Bernice Burgos: Married, Age, Daughter, Net Worth, Boyfriend


The modeling world is a pretty nasty place as sometimes, it can outshine the bright gleaming light of Hollywood. People grow so large in the modeling industry that they sometimes surpass the fame of that of a successful Hollywood star; sometimes, even the most famous and veteran ones. In one simple word, the modeling industry is just magical. But everything takes hard work.

Bernice Burgos is here to prove that if you do not believe us because Burgos is among the ones who build her massive audience and thrives in this industry. She is beautiful, charming, and an extremely hot mess when she feels like it. And truth be told, it is the time. No one ever gets enough of Bernice Burgos, and since you are here, you are one of them.

Bernice Burgos

Burgos redefines how people describe a lady with both beauty and the brain because the modeling line is a pretty daunting place to be in and confusing at times. But when passion drives a person, nothing is impossible. But there is more to Bernice Burgos than just look or beauty.

Real fans know better. But that in no way means we are suggesting that you are not a real fan. It is just that, we everyone should know the real Bernice Burgos. Who is she behind pro photoshoots and Instagram posts? Is she dating someone? All these things on Burgos available if you just keep reading through.

Bernice Burgos Personal Life, Relationship

We hear a lot of stories about famous personalities all over the internet as everything is so accessible these days. Thanks to that, there is much more to learn about favorite personalities in this era. However, sometimes, the people we follow themselves put a halt banner all over their personal life and Bernice did as well.

Instead of accepting defeat, we dug a little more and found out some interesting stuff related to her personal life. Now, many might wonder who is that one lucky man that is dating this smoking hot model at the moment. And it is very natural to wonder such a thing because it is Bernice that we are talking about here.

But it seems like, at the moment, the road is clear as Bernice is reportedly single. But hold on right there. Don’t just start packing bags and start daydreaming about Bernice right away. Given her past relationship affairs, Bernice is pretty selective towards who she engaged with romantically.

Name Bernice Burgos
Date of birth April 17, 1980
Birthplace The Bronx, United States of America
Ethnicity Black
Height 5.5 ft
Weight N/A
Profession Model
Married No
Nationality American
Birth sign Aries
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $1 million


Bernice Burgos


Back in 2012, Bernice reportedly started dating Marion ‘Surge’ Knight, who is a retired professional football player. Also, Marion is the CEO of two music production companies called Death Row Records and Black Kapital Records. The couple met during the early 2010s and started dating after learning how ambitious both were.

However, the relationship did not last very long because Burgos and Knight ended their relationship very quickly. After her relationship ended, Bernice took some time before getting back to the track and falling in love again. While her previous relationship indicated successful men with ambition attracted her, her second relationship set the bars even high.

Bernice reportedly started dating Gods Plan singer Drake and also allegedly got engaged to him. While there are no substantial evidence to prove it; tabloids claim they were very much in love. For a couple of years, Bernice and Drake dated each other, and the love seemed great between them.

However, as Bernice and Drake both started getting serious towards their future, distance started to pace between them, and eventually, it called for a split. Before the split, media pictured the couple in a vacation in Australia. While the exact reason remains a mystery because both do not talk about it, people strongly suspect it is because of career and differences.

But her high profile romance does not end here as she once made the headlines for some pretty nasty reasons. She allegedly damaged a couple’s marriage and broke it off. At least that is what the initial reports claim. However, to know the truth, let’s talk more deeply about the matter.

Bernice Burgos


In 2016, Bernice started dating a hip-hop music artist named Clifford Joseph Harris or professionally introduced as T.I. Their relationship started like any other relationship; a lot of conversation and mutual understanding that both liked each other. However, there was one problem. T.I was married at the time.

This led to a whole public issue scenario where T.I’s wife Tameka Cottle at that time accused Bernice of having a relationship with a married man sabotaging her relationship with T.I. She also claimed that Bernice took all the joy from her marriage and that her husband started to neglect her because of Bernice.

On the other hand, Bernice had a pretty different view of things. Burgos claimed she had no intention of dismantling T.I’s marriage and claimed that as the couple already filed for divorce, T.I’s marriage with his wife ended for good. Despite the fact that the divorce remained to get finalized, Bernice entangled with T.I inside bedsheets.

Burgos further said in her defense that her instincts told her there was no point in waiting for the couple to finalize the divorce before sharing intimate moments with T.I. This tirade between the three went on for a long time before it all eventually faded out and settled down as old dust.

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For anyone who did not know before, Bernice is a mother, and she has a daughter. This might just be a lucky day for you because you surely did not anticipate all this information coming down as this did you? Well, the more, the merrier they say, and we are here to serve you with all the detail available about her.

Bernice met a guy back in her early teen days at the age of 14. She fell in love and shared intimate moments with her boyfriend at that time. However, it went horribly wrong, and Bernice got pregnant at 15 while she was just in high school. But she did not take abortion as an option and decided to give birth to the baby.

Burgos dropped out of high school after the word spread out about her pregnancy, but that did not matter as much as the baby. She later gave birth to a daughter and named her Ashley. But things weren’t any better because her partner at that time remained behind bars, facing jail time.

The pregnancy and birth of her daughter also resulted in eviction from her own house at a very young age. She started living with her partner’s mother instead. But despite all the hardships and abuse, she faced in those early days, Burgos did everything in her power so that she could raise her daughter the right way.

Bernice also welcomed her second daughter in 2018. However, she did not reveal the name or identity of the baby father, nor the name of her newborn daughter. With that, Bernice is most probably in a relationship at the moment.

Bernice Burgos

Early Life

American model Bernice Burgos was born on April 17, 1980, in Bronx, New York, United States of America. Bernice is currently 39 years old and grew up in the commuter suburbs and communities located in New York, New Jersey, and somewhere in Connecticut.

Before her modeling career took off, Bernice worked as a bartender to support her daughter and also her ambition to become a model. After years of hard work, Bernice finally managed to become a model and started creating attraction towards her Instagram account, which has over 5 million followers at the moment.

Net Worth

During her time as a model, she also appeared in a J. Cole and Rick Ross music video. From her successful career, Bernice also makes a lot of fortune. Currently, she has a net worth of over $1 million.


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