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Crimes are tantalizing and, in a sense that makes people quiver with fear all the time. The world has already witnessed some of the worst criminals who have indulged themselves in brutal acts like murder, rape, kidnapping, and others. Some of the most insane looking ones are the kidnap of a young 11 years old girl and confinement in solitary for two decades. However, before anything like that happened, there were other kinds of criminals, equally capable of inducing fear and do the magnitude of harm that most cannot bear. One of those kinds of criminals is Bonnie Parker.

Bonnie Parker

Parker is one of those women who managed to wreak havoc in the United States of America with her misdeeds that resulted in casualties. For the most of her life, Bonnie served as an outlaw. These days, outlaws are usually the people who try to bend or modify the law; however, Bonnie’s approach to that was different. Most of the time, Bonnie managed to do spectacular but really brutal acts like robbery, murder, and other things that usually give anyone shivers. But she was not alone in all of these kind of endeavors.

As a duo, Bonnie worked with her partner named Clyde Barrow, and both set upon a journey that wrecked so many lives together. During their times, Bonnie formed gangs and managed to invade many states in the United States of America. Of Course, this did not go on forever as police authorities later got hold of them. All these mayhem that Bonnie, along with her partner, caused everyone came to an end when they were ambushed and killed.

There’s much to learn about Parker here. About her early life to personal relationships and more.

Bonnie Parker Early Life

One of America’s most notorious criminals of all time and also a very tactful personality, Bonnie Parker was born on October 1, 1910. Parker was born in Rowena, Texas, United States of American, and at the time of her death, Bonnie was only 24 years old. Just imagine the havoc this young woman caused towards the whole country.

Talking more about her, Bonnie was not that beautiful looking woman as well. She wore a cap that served her like a hat most of the items and wore a native-looking long dress. These kind of dress also gave Bonnie the advantage of moving quickly when wanting to escape from somewhere.

For the most of her life, Bonnie remained quite skinny. Because she was always on the run also give us an idea about her lifestyle. If it were for her to remain in one place and spend a healthy life, there would have been some changes. But, since she moved frequently, that lifestyle did not suit her.

According to her birth details, Bonnie was born on October 1, which means that she shares the zodiac sign of Libra. Now, according to beliefs, the people who share the zodiac sign of Libra are quite Likable and Charming. However, given the personality Bonnie held for her entire life, this remains irrelevant.

Other facts about Boonie, such as her he, might remain a mystery at the moment, and people also do not seem to care about it as well. However, looking at her pictures, Bonnie looks quite tall.

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Bonnie Parker Childhood, Parents, Father, Mother

In United American history, one of the most notorious criminal Bonnie was born to father Charles Robert Parker and mother, Emma Parker. B, before Charles Robert and Emma Parker, married each other, Bonnie’s mother, Emma, went on with the last name Krause.

Talking more about her father, Charles Robert Parker worked as a bricklayer man who worked very hard to support the family. On the other hand, her mother, Emma, later on, started working as a seamstress. While growing up, Bonnie lost her father at a very young age and began living with her mother.

At the age of four, Bonnie lost her father Charles Robert Parker and this force,d Emma, to move to West Dallas and is working as a seamstress. During her childhood, Bonnie and her mother often struggled financially because there weren’t other people in their lives to help them.

After losing her father, Bonnie and her mother, Emma, moved back to their maternal house and, for a short while, started living with the whole family. As Bonnie grew up, she started realizing many things which were often negative. This led Bonnie to think more negative things as a child.

As per reports, Bonnie is also the only child on her parents.

Bonnie Parker

Bonnie Parker Education, School

Born in an American family, Bonnie’s parents always wanted the best for her. As a young child, her father wanted to send Bonnie to school so that she could learn many new things as a child. Unfortunately, her father died at a very young age and could not see that happening.

Growing up with a single mother, Emma, Bonnie’s mother, tried her best to earn enough so that she could send Bonnie to school. Very early in Bonnie’s days, Emma sent her to a local elementary school, and there, Bonnie began learning basics of education. The elementary school also helped Bonnie establish the habit of going to school.

After Bonnie successfully graduated from elementary school, her mother, Emma, enrolled her at a local high school. According to many reports, Bonnie always showed interest in learning new things and that her teachers also liked her very much. After enrolling in high school, Bonnie continued the signs.

Unfortunately, there came a roadblock in Bonnie’s educational journey during her second year. During the second year in high school, Bonnie fell in love with a man named Roy Thorton, and both became inseparable. Before finishing high school, Bonnie committed to Roy Thorton.

While studying, Bonnie left her high school and married Roy Thorton. This meant that Bonnie never thought of returning to school from then onwards.

Personal Life

Bonnie has fallen in love twice in her times. There is a possibility that she has fallen in love more than twice, but only two of her relationships came to light. During her early days, Bonnie fell in love with one of her high school mates named Rob Thorton. Together, they became quite inseparable.

After dating for sometimes, Bonnie and Rob married each other. However, after marriage, the real side of Rob came ahead, and Bonnie began fearing him. Rob would often physically abuse Bonnie and threaten her as well. Moreover, it was then when Bonnie found out about Rob’s escapades with the police that she decided to leave.

During one failed robbery, Rob went to jail, and Bonnie left him for good. Bonnie never really divorced from Rob legally, but after that, both never met each other. After that, Bonnie met Clyde Barrow from the help of a mutual friend. After falling love, Bonnie referred to Clyde as her soul mate.

Both died together during a police ambush on May 23, 1934.

Bonnie Parker Criminal Career

The boy that Bonnie left her education for did not turn out to be a nice man. Soon after marriage, Bonnie realized the mistake that she had made because Roy was an abusive husband. On top of that, Roy later went to jail for robbery. This left a bad mark in Bonnie’s mind and thoughts.

Later, in 1930, Bonnie met a man named Clyde Barrow. Talking about Clyde, he was an ex-con who had an active warrant on his head. Clyde went to prison for auto theft and later went to another prison for 14 years. When Clyde formed a gang of members whose intentions were to rob banks and small businesses, Bonnie joined in.

In 1932, Bonnie got out of an ongoing investigation and joined the gang again to do robbery thefts. Most of the crimes of Bonnie and Clyde included robberies of stores and gas stations. For more than two years, Bonnie and Clyde escaped from authorities and ran from one place to the other.

During one of their escapades, Clyde also killed a law person and murdered him. After another killing of a police officer named Henry Methvin, Police authorities started going on full force to catch Bonnie and Clyde. On the morning of May 23, 1934, police finally caught up with them.

During an open fire between Bonnie, Clyde, and the police officers, both were killed. Although both Bonnie and Clyde committed numerous hideous crimes, people actually romanticized the couple a lot.

Bonnie Parker

Net Worth

Bonnie grew up in a family that did not have much financial strength. Moreover, losing her father at a very young age left, Bonnie and her mother quite helpless. After marrying a man from her high school, Bonnie began regretting her life decision but later went on and stumbled upon a similar man.

During most of Bonnie and Clyde’s escapades, both robbed many stores like general stores, gas stations, and other places. During that time, Bonnie and Clyde were saving up enough money to buy enough firearms so that they could invade the prison. However, it seems like they never really saved enough money.

As of now, the net worth of Bonnie remains a mystery.

Name Bonnie Parker
Date of birth October 1, 1910
Birthplace Rowena, Texas, United States of America
Ethnicity White
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Profession Criminal
Married Yes
Nationality American
Birth sign Gemini
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $375 million


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