Boston Russell: Early Life, Career, Awards, Mother, Wife, Father, Net Worth


Boston Russell

Birth Date: 16th of February 1980.
Birth Place: Los Angeles, California
Height: 6ft
Weight: N/A
Salary: N/A
Net Worth: N/A
Ethnicity: American
Nationality: American
Marital Status: N/A
Married date: N/A
Children: N/A
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Black
Facebook: N/A
Twitter: https: N/A
Instagram: N/A


Boston Russell

First of all, he is a talented actor and then he is the beloved son of Kurt Russell. You know Kurt Russell right? If you don’t then don’t worry we will talk about him later. Anyway, let’s dig deep into Boston’s mysterious life. Yes, many of you out there might have noticed it by now. But Boston has been pretty successful in masking his personal life from the eye of media networks. So keep reading to find out more about Boston Russell.

Early Life

Boston Russell is the very definition of kids born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Son to Hollywood’s most famed couple Kurt Russell and Season Hubley, Boston comes from the family of prestigious Hollywood entertainers. Originally from Los Angeles, California, Boston Oliver Grant Russell was born on16th of February 1980. The firstborn son of Kurt Russell and Season Hubley, Boston is blessed with three more step-siblings Wyatt, Oliver, and Kate. His grandpa Bing Russell was undoubtedly a high profile actor back in the days. Furthermore, Bing got married to beautiful dancer/performer Louise Julia Crone Russell who also happens to be Boston’s grandma. Other than his family’s deeds not much is known about Boston himself.


His nationality is American as for his ethnicity well that goes back to Irish, Scottish, part English, and even German. There’s never been an account of Boston’s school or where he studied but he might have completed his bachelor’s degree by now. If you must know then Boston hasn’t achieved much fame in the entertainment industry. Unlike his other siblings, Boston has made his appearance in only a couple of movies. Most notable being TV series 60 minutes, Boston also indulged in behind the scenes project of “Executive Decision”. He also got the opportunity to work alongside his father Kurt from this movie as a production assistant.


It’s quite surprising how Boston is growing distant from acting than his other siblings. Truly remarkable how the Russell family have contributed to Hollywood from eon. The CBS network no wonder cast Boston for the character portrayal of stepson to none other than Goldie Hawn. Goldie Hawn is undoubtedly recognized from her 1983’s movie Private Benjamin Star. It’s been 34 years now Kurt and Goldie are happily married couple as always. The show aired in 2005. Till this date, it hasn’t been clear what Boston actually does for a living. He was rumored at one point to be a real estate investor but no evidence was found to back up this claim. At this point, it’s only the speculations that can be done. Until and unless Boston reveals his little secrets there’s no telling of what he does.

Boston Russell

About his parents

Married in 1979, Kurtis and Hubley actually met during the productions of Elvis Presley’s biopic “Elvis”. Kurtis was actually cast to portray the lead character of Presley himself. Hubley, however, ended up as Presley’s wife. It’s no wonder their on-screen story managed to transpire into off-screen reality. Luckily that wasn’t the end of couples reunion onscreen as they both made their appearance in 1981’s movie ‘’Escape from New York”.

The marriage, however, lasted only for about two years. Shortly after Kurtis had a change of hearts, so he started to romantically mingle with actress Goldie Hawn. This was unacceptable for Hubley so the once happy couple decided to terminate their relationship in 1983.

Family members

Wyatt Russell happens to be the son of Goldie and Kurt. As for Oliver and Kate Hudson, they were fathered by Goldie’s ex-husband Bill Hudson. Bill himself is a renowned Hollywood actor and musician. Despite being born as a Hudson both Oliver and Kate acknowledged Kurtis as their father. Now that’s a beautiful family don’t you think. Looking at the siblings’ achievement however, both Oliver and Kate have become well-known actors in Hollywood.

