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The modern generation knows many things, and one of those things, in particular, is getting famous and known in society. Well, many people at the time do so many things on social media and become pretty successful at it. A prime example is Pewdiepie, who became a world phenomenon after his YouTube videos of playing an array of video games started getting viral. At the moment, Pewdiepie has over 100 million subscribers and growing. Now, the person we are talking about today isn’t that famous on the scale, but she has managed to become successful on her grounds. The person that we are talking about today is Britanya Razavi.

Britanya Razavi

Ever heard the name Britanya before, or is this your first time introducing to this goddess of beauty? Well, whatever the scenario is, there are very few people who tend to get past just staring at her and doing something. If you take our word, do not go and look at any of Razavi’s pictures because we warn you, you will not return to tell the tale to anyone. However, for us and many of you out there, looking at Britanya’s pictures is more like a religious act. By now, most of you out there who remain unfamiliar with Razavi also know what the matter is here.

Britanya Razavi

Even though this isn’t necessary, let’s give a brief introduction to Britania here. Razavi is one of the most famous TV personalities and a reality TV star who rose to fame from her appearance in different TV shows. Moreover, Razavi also remains renowned for her absolute beauty and everything else that comes with it. Here, we talk more about Razavi and learn more about her personal life as well.

Britanya Razavi

Britanya Razavi Early Life

The famous TV show personality and a very famous reality TV show star appearing in Rock of Love, Charm School, and more, Britanya Razavi was born on July 7, 1985. Razavi was born in Oxnard, California, United States of America, and at the moment, Razavi is already 34 years old.

Among all of the most astonishing things available about Razavi, this is one of the most exciting things. Even at the age of 34, Razavi looks beautiful, and nobody would believe her actual age as well. Why is this a thing? Well, most think Razavi has some secret.

We assure you that Razavi takes a lot of care of herself and always puts in most effort into maintaining her looks. But we cannot deny some of the most pressing speculations that Brittany has taken the aid of cosmetic surgery to enhance some of her features.

This remains a speculative thing, of course. In her always looking young and beautiful journey, Britanya’s height also plays a significant role. Standing tall at the height of 5.3 ft, Britanya’s height contributes towards a more youthful and cute-looking personality. Also, 5.3 ft is somewhere in the average range.

Other facts about Razavi are her zodiac sign. According to her birth details, Razavi was born on July 7, which means she shares the zodiac sign of Cancer.

Britanya Razavi


Britanya Razavi Family, Parents, Father, Mother

There goes a lot of work for parents into raising a child and determining what kind of person they before while growing up. As it seems most essential, learning more about Razavi’s early life only seems like a natural thing as well. Who are her parents, and how did Britanya grow up?

Well, this may come as worse news for most of the fans and followers of Britanya out there because there remains no spread of information on her parents. That is right. The reality TV show star who makes a living out of displaying her personal life to the public keeps details about her parents’ secret.

However, there is a few information available here and there. For instance, several sources claim that Britanya was born to parents who were American natives. This means that Britanya’s parents were also American by nationality, although their roots and background descents remain unavailable.

Another fact that comes out when talking about Razavi’s family is that she has an older sister. This means that Britanya’s parents welcomed two children from their marriage, and both were girls as well. While growing up, Razavi always remained very close to her sister.

The name of her older sister is Tiffany O’Campo. As of now, further details regarding her sister remain a mystery as well. Contrary to her sister’s career path, Tiffany is not someone who finds a spotlight in her comfort area.

Britanya Razavi

Britanya Razavi School, Education

Growing up, there is one singular thing that remains crucial in a student’s life: education on a broader level. Back in the days, education was something that people would fight over to acquire. However, times have changed, and things no longer go around the same way as well.

While some parents do not give or show any concern towards their children’s education while growing up, fortunately, her parents did not share the same thought. Britanya began her educational journey at a very young age when her parents enrolled her at a local elementary school.

The school that Britanya went to was located in her hometown Oxnard, and it became quite easy for Britanya to go back and forth from school. After a couple of years, Britanya outgrew elementary school. During her initial days, even though her parents wanted the best of education for Britanya, she did not think the same.

While growing up as a student, Britanya had a modest interest in studies and did not take them seriously as well. As a result, Britanya did not perform that well in school from the early days as well. Furthermore, when Britanya enrolled in high school, things began getting worse from an educational perspective.

As per several sources and rumors, Britanya did not really finish off her education as she dropped out of school at a very young age. Also, during her teen days, Britanya also welcomed a child who changed everything for her as well.

Britanya Razavi

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Personal Life, Married, Husband, Dating

We mentioned earlier that after welcoming her first child, things changed drastically for Britanya. At the age of 15, Razavi gave birth to her first child, a son. As of now, Britanya has given the responsibility of that child to his godfather. Unfortunately, for anyone willing to learn, Razavi does not talk about who the father is.

Talking about the present, there is only one man who has managed to sway Britanya off her feet, and his name is Lucky Moe Razavi. Britanya and Moe married each other during the mid-2010s and have two children together with him. At the moment, Britanya has two sons with Moe.

The names of her sons are Cash King and Legend King. The whole family lives together very happily in their Los Angeles home.

Britanya Razavi

Britanya Razavi Career

A career in the entertainment industry comes after a lot of hard work and dedication to doing better. As a result, there were many rough times for Brittany during her initial days, but later on, after persistent effort, Razavi succeeded. As of now, she reigns as a very successful TV personality. But it all has a starting point.

Blessed with gorgeous looks from a very young age, she took the most out of her beauty and used it to her advantage. As modeling agencies are often on the lookout for beautiful faces to capture, they found Brittany, and things began rolling for her modeling career.

During her initial days, Brittany worked with magazines such as Tattoo Energy, MMA Sports Magazine, and others such as Savage tattoo. Followed by her appearance in commercial magazines, Razavi also received an offer to appear in the reality TV shows because of her background.

In 2009, at a very young age, Razavi began appearing in the reality TV show called Charm School 3, and there she appeared besides Ricki Lake. While appearing in the TV show, Britanya gathered a lot of fame and fortune. From appearing in Charm School 3, Britanya later appeared in another TV show called I Love Money.

In 2012, Razavi appeared in a Drama Comedy movie called Dysfunctional Friends.

Britanya Razavi

Net Worth

Working hard has always been the number one priority of Britanya from early on, and it has also paid her well in return as well. While working on her career as a celebrity, Britanya gained a large number of followers. Do you want to know what else Razavi gained over the years?

A massive net worth. From appearing in TV shows, Brittany also founded her own clothing line called 187 Clothing Inc. Combining all of her income streams, Britanya has a massive net worth of $3 million at the moment.


Name Brittanya Razavi
Date of birth June 7, 1985
Birthplace Oxnard, California, United States of America
Ethnicity White
Height 5.3 ft
Weight N/A
Profession Reality Star
Married Yes
Nationality American
Birth sign Cancer
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $3 million


Social Reach

Twitter: @brittanya187187

Instagram: @iambrittanya

Facebook: Brittanya Razavi


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