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There are only very few people who possess the uncanny ability to make every girl fall in love with them. And the worst or best part (depends on how you take it) is that these sort of people don’t even have to make single effort to do so. Someone like that is one of the most handsome actors Hollywood has ever seen, and that is Brad Pitt, the charming actor who holds the key to any woman’s heart. Surely, you know him.

That is right ladies and gentlemen; today is the lucky day where we talk about one of the most sought after and handsome actor of all time. Some even claim that an actor like Brad who has the skills and the looks as well comes very rarely to this earth. As of now, Pitt is officially a legend as well and an all-time ladies heartthrob. Don’t believe us? Watch the trailer of his new movie with equally talented actor Leonardo Di Caprio called Once Upon a Time In Hollywood.

Brad Pitt

He’s like the old whiskey that gets better as it ages. Whether sporting a long shoulder length hair or a short and spiky one, Pitt never misses coming out as desirable as an ice-cream on a hot summer day. Yes, we just compared him Brad, the hotness of a hunk with an ice-cream. No shame there. However, how quite do you know about his personal life? There are plenty you should know about.

Not sure if you already know this or not but Brad has dated and married two of the most desired women of the century. Now that is astonishing — not one but two. Also, Brad has several children, as well. Let’s get acquainted with everything there is about Brad.

 Brad Pitt Early Life

American actor and film producer Brad Pitt was born on December 18, 1963, in Shawnee, Oklahoma, United States of America. At the moment, Brad is 55 years old. However, if you look at him, Brad can give the sexiest models in their 20s a run for their money. With a chiseled jawline and a perfectly symmetrical facial structure, Brad remains in the league of Johnny Depp and Leo when it comes to looking good.

Brad was born to parents William Alvin Pitt, a truck company owner and mother Jane Etta who worked as a school counselor. Despite born in Oklahoma, his family later moved to Springfield, Missouri, Pitt also has two siblings. A brother named Douglas Mitchell and Julie Neal.

His parents maintained a very religious and conservative environment while growing up. As a Southern Baptist followers, his family always maintained a close relationship with God and religion. As a child, Pitt also believed in God and religion but to the extent where he put all faith in religion. This changed his perspective towards over the years.

Among his siblings, only Brad pursued acting and took it as a professional career. His brother David took the path of business and entrepreneurship, which still serves him very well. As far as his parents go, Pitt says that his parents always made sure his happiness was in check.

Brad Pitt Education

Despite always possessing the uncanny charm with people, Pitt did not know what awaited him in the future. Unaware of that, young Brad thought education was everything that people always ran after and that possessing proper education is the epitome of intellectuality and success. He is not wrong to an extent, though.

As a young child, Pitt’s parents enrolled him at a reputed high school called Kickapoo High School. While studying very hard to attain good scores in the exam, Pitt also showed marvelous quality as an athelete and extracurricular personnel. During his high school time, Brad joined the golf team, the swimming team, and tennis as well.

Not stopping in all that, Brad also actively participated in any school debates like quiz competition, and musical performances. Till this point, Pitt did not realize his talent and passion. Pitt graduated from high school and then joined the University of Missouri where he started majoring in Journalism, particularly focusing on the advertisement.

However, as his studies went on, Brad came to the realization that journalism and advertisement are not what ticked him. He started to think about movies and films and realized that is where he wanted to be. Without graduating from university, Pitt went on to Los Angeles and took acting classes.

While doing so, Pitt worked several odd jobs that would allow him to sustain and work on his dreams of becoming an actor. While pursuing acting as a struggling actor, Brad made some of the famous actors of the time like Gary Oldman, Mickey Rourke his icons and source of inspiration.

Name Brad Pitt
Date of birth December 18, 1963
Birthplace Shawnee, Oklahoma, United States
Ethnicity White
Height 5.9 ft
Weight 80 kgs
Profession Actor
Married No
Nationality American
Birth sign Sagittarius
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $240 million


Personal Life

As we earlier mentioned, Brad has dated some of the most beautiful women ever to walk this earth. Pitt also married two of the most desired women of all time. In his early days, Brad dated actresses like Robin Givens, Juliette Lewis, Gwyneth Paltrow, and other actresses as well.

In 1998, met Jennifer Aniston, the actress who people still know as Rachel Greene from famous sitcom of the early days called Friends. The couple met for the first time 98,’ and as the most desired people in their respective manner, both hit it off and started dating shortly.

After two years old dating, Brad and Jennifer married each other in a very private wedding ceremony that took place in Malibu on July 29, 2000. The couple became the power couple of the decade as both were very good at their jobs and extremely famous as well. However, fame came with a cost.

Their separating about five years later also made a huge attraction as Jennifer filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences. The next year, Brad found encumbered by news of dating Angelina Jolie, one of the most iconic female personality in history. The couple married in August 2014 in France, but the relationship did not last long. After two years, both separated and divorced.

Brad and Jolie have a total of 6 adopted children and five biological children from their romance that stared since 2005. As of now, Pitt is not actively dating anyone.

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Brad Pitt Career

During the start of his career, Pitt took movie parts that did not give him any credits. As a struggling actor with no other choice, Brad portrayed minuscule characters in No Way Out, No Man’s Island, Less Than Zero; all three movies that did not add to his movie credits. As Brad started to make his appearance more and more, he also started gathering experience and improving his acting skills.

In the 1990s, Brad got his first TV appearance which he made in soap opera called Another World, and another TV show called Growing Pains. As his appearances grew, so did his opportunities because Brad started appearing in more and more projects one after the other. In his early days, Pitt appeared in 21 Jump Street, The Dark Side of the Sun, Happy Together, Cutting Glass, Head of The Class, Freddy’s Nightmare, and Thirtysomething.

With much struggle, Pitt finally got what he deserved and bagged one of his breakthrough roles. In 1994, Pitt appeared as a vampire named Louis de Pointe du Lac in a critically acclaimed horror movie called Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles. Pitt’s portrayal made a wave of attention for him, and people started to notice him more. The same year Pitt starred in Legends of the Fall.

During his rise in Hollywood, Brad worked with some of the most famous actors of that time like legendary actor Morgan Freeman and beautiful actress Gwyneth Paltrow. In 1995, he received Golden Globe award for the best supporting actor. One of Pitt’s most famous roles came in 1999 when he portrayed the character of Tyler Durden in an all-time favorite movie called Fight Club.

Most recently, Brad appears another most awaited movie called Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Brad appears alongside Leonardo Di Caprio.

Social Reach

Twitter: @PittOfficial

Instagram: @bradpittofficial

Facebook: Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt Net Worth

Pitt has a plethora of experience in Hollywood, and as we all know, people consider Brad as a legendary actor with astonishingly mesmerizing looks even while getting old. Over the years, Brad delivered many movies which easily crossed the million line, and that means only one thing, he made a massive fortune as well.

With dozens of movie credits, advertisements, and other projects, Brad has accumulated a very massive fortune for himself. Without keeping you waiting more, Brad has a massive net worth of $240 million, and that number is on the rise every year because he remains active in this field one way or the other.

However, earning isn’t only his forte as Brad also knows how to give back to society as well. Pitt actively encourages people to do good in the world and always has an eye to help society through his philanthropic activities and humanitarian works. His upcoming movie Ad Astra is releasing on August 29, 2019.


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