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Brooke D Orsay is a Canadian actress who was born on 17th of February 1982 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She belongs to Aquarius zodiac sign. This beautiful and gorgeous American actress has done many American movies and series too. She is confident and focuses on her career a lot at this old age also. Her religion is Christianity.

Nationality and Ethnicity

Brooke D’Orsay holds American citizenship and belongs to American nationality. She has the citizenship of the United States of America. She is originally from Huguenot and has the same ancestry. Her ethnicity is white.

Brooke D Orsay


Brooke D’Orsay wants her private, and her family lives not to get disclosed to the audience. She does not like when anyone concerns about her family. Disclosure about her private life is very rare. Also, there is no data about her siblings. No one knows if she has any sibling or not. No, any information concludes about the place that she was brought up. Hence, her family life is completely under the curtains as no one knows about it.

Brooke D Orsay; Early life

Brooke is very secretive and keeps everything confidential. She feels it right when her things are not known to the public and tries to cover everything. This gorgeous American actress who does not usually reveal about her family life and early life has not been into any kind of rumors and controversies because her life is private.

Education History

Brooke D Orsay has not yet revealed about her education history. Her education and her academic life are not known to anyone. She has not even leaked a thing about her knowledge to the media or the general people. So, her education history is unknown. Therefore, her academic life and her education history are still not known by anyone.

Brooke D Orsay; Body Measurement

Brooke D Orsay has an attractive figure. Her body is the dream of every American girl. She is charming, sexy, bold, and beautiful. Her body looks like the body of an athlete. Talking about her height, she has a fantastic climax, which is 5 feet and 9 inches that are approximately 1.8m. Also, her height is the dream of everyone. Also, she has a fantastic feature, unlike the rest of the actor and actresses. Her extra feature is that she is right handed. So, she can maintain her body through regular exercise and diet.
Moreover, when it comes to the weight of this gorgeous lady, her body weighs 50 kilograms. Thus, her weight looks perfectly good on her height. Moving towards her other body measurements and statistics, her breast measures 34 inches; her waist measures 25 inches and her hip measures 34 inches.

Controversies and Rumor

This beautiful lady always kept her private life hidden. She does not reveal anything about her family to the public people. Also, she is professionally competent. She has not done anything that will affect her profession. Hence, because of keeping her private life and professional life balanced and not revealing her things to anyone, her life is free of rumors and controversies. Thus, she lives a life that does not have any gossip.

Brooke D Orsay; Social Media Reach

She is a vast social media personality. Her fan base is stable. Because of her excellent acting skills, she can get a lot of followers. So, her social media reach is extensive. She has many followers on her social media profile. When it comes to her social media profiles, she is active on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Her Facebook account has more than 4.5K followers. Talking about her Instagram, she is swamped on Instagram and has more than 7.9K followers. Her Twitter account has more than 1.6K followers. Hence, her social media reach is extended and has a vast range. Therefore, she is a big social media personality who is praised by everyone.

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Awards and Achievements

Brooke D Orsay has done very well in her field. She has got various awards in her life. Talking about her major award, she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress in DVDX Award in the year 2005. She got nominated for her best skills as a supporting actress. Coming to other awards, she also got nominated for her best performance as an individual or Ensemble Performance in the Animated Program or Series in the popular Gemini awards. These are the precious awards that she received for her incredible performance. Hence, she can achieve quite a lot in her life as a successful actress.


Brooke D Orsay has a career full of struggles. She started her career when she was at the age of 16 and was graduating. During her high school days, she was very much into the field of acting. She appeared as a host of the theatre performances. Her performance was good, and in the year 2001, she was successful in performing her acts in the famous movie, “Why Can’t I Be a Movie Star.” In the film, she played the role of Jennifer Kruz. Hence, her parts were successful, and she was able to establish herself in the right way.

Also, she performed in various entertainment programs. Her roles in the series, ‘Cassandra in Fortune’s Sweet Kiss,’ ‘Sandy in Truths of Insanity,’ ‘Lisa in Home Security,’ ‘Veronica on the Skulls III’ and ‘It’s a Boy Girl Thing.’ These were her significant roles in the TV series. Also, she was in the Soul Food as Justine, Felicity Fury on the movie Ace Lightning, Ellen on the series Doc, Eve Kindley on the series Beautiful Girl and Robin on the series Two and a Half Men. Also, she played as Margaret on the series How I Met Your Mother.

Moreover, her appearance in the movie, Why Can’t I be a movie star was very appealing. Hence, she started her career as an actor in 2001. On that series, she appeared as Jennifer Kurtz. Also, she has some significant roles in other Television series. Her voice got voiced on a popular series “6teen” which was a popular Animated Series of Canada. The character in “The Boy Who Cried Werewolf” was very admirable. Also, her roles in “Two and a Half Men” were commendable. Hence, her career is outstanding. She shined as a popular actress in the American Movie Industry.

Net Worth

While it goes to the relationship status of this popular lady, she has earned quite a significant amount of money from her career. She lives quite a good life with the money she has made. This beautiful and renowned personality is multitalented and has worked in several movies and TV series. She got featured in many movies, Television series, documentaries, short films, and other projects as well, Her long term boyfriend named, Greg Coolidge sold their house for 2 million dollars which were in Hollywood Hills West. Hence, they were able to collect a considerable amount of money. In the present context, her total net worth is more than 3 million dollars. Therefore, she lives quite a good life, as her net quality is very high. Her life is lavish and luxurious.

Brooke D Orsay; Relationship Status

Talking about her relationship and marital status, this lady is still unmarried. She does not reveal much about her married life. Also, her sexual orientation is still a mystery. For a very long period, she had not said anything about her personal life. Her dating and relationship life was under the curtains for a very long period.
However, she was found involved in a romantic relationship with a boy after a very long period. Greg Coolidge was her boyfriend who she dated before her career began. They were together for a very long time since her career went to a good aspect. But, they have not revealed when and how they are getting married. So, this young lady is still a single woman.


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