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Hollywood is truly a blessed place. There are all kinds of things and also people here. From the largest production houses to the most immaculate actors and actresses that viewers have ever seen in their lives. One who reigns on top of that list is Barbara Bach, the American actress who has hearts of millions. Regardless of her age, Barbara still manages to make everyone’s heart go like a train.

This may seem like an exaggeration, but if you look at Barbara, you will know that each and everything that we said is absolutely true. Let’s put aside the present Barbara for a while. Just take a look at her in the 80s and 90s. Barbara is what today’s people call a beauty goddess, and the fact that she has maintained that same aura till now is very astonishing.

Barbara Bach

As an actress, Barbara has appeared in many movies over the years, and some of the famous ones she appeared in are The Spy Who Loved Me, The Mask of Alexander Cross, Street Law, The Humanoid and many others. With such an astounding combination of beauty and skill, as we said earlier, Barbara reigned the whole Hollywood industry.

However, still, many people only see Barbara as an actress who portrays different characters on movies. In reality, not only Barbara but all actors and actress are very different and have their own interesting personal life. Here is everything about Barbara Bach that her fans need to know about. From an extensive biography that covers her early life and professional career to details about her married life and husband.

Barbara Bach Early Life

American actress Barbara Bach was born on August 27, 1947, as Barbara Goldbach in New York City, Queens, United States of America. According to her birth details, Barbara’s astronomical zodiac sign is Virgo, and her age is 71 years old. Born in the United States of America, Barbara also shares American nationality and is a very proud American.

Barbara’s parents are also very talented people. She was born to father Howard Irwin Goldbach who was a police officer and mother Marjorie Mary Goldbach who was a homemaker. Her father died in 2001 while her mother passed away in 1997. Barbara’s father hailed from European Jewish ancestry while her mother is an Irish Catholic.

Since her parents come from two different backgrounds, Barbara experienced the best of both worlds while growing up. Barbara is one of two daughters, and both enjoyed their father’s Jewish side and mother’s Catholic traditions. Because of this, Barbara and her sister have really rich knowledge of both backgrounds.

Further information regarding Barbara and her experience growing up with her parents is missing. Bach does not often talk about her parents and how it was like growing up in New York. However, as people say, growing up in New York prepares a person for things much more early than other people and also find success.

Barbara grew up strolling and playing in Queens, specifically in the Rosedale neighborhood.

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Barbara Bach Education

When someone has a father who is in Police and a mother who has such impressive skill as homemaking, they automatically get attracted to gathering knowledge. Bach’s parents also encouraged her and her sister towards education and always laid down the importance of education from the early days.

With all the counseling and motivation from parents from a very young age, Barbara became determined to study hard. As a young child, Barbara went to Dominican Commercial High School, which was located in Jamaica. After many years of studying and going through textbooks to textbooks, Barbara graduated from high school with fair marks.

However, the sad part is, she does not talk about continuing studies after high school. With a secretive personality, Barbara keeps the information regarding her later on studies a sworn secret. Because of this, her fans always stay in confusion. They do not know if Barbara has a higher education degree or not.

As of now, what we believe is that Barbara did not continue her studies after graduating from high school. The next step that she took after graduating from Dominican Commerical High School is that she started pursuing her career. Come to talk about her career that is an entirely different area.

Name Barbara Bach
Date of birth August 27, 1947
Birthplace New York City, Queens, United States of America
Ethnicity White
Height 5.6 ft
Weight N/A
Profession Actress
Married No
Nationality American
Birth sign Virgo
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $20 million


Barbara Bach Personal Life

In 1966, Barbara met a man named Augusto Gregorini, an Italian businessman by profession. The two met on a plane had chats about career and her modeling career. While talking, Augusto suggested that Bach’s career could flourish more if she located herself in Italy.

Liking the thought, Barbara moved to Italy and began her modeling career there. Meanwhile, she and Augusto remain in contact, and a year later, Barbara and Augusto married each other. Barbara and Augusto started living together as couples and welcomed two children together. First, the couple welcomed their daughter Francesca in 1968, followed by a son named Gianni Andrea in 1972.

However, in less than a decade after marrying, Barbara and Augusto separated in 1975 and divorced in 1978. Bach moved to the United States and started living there again.

Two years later, while starring in a movie called Caveman, Barbara met Ringo Star, a fellow actor quite famous as herself. Both were in a relationship at that time, but after two years, they got together and started dating. In 1981, Barbara and Ringo married each other, and the couple lives together.

It is more than three decades of their marriage, and Barbara and Ringo have no rumors of a possible split.


Barbara Bach Career

Early on, Barbara realized that the biggest leverage she had against becoming successful is the beauty she possessed. With the realization that her face and attributes have an edge, Barbara decided to go in that lane. In her early days, Barbara decided to pursue a career in modeling. Needless to say, he shoots, and pictures became instant hits, and people started noticing her.

Her modeling career started a year later after high school graduation, and because of circumstances, Barbara cut her last name from Goldbach to only Bach. After establishing herself as a professional model, Barbara appeared in numerous catalogs and fashion magazine. In her initial career as a model, Barbara worked with Eileen Ford Agency, Seventeen, Vogue USA and other famous media houses.

Career in Acting

After becoming one of the most famous personalities in the USA during the 60s, Barbara leaned towards acting and establishing herself as an actress as well. In 1968, Barbara appeared for the  first time in a TV movie. Her career as an actress started in Italy when she appeared in the TV adaptation of The Odyssey. Barbara portrayed the character of Nausicaa.

From there, her talent as an actress widespread and directors and producers started approaching her more and more with movies and exciting roles. As the years went by, Barbara started appearing in movies more and more. Some of her earliest work includes Black Belly of the Tarantula, Short Night of Glass Dolls, Il Maschio Ruspante, The Sensuous Sicilian and others.

In 1977, Barbara appeared in the most anticipated movie of the year called The SSpy Who Loved Me in which she portrayed the role of Maj. Anya Amasova or also known as Agent XXX. Since then, Bach appeared in other movies such as Alligator, Up the Academy, The Unseen, The Cooler and other.

Her last appearance in movies including Give My Regards to Broad Street and To the North of Kathmandu.

Social Reach

Twitter: N/A

Instagram: N/A

Facebook: Barbara Bach

Net Worth

Clearly visible, Barbara Bach has a very successful career as an actress with undying support from her followers of different generations. Her fan base has a very diverse group of people as people from the 80s and 90s see her as the most iconic actress of all time. And the same goes with her newer generation fans.

But fame is not the sole thing that Barbara managed to gather in her life. With immense success, Barbara also managed to gather a massive fortune. As of now, Barbara has a massive net worth of $20 million. She currently lives a very comfortable life with her husband in the United States.


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