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Benjamin Keough is a well-known person in the United States of America. He is also an American socialite. Keough is also best known as the grandson of a famous Elvis Presley, who is a legendary musician and cultural icon. He is also the grandson of Priscilla Presley, who a popular actress and a business magnate too. His mother, Lisa Marie, is also an outstanding actress, singer, and songwriter. He also has a sister engaged in the acting field. Hence, he has a family that comes from a Hollywood background. Coming from a reputed family of actors and singers, he has appeared in different documentaries alongside his family members. He appeared in ‘Elvis by the Presleys’ in the year 2005 with his family. Also, he acted as a delivery guy in a short movie named ‘Rod & Berry.’

Benjamin Keough

This famous American socialite was born on the 21st of October, 1992 in Tampa, Florida, the United States of America. He is well known by the grandson of Elvis Presley. After his acting career, he has got engaged in various tasks. He appeared alongside his mother at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino in the opening of The Elvis Presley Theatre at the red carpet in the January of the year 2016. Although he has appeared in the entertainment industry many times, he has not disclosed if he will pursue acting like his grandmother and sister and take up singing like his mother and grandmother.

Family Life of Benjamin Keough

The family life of Benjamin Keough is quite good. He belongs to a perfect family with the background of the entertainment industry. His family is involved in the world of singing, dancing, and acting from which he keeps himself far. He is a grandson of a famous musician and cultural icon called Elvis Presley. Talking about his grandmother, his grandmother was an actress and a business magnate named Priscilla Presley. His other is also a singer and a songwriter whose name is Lisa Marie Presley. The name of his father is Danny Keough. He has three siblings, namely: Finley Aaron Love Lockwood, Riley Keough, and Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood. His elder sister is Riley Keough, who is an actress. With his family, he has appeared in different shows and documentaries.

Childhood and Early Days

As Benjamin was born in the famous family, it was sure that he would appear in the limelight any soon. So, from his childhood, this legendary American personality enjoyed the pleasure of being in the youth. His mother had a colorful life as she was one of the top singers of the United States. The projects that her mother shared with the biggest names of the film and music industries always led him to enjoy the paparazzi of the famous Hollywood kids. Along with his family members, he had made an appearance in different event shows and concerts when he was a child.

However, after he grew up, he tried to escape the world of social media and spotlight as much as possible. So, whenever he can, he keeps himself always from social media as much as possible.

 Professional Career

Benjamin belongs to a successful family of the entertainment industry. He has well-established parents and grandparents. Also, his elder sister is a successful face of the acting industry. But, this famous personality has not made a noticeable appearance in the acting field. He once appeared in a documentary named ‘Elvis by the Presleys’ in the year 2005. Also, he played the role of a Delivery Guy in a movie called ‘Rod & Barry.’ He is good at acting and has gained followers even if she has appeared in a few of the acting scenarios. His movie, Rod & Barry, is not released yet. Like his parents and his grandparents, he has no plans of getting into the world of film and TV series. Soon, he might start a business and be engaged in a different platform.

Education and Academic Qualification of Benjamin Keough

The academic qualification of Benjamin is still under the curtains. He has not revealed single information about his academics and educational life.

Nationality and Ethnicity

Benjamin is an American citizen. But, his ethnicity not American. His ethnicity is a mixture of Dutch, Danish, English, French, Scottish, German, and Norwegian.

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Lifetime Achievements and Awards

As an American socialite, he has contributed a lot to society. But, he is not so engaged in the Entertainment industry. He has not got any significant achievements that provide him with different awards and nominations in his career.

Relationship Status

As already said, Benjamin Keough does not enjoy the world of limelight and social media. He tries to keep his personal life far from social media as much as possible. So, he stays away from the spotlight. In the present context, he has not revealed anything about his relationship history. He has not been caught dating anyone or posting pictures with anyone on the social networking sites. Hence, he is believed to be single until today.

Benjamin Keough

Net Worth of Benjamin Keough

Talking about the net worth of Benjamin, he has the net worth in millions. He has enjoyed the paparazzi of rich kids from his childhood, as he belongs to a perfect family. All the members of his family have a distinct profession and are unbeaten in their field. Benjamin’s mother has a net worth of about 16 million dollars, which she gained from the constant effort that she made in her singing career. In 2003, his mother, Lisa, was in debt of about 20 million dollars, which came from her extreme spending habits. But, later, she realized and corrected herself.

Moreover, in May 2016, she revealed that she would have a net worth of about 100 million if she had spent it in the right direction. She also filed a case against her business manager in the year 2017 for taking her property and leaving her broke. Right now, she manages herself and her net worth. All the assets that she has will get passed over to her son.

Social Media and Fan Followers

Benjamin Keough is a well-known man on the Internet and the media. However, he has not been so active on social media. In recent years, he has not used the accounts of social media. But, he is no so busy with it. He has the very least amount of followers on his social media account. His Twitter account has only about 81 followers and is private. He does not keep people who he does not know on social media. Keough is active on Facebook too. But, he does not follow anyone on his Facebook also.

Hence, people do not find him active on social media. He does not like the world of social networking sites, unlike his family. Like his family, he will never get involved in the entertainment industry and enjoy the wealth and happiness of the social media and the praisings of the public.

Gossips, Rumors, and Scandals

Being in the household of a celebrity, he has not got involved in any rumors and controversies. He has kept the image of his family, and he has not got involved in any tough tasks. So, he has maintained his professional and personal life. Hence, he is free of all the gossips, scandals, and rumors.

Body Measurement and Appearance of Benjamin Keough

Talking about the body appearance of Benjamin keough, he has not disclosed everything about his body statistics. But, he has published his height and weight. He has a height of about 1.69 meters, which is about 5 feet and 7 inches. Because of his stature, he stands tall. Also, his weight is about 67 kilograms. He looks good and not skinny. He has a round face and has beautiful blue eyes. The color of his dark brown hair is gleaming. His eyes are small, and he has a rounded nose. He has a broad forehead and tiny beards on his face.


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