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Do you want to know what it feels like being famous and also getting to marry one of the most famous personalities in the world? Well, if you want the answer, then Brandon Blackstock is the person you should go and talk with. We suggest taking an appointment before barging in with the question. Now, let’s get back to why you think you’ve heard this name before.

Well, that is because there is a great chance that you know him already but just not familiar enough to recall why. Before we jump into the revelation, here is the thing. You most likely do not know Brandon by any of his work, not specifically at least because he is one of those who are famous because of their link to a famous personality. Remember how we talked about getting to marry one of the most famous personality in the world? We are not joking around on that part.

Enough said, let’s pull the curtain down. Brandon, as we know him, is a talent manager. Now, you may think that is nothing special, and if you do think so, you are every inch wrong here. You see, his career as a talent manager helped him meet Kelly Clarkson and marry. Oops! Did this piece of information came off too directly and without any prior notice? Our sincere apologies if this news took you off of the chair.

Now, you heard it right. Brandon is not only renowned as a talent manager but also as the husband of the famous singer Kelly Clarkson. So you now recall hearing the name somewhere. But the fact that Brandon has Kelly as his should obviously not overshadow Brandon’s life. Here is everything about the talent manager who calls Kelly Clarkson his wife.

Brandon Blackstock

Brandon Blackstock Early Life

Brandon Blackstock, the talent manager, and husband to American singer Kelly Clarkson were born on December 16, 1976, in Fort Worth, Texas, United States of America. At the moment, Brandon is 42 years old but look at him. Does Blackstock look like 42 years old to you? He is the perfect example of aging like wine.

The older Brandon gets, the sexier and good looking he gets. Brandon stands in league with Paul Rudd in looking forever young. Thanks to an amazingly healthy lifestyle that always keeps Brandon on his toes, and well-regimented exercise routine, he looks immaculate.

Born in the month of December on the 16th, Brandon’s astronomical zodiac sign is Sagittarius, and as the zodiac’s general traits say, Brandon is very determined, passion-driven and kind-hearted. Brandon was born to father Narvel Blackstock and mother, Elisa Gayle Ritter.

Brandon Blackstock Family

Both Brandon’s parents are from the entertainment industry as Narvel is into talent managerial work while his mother Elisa Gayle indulges in acting. However, Brandon’s mother does not like to come in the spotlight and chooses to stay very much under the radar. Especially since her and Narvel’s divorce.

However, despite the divorce, Brandon managed to grow up very happy along with his siblings. His parents, Narvel and Elisa, welcomed three children from their marriage. Narvel also has another child from his marriage again in 1989 with Reba McEntire. In total, Brandon has three blood siblings and one step-sibling.

Growing up with family, Brandon experienced the sadness of his parents splitting and getting a divorce and also the joy of getting to spend time with his siblings and growing up with them. Brandon also managed to form a great relationship with his step-mother Reba.

Name Brandon Blackstock
Date of birth August 31, 1956
Birthplace Tarrant County, Texas, United States of America
Ethnicity White
Height 5.8 ft
Weight N/A
Profession Talent Manager
Married Yes
Nationality American
Birth sign Sagittarius
Measurement N/A
Net Worth N/A


Brandon Blackstock Education

As both of Brandon’s parents are very informative and well knowledgeable people, they always emphasized the importance of education in Brandon and his siblings’ lives. This helped create a very positive environment in the family, which helped every child look forward to going to schools later on.

As a result, Brandon went to the local high school where he started to give in all of his determination to do very good in studies. As time went by, Brandon started to establish himself as a very obedient and sincere child who also did very good in-class tests and exams.

After studying and establishing himself as a very wise student, Brandon eventually graduated from high school with very good scores. Unfortunately, any detail about Brandon continuing his further studies remain absent at the moment, and we do not know if he went to college at all or not.

This creates a cloud of uncertainty for people who want to know more about Brandon.

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Brandon Blackstock Personal Life

As we already mentioned, Brandon Blackstock is the husband of Kelly Clarkson, the famous singer, and songwriter who has also won multiple Grammy Awards during the course of her career. The couple initially met through Kelly’s manager who also happened to be Brandon’s father, Narvel Blackstock.

When the couple first met, Brandon was married to another woman. Yes, that is right, Brandon was married earlier. Brandon and his wife also welcomed two children from their 11 years long marriage. Later, Brandon and his first wife Melissa Ashworth called it quits over their marriage and Kelly got all the green signals to go in. This is because Kelly always kept her distance from Brandon because he was married at that time.

Since his marriage ended, Brandon and Kelly started to bond on a different level. As Kelly once revealed, when things started to get interesting between her and Brandon, she said to herself how she thought both were getting married for sure.

As luck would have it, Brandon and Kelly did get married on October 20, 2013, in a private wedding ceremony. Brandon started to work as Kelly’s manager who established a great work and love life balance for the couple and also allowed them to remain close to each other at all times.

From their marriage, Brandon and Kelly welcomed two children, one son, and one daughter. Brandon and Kelly currently live as a family of four with their two children together. There are no talks or rumors about any possibility of divorce between the couple.

Brandon Blackstock Career

Blackstock most notably started in his father’s footsteps as a talent manager. While there lies no information regarding his higher educational degree, we also remain very suspicious towards when he started his career as well. Certainly, getting into the career as a talent manager took some time.

However, Brandon received all the help he ever required because his father, Narvel Blackstock is a very competent man who also happens to come from a managing background. Also, this is how Brandon met his wife, Kelly Clarkson. As we already mentioned, his father Narvel Blackstock introduced both of them, and things went off that way.

At the moment, Brandon serves as a manger to Kelly Clarkson as well as other famous entertainment personality. But out of all his clients, Kelly remains the most special one. During a concert, Brandon took himself to the stage and replaced Kelly’s guitarist. While performing, Kelly turned behind and saw Brandon playing the guitar.

This is how Brandon relishes the perks of a career as a manager for wife Kelly.

Social Reach

Twitter: @bblackstock

Instagram: @brandonblackstock

Facebook: Brandon Blackstock

Net Worth

While people engage in the entertainment field have no certain amount of income as it fluctuates a lot, Brandon is not one of those people. Although his income also differs from clients to clients, as a talent manager, Brandon makes a fair share. That said, over the years, Brandon has successfully accumulated a massive fortune.

Unfortunately, the numbers that define his exact net worth remains hidden at the moment and Brandon does not talk about it. However, he is living a very comfortable life and with wife Kelly’s net worth scaling upwards of $30 million, what does he have to worry about.


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