Bryton and Ashley did not have any children made it very easy for the couple to divorce. Still now, Bryton and Ashley remain good friends of each other and have no bad blood between them.

Bryton James Career

Initial signs of Bryton’s career showed very early for him, as, as when he was just a two-year-old baby. At that age, Bryton appeared in commercials and other kinds of magazine ads which included his appearance alongside the king of pop, Michael Jackson. Little Bryton during that time did not even realize with whom he appeared on TV.

In 1990, when Bryton was just at the age of four, he bagged the role of one of the most famous sitcoms of all time called Family Matters as Richie Crawford. This appearance also gathered a lot of attention for Bryton as he started getting a lot of attention. As a kid, he appeared in the sitcom for 200+ episodes.

However, after his initial success, Bryton again emerged in the limelight when he started appearing as Devon Hamilton on CBS Soap Opera, the famous of all time, The Young and the Restless Bryton appearing in the series in 2004, and by 2007, he won the Daytime Emmy Award.

Social Reach

Twitter: @BrytonEjames

Instagram: brytonejames

Facebook: Bryton James

Net Worth

Bryton is 32 now and has a career that has cycled around three decades already. Since he started in the show business from the age of two, his career counts from then as well. So, technically saying, Bryton has already surpassed the average acting career length while in his early 30s. That insane.

As for wealth, for someone who has worked his whole life, there is not much to say about it. As of now, Bryton has a massive net worth, which ranges above $2 million. Since Bryton still works and quite passionately as well, the numbers in his bank account are forever rising.


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