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Bob Eubanks is famous as a DJ in America. Along with the disk jockey, he is also one of the most admirable American TV personality who is renowned for hosting game shows. ‘The Newlywed Game’ was his popular game hosting. He was born on the 8th of January 1938 in Flint, Michigan, the United States of America. Belonging to the sun sign Capricorn he is 81 years old.

Gaining the fame for being a renowned host of the ABC and Game Show Network he is also a DJ and an actor. In his lifetime, he has performed in various movies and also played as a DJ.

Bob Eubanks

Nationality and Ethnicity

He belongs to the American nationality as he is the citizen of the United States of America. His ethnicity is white-American.

Early life

Bob Eubanks spent most of his childhood watching TV shows. He had a keen interest in classic television shows and also quiz games. In his childhood, he was highly interested in Doc Watson and Frank Sinatra and enjoyed their shows very much. When it came to his later childhood, he also got inspired by Howard Hughes, Bill Cullen, Cary Grant, and Buddy Hackett. He was interested in their shows and enjoyed a lot of spending time watching their shows in his childhood.

Family Life

The name of Bob Eubank’s father is Leland Eubanks, and the name of his mother is Gertrude Eubanks. No information concludes the relation between him and his siblings. Also, there is no data that they lived together or not. His parents were the natives of Missouri, but they shifted to Flint during the times of the Great Depression. Then, after Bob’s birth, they had to move again to Pasadena, California. He was brought up in California.

Education History

Bob Eubanks is an educated man. He first went to Pasadena High School in Pasadena, California, the United States of America. He graduated from Pasadena High School in the year 1955. Then, after being a high school graduate, he attended Pierce College. He was talented and was very creative since his high school days. Because of his original nature and his dedication to his studies, he was able to gain an excellent grade in the college as well. After joining Pierce College, he was able to come up as one of the most popular disk Jockeys of California, and he started pursuing a career as a DJ.


Proceeding towards his career, Bob started his career with his first job on the radio. He worked in KACY Radio in Oxnard, California, the United States of America. After your years, he then got hired by an overnight show in Pasadena named KRLA. In the show, he hosted an evening slot from 6-9 pm which could run for very long. Then in the 1960s, he was an organizer of the concerts like; The Rolling Stones and The Beatles. He later came to Los Angeles and then he worked with famous artists of his omes like; The Supremes, Bob Dylan, Barry Manilow, Merle Haggard, and Elton John. On the popular shoe ‘Rhyme and Reason’ he served as a host.

His popular hosting includes ‘Powerball: The Game Show’ from the year 2000-2002, ‘Dream House’ in 1985 and ‘Card Sharks in 1979. Also, he served as a co-host on ‘The Mike Douglas Show.’ Then, in the year 1993, he came in NBC as a game show host. While he was not working as a host, he was able to meet musicians like; Barbara Mandrell, Marty Robbins and Dolly Parton. He made live performances and also performed in concerts. Then, after that, he started appearing in various TV shows and even in movies. His recent work is a documentary named ‘Backstage with Bob.’ Hence, his career achievements are outstanding.

Net Worth

As Bob was involved in different fields, there is no doubt that he has earned a significant amount of money. He was one of the inspirational actors of the United States of American because he was not only proficient in the acting field but was well known as a DJ too. He has made a handsome amount of money from his career as a famous Disk Jockey and an actor. No information reveals the exact amount of his salary. But, looking after his assets and his property, he sounds to have a good economic condition and is very rich. His net worth is more than 25 million dollars, which is a very decent amount of money. With his earnings, he lives a good life.

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Bob Eubanks; Rumors and Controversies

In his life, he has faced some controversies. There was a rumor that Bob appeared in the documentary Roger and Me in the year 1989, which was the documentary of Michael Moore. In the film, Moore attempted to track the CEO of General Motors called Roger Smith to make him feel good about how the company had a significant impact on Flint. Also, Michigan, along with Moore, said that the flint was responsible for the massive downsizing.

Moreover, as he was the native of the Flint, he was interviewed about his experience and the views on the downsizing of the flint. In the interview, he made terrible jokes about AIDS, and people criticized him a lot. These are all the controversies that he has faced in his life. Talking about his personal life, he lIves his own decent life with no gossips. The rumor affected his professional experience terribly.

Awards and Achievements

Bob Eubanks is a well-known actor. He is well known for his achievement in various fields like acting and DJ. Winning the award of the Walk of Fame Award for Radio on the star category is his most significant achievement of the lifetime. Hence, his performances are remarkable.

Social Media Reach

Bob Eubanks does not like to be active on social media. He claims that he suffocates on social media, and he does not like getting there. With this view, he has not been active on this platform. He has no account of the communication media like; Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. However, some of his fans have created few accounts on his name which are known as his fan page. He respects his fans and does not ask them to remove those accounts. Having a significant number of amateur, he is quite known in the social media.

Body Measurements

Bob Eubanks is smart and has a great personality. Although he is quite old, he is well known for his admirable and pleasant character. With the grayish-blue eye and brown hair, he can slay. As of now, he is 81 years old. He looks quite tall, but they’re the exact measure of his weight is not known. Talking about his body, he has quite a slim appearance, so his influence is not huge too. His other body statistics like the size of his hip, the size of his waist, and the size of his chest is still unknown. Hence, he looks very dashing, even in his old age.

Bob Eubanks; Relationship Status

Bob Eubanks has a proper family life. He is a married man now. In his lifetime, he has married for two times once with Irma Brown and other with Deborah James. His former wife, Irma Brown was an avid athlete and also a ranch foreman. They got married on the 10th of September 1969. After they got married, they lived a happy life and got three children. The names of his children are Trace who is a retired firefighter, Corey who is a stuntman and Theresa. Unfortunately, Irma died on the 19th of January 2002. After she passed away, he married another lad called Deborah James, who was an event and wedding coordinator. They got married in 2004. Together this couple had a son named Noah.

All of them live a happy life now and are sharing a strong bond of their marriage. All his children, along with his wife, are living a joyful experience.


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