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There are people who struggle to become prolific and expert in one kind of thing, whether it is music, acting, or sports. Chances of succeeding in two different types of scenarios, no matter how closely related is something that only very talented people are able to do. These kind of people know no boundary and always try to move themselves to the betterment and achieve more. But have you ever heard of someone excelling in two different kinds of sports and make history? Well, if you haven’t, Bo Jackson is the man we are talking about today.

Jackson, here is one of those few people. No, not one of the few people but only the one who has managed to do so. During his career, Jackson has played multiple kinds of sports, and surprisingly, he is an All-Star in two different kinds of sports. As no one has ever done so, Jackson holds a special place in sports history as the man who did it. But, it is a shame that you already do know all about it. The despair grows when we found that there are people out there who do not even know who Jackson is.

Bo Jackson

Well, putting in as simple words as possible, Bo here is a gem in sports history, and we are very fortunate to have shared the same generation with him. For anyone who does not know, Bo is a famous baseball player and also football players as well. While sports personalities over the world struggle with being named All-Star in one type of sports, Jackson here is the bar. Jackson is the only man who is named All-Star in both baseball and football, a man of history.

In this post, we learn more about Jackson and her personal life.

Bo Jackson Early Life

One of the most talented and diverse sportspeople of the century and any other, Bo Jackson was born on November 30, 1962. Jackson was born in Bessemer, Alabama, United States of America. At the moment, Bo is already 57 years old and still holds the charm of a young man in his 30s.

If you have not looked at any of Bo’s most recent pictures, you are mission out of so many things because they’re a lot his pictures speak about. Just looking at Bo’s most recent pictures gives us an idea of how well he has taken care of himself. Because without proper health, one cannot possibly look 20 years younger.

Born on November 30, Jackson shares the astronomical zodiac sign of Sagittarius. Now, as per popular beliefs, people who share this zodiac sign are very prominent people and share qualities like compassion, dedication, and immense pride as well. Not sure what you think, but Jackson is definitely dedicated to his goals.

Talking about his childhood, Bo experienced a pleasant and very enjoyable childhood. His parents made sure that he gets all the love and receives immense care as well. This is also one of the reasons why Bo never strayed to wrong paths in life. However, as a child, Bo always remained very fierce.

Bo Jackson Family, Siblings

Jackson was born as Vincent Edwards Jackson to father A.D. Adams and mother, Florence Bond. After Jackson came to this earth to his parents, his mother Florence took a different approach to name Bo. As an entertainment seeking person, Florence had a love for movies, and her favorite actors’ name was Vincent Edwards.

As it happened, Florence Bond named little Bo after her favorite actor, who was a very handsome American actor and also a director as well. Vincent Edwards was born on July 9, 1928, in Brownsville, New York, United States of American, and Died on March 11, 1996, In Los Angeles.

While the names of Bo’s parents remain available, further information regarding their life remains at bay. Jackson does not talk about his parents and what they did in their lives professionally. At the moment, Jackson remains quiet about all the details about his parents that could uncover many unanswered questions.

Talking about his siblings, Jackson also remains very quiet about having any siblings. Because of the mystery that surrounds Jackson’s family, many of his fans and followers have several beliefs. Some believe that Jackson is the only child of his parents and that he does not have any siblings.

Bo Jackson

Bo Jackson Education

While many American parents believe that education is one of the most important factors that drive children to success, Jackson’s mother did too. His mother, Florence Bond, always insisted on the importance of education in her son’s life and usually emphasized it more than anything else.

As a part of that emphasis, Jackson went to McAdory High School while the family lived in Alabama. During his school days, Jackson often got himself into trouble for his anger always remained out of his control. Because of this, Florence started calling him Wild Boar Hog. Taking the Wild out, Jackson took the first two initials of the name and got the nickname Bo.

During school, the school game coach Dick Atchinson started mentoring Bo and began getting him into the track as well. During his high school days, Jackson participated in playing baseball and began excelling in the sport very quickly. Bo scored twenty home runs out of 25 baseball games during high school.

After graduating from high school, Bo received a major career opportunity, but he passed on to because of one single reason. Because Jackson promised his mother that he would go for major college and get a higher education, he refused to join the New York Yankees. Joining the Yankees was an opportunity of a lifetime, but Jackson instead enrolled at Auburn University.

At the university, Bo received a football scholarship and started studying as well. During his time at Auburn University, he played baseball for the Univerisity team. Also, it was there at the University where Bo realized his talent in football as well.

Personal Life

A man like Bo is someone who always has people’s attention, and some of them are dying to give his theirs, mostly women. Now, you tell us. Is there a chance that a man like Jackson, multi-talented, tall, dark, and handsome remains single? Certainly, the answer is an unequivocal no.

As it happens, Bo is a married man with a beautiful wife and a wonderful family as well. For those of you who do not know, Bo is married to a woman named Linda Jackson. Professionally, Linda Jackson works as a clinical psychologist who works at a rehab center in the United States.

Together, the couple has three wonderful children who complete their family. His children’s names are Garrett, Nicholas, and Morgan. The whole family currently lives in their lavish home in Burr Ridge, Illinois, and lives a very happy life as well. How happy?

Well, let’s just say that there are currently no talks about the Jackson couple going through divorce and splitting. Their love remains ever stronger.

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Bo Jackson Career

While his baseball career looked bright, Jackson began focusing on sharpening himself as a football player because of the potential he had. During Bo’s time playing for the Auburn Tigers Football team, Jackson helped the college team win several times over opponents and showed marvelous skills as well.

On the other hand, in 1986, Jackson started playing baseball for the Kansas City Royals and began showing tremendous performance in games. A year later, in 1987, Jackson signed a million-dollar contract with the Kansas City Royals for three years and played 53 games.

In 1989, Jackson took in the American League All-Star game, and people voted him the game’s MVP. On the football side of his career, Jackson excelled in it as well. He signed a contract with the Raiders and began playing immediately for the Week 8 matchup. But good things do not last.

In 1991, while playing a game against Cincinnati, Jackson suffered a major injury. We all know that Football is a game all about tackles and pinning opponents down on the ground. Well, during one of the opponent’s tackle, Jackson injured his hip severely, and as he reportedly tried to push his hip again, he further did damage to it.

The hip injury resulted in Bo’s decline in games, and it took a major toll on his professional career. Following the hip injury, The Kansas City Royals laid off Bo, and then he got out of the Raiders as well.

Bo Jackson

Net Worth

As we clearly see, Bo is a very eccentric and very popular personality in sports and that his fame goes beyond just sports. Starting playing baseball in college, Bo switched to football, and there, he excelled as well. As of now, Bo is the only known athlete to place his name in All-Stars for both baseball and football.

The success Bo got from his career also resulted in his gaining much fortune over the years. As of now, Jackson has a massive net worth of $16 million to his name. While during his career, he earned a major fortune through his games, Jackson also earned much from his ad campaigns as well.

Name Bo Jackson
Date of birth November 30, 1962
Birthplace Bessemer, Alabama, United States of America
Ethnicity Black
Height 6.1 ft
Weight N/A
Profession Athlete
Married Yes
Nationality American
Birth sign Sagittarius
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $16 million


Social Reach

Twitter: @BoJackson

Instagram: @bojackson

Facebook: Bo Jackson


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