As for Wyatt he once had a bright future in hockey but he too stepped down and entered the family business ( that being acting of course) recently. After the divorce Hubley got married to David Hayball in early 1992. This relationship too didn’t last long as the couple parted their separate ways in 1994. With one after another failed marriages at stake, Hubley eventually decided to retire from her career in 1998. Starting her career in 1972, it’s obvious Hubley gave 26 years of her blood and sweat to the Hollywood industry.

Personal Life and Relationship

Boston is currently in his late 30’s but no more info has been passed down about his relationship let alone marriage. Just as any introverted individual Boston too is private about his life. He is barely present in social media and rarely makes his presence in public. With such a charming personality it’s only likely for Boston to run away from gossips and rumors. Talking about his siblings both Oliver and Kate are married to their special ones. Kurt must be really proud of being a grandfather by now. As for Boston, there’s no sign of marriage or relationship with any women to date.

Boston Russell

Loving father Kurt

At age 66 Kurt Russell is not only an actor but also a veteran. Though his performance was losing its grip for some time now, he is once again back with his mojo hits. Starting with the Guardian of Galaxy Vol 2 as Ego, Kurt also appeared in The Fast and Furious franchise. However, his most noteworthy performance is obviously the 1983’s Silkroad which also earned him the first Golden Globe. As for her mother’s solo performance, Hubley appeared in 1982’s Vice Squad and a number of other Movie’s.
His grandeur performance being the 60’s original The Magnificent Seven. Mostly surrounded by celebrities and admires from Hollywood, Boston actually has the advantage to boost his acting career exponentially. But that hasn’t happened by far. Maybe Boston isn’t interested in acting at all, Who knows. Anyway, the growing family of Boston also includes uncle LarryJ Franco. He is now one of the famous producers in entire Hollywood.

Awards and Achievements

Winning awards or being nominated might not be a big deal for us but for real celebrities, it’s quite a huge deal. After all, awards are what holds the talents and real value of a celebrity. If we were to ignore it there would be no distinction between a good or a bad celebrity. Awards are also a sign of respect for any celebrity’s hard work and dedication. If there is one thing that we can all agree upon it’s that a celebrity values his awards and nominations more than his net worth. We know Boston is the son of Kurt Russell but he is no stranger to award shows and nominations either. Throughout his acting career, Kurt has won 6 awards and been nominated 12 times. For Brandon however, he isn’t lucky as his father. That’s because he hasn’t started her professional career yet. Given time and effort, Brandon will most likely make his family proud of awards and nominations. That is if he desires to follow the footsteps of his father.

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Net worth

It’s only logical that Boston might be living a lavishing lifestyle as his predecessors. With no real explanation of his career, there’s no point in speculating his net worth. But for the sake of argument, we can assume Boston’s net worth to be more than a couple of millions. It’s nothing compared to his fathers staggering $70M and stepmom Goldie’s $60million net worth.

Boston Russell

Social Media Presence

In these desperate times, social media has become a vital reserve of information and knowledge. From a high school kid to mere celebrity everybody is now bound to this circle of information exchange. For celebrities, it has its own perks and cons. We’ve seen individuals gaining widespread popularity all thanks to their performance in these so-called media platform’s. These days posting a ten-minute long video on YouTube can earn you millions of loyal fans and followers. That’s the power of social media but it also creates controversy and hate speech from time to time. Now for Boston Russell, he is a moderate social media user who is present on Instagram and Twitter. He has his followers in Instagram account and his Twitter account. Boston rarely posts about his private and personal life that makes it easier for him to escape unnecessary rumors and controversies.


Most of the celebrities out in the world are philanthropist these days. Is it a coincidence or a new trend growing among young and talented celebrities. The answer is Yes and No also. You see most celebrities engage in donations and charity work out of goodwill and pure intentions. But some seek their own fame and popularity in these works. Entertainers and celebrities like Ellen De’ genres and Oprah Winfrey have established themselves to be some of the greatest philanthropist of Hollywood. If we look into their works most of them have their own charity foundations or donation groups which provides help to millions of helpless people. With Boston’s undisclosed career it’s tricky to say whether he spends his time in charity works or not. But Kurt Russell has helped many families starting from his very own.


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