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Brooke Langton is a many people’s dream come true, and we can understand why that is. Take a glance at her, and it will all get very clear why people go crazy for her. Those misty eyes that pierce right through your heart and that if you believe it or not, is the most pleasant feeling.

There are several beautiful actresses in Hollywood, and Brooke makes to that list quite easily. Add it all with the attributes that she possesses, Brooke can give even the top models a run for their money. But even after having such great prolific skills and beauty that complements her so immaculately, why is Brooke not as famous and people do not talk about her?

Brooke Langton

Did Brooke leave the film industry for good to settle down with someone? Well, the possibilities are limited to your imagination, and there is no pointing towards one thing and saying that a particular thing is a reason. But what we can do is get a deeper look into her life in detail.

Who is Brooke Langton? And where is she now? Also, while answering all that, we will also talk about her personal life and see if she has a boyfriend or most possibly, a husband. A lucky man like that calls for a proper introduction.

Personal Life

Brooke is one of those of whom the more we talk and praise about, the lesser it seems. Notin that, we now will just stop talking about it now. We’ve got other important things to do. Let’s focus on her personal life because a lot of fans do not know some of the most interesting facts about her personal life.

Just the simple facts like her marital status, affairs, and other family details remain unacknowledged.

As we all know, Brooke grew famous because of her acting skills and beauty, but there are other factors that people should get aware of. Do you know who Brooke is dating at the moment or if she is married to a person? Well, if you don’t, then we have you covered — the American born actress relationship status.

Brooke Langton Relationship

Back in the late 90s, Brooke had a lot of flings and dating affair news surrounding her. In 1997, Brooke reportedly started dating David Chokachi. The couple met through work and after some conversations and meets, ended up falling in love. However, it did not take for them to fall out of love either.

Brooke and David ended and broke up their relationship. After that, Brooke indulged herself in an alleged romance with George Clooney, the man of everyone’s dreams who is currently married to Amal Clooney. However, her affair with Clooney remains time unspecified.

Langton, during her course of a career, also had alleged affair with Tiger Woods, the world famous golf player, Carl Hagmier, CEO of Nett Solutions. But, all the relationship remain very unspecified. And Brooke also does not talk about the biological father of her child.

Brooke Langton

Married, Baby

That is right. Brooke is a mother. Brooke has a son named Zane whom she gave birth in 2016. While none of her relationships dates as early as 2016, it remains unclear who the father of the baby boy is. At the moment, Brooke remains very much silent on the name of the baby daddy.

Did she get married to anyone secretly? While there is a very high possibility, fans say otherwise because if she married a fellow actor, everyone would know. Maybe she married someone outside of the industry which remains mostly in the shadows and does not like to come out.

Until Langton clarifies herself, all guesses remain as mere speculations.

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Brooke Langton Early Life

American actress Brooke Langton was born on November 27, 1970, in a copper mining town in Arizona, United States of America. Brooke Langton is currently 48 years old. However, as you can clearly see, Brooke does not look like someone who is nearing their 50. She still resembles someone who is in their late 30s.

While some also say that Brooke was born in Mexico, Arizona remains the one that most tabloids claim as her birthplace. Reportedly, Brooke was born to parents, Jackson Langton, her father, who was a Geologist and mother who served as a surgical nurse. Brooke has a long line of the family.

At a very young age, Brooke moved to Illinois from Arizona. After her family stayed there for a  couple of years, they again moved to Texas. After years, Brooke moved again, and this time she went to Portland, Oregon. This is also where she grew an interest in theatre and the film industry.

According to sources, Brooke’s grandfather, maternal grandfather was a World  War II bomber pilot named Stephen Cummings. On the other hand, maternal grandmother was reportedly a Swedish farmer who later moved or else we can also say that she emigrated to Minnesota.

Brooke Langton


As a child, Brooke went to the Herscher High School and later moved to L.D. Bell High School from where she graduated and received her initial education. Langton later went to the San Diego State University from where she graduated with good grades in Marine Biology and very high ambition.

With a previous interest in theatre the entertainment industry in general, Brooke already knew what she wanted to pursue as an adult and without any delay, started working on it.

Name Brooke Langton
Date of birth November 27, 1970
Birthplace Arizona, United States of America
Ethnicity White
Height 5.3 ft
Weight 53 kg
Profession Actress
Married N/A
Nationality American
Birth sign Sagittarius
Measurement 34-24-33
Net Worth $2 million



With a couple of years in Portland where she familiarized herself with theatre, Brooke started pursuing modeling as a starter. After some years as a model in the States, Brooke wanted to experience new things, and for that, she decided to travel. Brook went to Japan and started working as a commercial model.

For someone who started modeling at such a young age, Brooke already knew the next big step and knew the one place that could help it all become possible. During the early 1990s, Brooke decided to move back to America, and this time; she decided to settle down in Los Angeles.

People from far and wide come to this city to pursue their dreams because Los Angeles is the place of opportunities. This is also where many famous actors and actresses got their swing in the entertainment industry. Knowing all this, Brooke made a decision to then pursue a career in acting.

In 1992, Brooke appeared in Freshman Dorm in which she portrayed the character of Nikki. The TV series premiered in 1992 and Brooke appeared for only one episode called Sex, Truth, and Theatre. Brooke Langton then appeared in Beverly Hills, 90210, Baywatch and California Dream all in the same years 1992.

Highlight Career

After appearing in four TV series in a year, Brooke started to get ample recognition for her work and agents along with producers alike started contacting her for future projects. However, Brooke took an approximate two years gap, and the most probable reason is that she studied at the Second City at that time.

But, Brooke came back, and everybody was glad to see her. She started to pursue her career as a full-time actress, and in 1994, she made her first feature appearance in a movie called Termina Velocity. Although she got a very small part in the movie, it marked as her feature debut in this industry.

Brooke Langton then appeared as Kim McGill in the 1994 movie called Moment of Truth: Cult Rescue. The next year, Brooke received a major role in a famous TV series called Extreme in which she portrayed the role of Sarah Bowen. Brooke appeared in the series for 7 episodes, and it became enough for her to strike some impressions.

The same year, Langton worked in other four TV series. First, Brooke appeared as Sandra Keyes in Chicago Hope. Then she appeared in The Singel Guy for two episodes as Amanda. Thirdly, Brooke worked as beth in the TV series called Eye of the Stalker and lastly, she appeared on Party of Five as Courtney.

Brooke also worked on movies as well and appeared in 1996 Swingers starring Jon Favreau. After that, Langton performed a very noted role in The Small Hours in 1997, Reach the Rock as Lise. In 1996, Brooke started working on Melrose Place as Samantha Reilly. She appeared in the show for 68 episodes from 1996 to 1998.

Brooke Langton

Net Worth

From working besides Sandra Bullock in the famous movie called The Net to performing as the love interest in The Replacement, Brooke is a very high achiever. Her most famous work includes The Net, Friday Night Lights, Life, Super Natural and most recently The Last Ship in which se appeared as Lt. Maddie Rawlings.

With such a prolific career in acting, Brook has gathered herself a lot of fame and with that comes fortune along. While the earnings of people in the film industry are not very fixed. Sometimes they rock some pennies and sometimes, a mountain of cash pours down on them.

It all depends on the type of role they get to portray. With that said, Brooke Langton currently has a net worth of $2 million in total. The fact that she still remains very active in acting suggests that her net worth is increasing.


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