Ayla Woodruff: Biography, Family, Educational, Career, Net Worth


Ayla Woodruff, who is a famous internet star was born on the 14th of August 1992 in Flagstaff, Arizona, United States of America. She lived her childhood days there and moved to San Diego, United States of America later. Her popularity and fame all came from the internet. She came into highlight after she gained a considerable number of followers in her Instagram as well as Youtube account.

Her fan following is very high on Youtube, and she posts about fashion. She is a fashion video blogger. No wonder, she has high chances of being a celebrity in later future as she is amazingly stunning and adorable. Her face attracts the eye of many, and she has a pleasant personality.

Ayla Woodruff

Childhood Days

During her childhood days, Ayla Woodruff lived in Flagstaff, Arizona and later shifted to San Diego. Since her childhood, she has been an active kid and had a great personality. Alya Woodruff was creative and a good learner. Also, she was perfect looking and cute from her childhood. As she grew up, she was attracted to the popularity and the fame of social media. She then drew her attention to a social media career. From her childhood, she was the seeker of fame and wanted to be accessible right from then. She had many jobs since her childhood.


Ayla Woodruff is very attached to her family. Her mother is Diana Woodruff, and her father was Brian Woodruff. She is the first daughter of her family and the eldest among her siblings. She has two brothers, namely; Blake and Trevor and a sister, Riana. Blake Woodruff is very popular because of his incredible acting in the movie “Cheaper by the Dozen.”

She is very close to her family and the closest with her brother Blake Woodruff. In her Instagram posts and her Youtube Channel, she has mentioned a tight blond with Blake as she often posts with him. These two happy brothers and sister are active in sharing a loving relationship sometimes painting Alya’a nails and sometimes hair. Also, this gorgeous and smart young lady shares a strong bond with her parents too.

She loves her parents profoundly and posts with them often. On interviews, she mentions that her family has always been her biggest inspiration as they taught her to be disciplined and independent.

 Educational Background

Ayla Woodruff had a solid educational background from an early age. She was creative and well as influential. Always attentive towards her studies, Alya passed her high school with flying colors. After high school, she started pursuing her University degree at the University of California, San Diego.

She started her Bachelor’s degree in Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a prime motive of getting into Industrial and Organizational Psychology. She was a creative student who was not focused on her education only but also in other creative activities. In the days she was studying, she became a part of the Psychology club.

Also, she was a dog foster parent on the San Diego Human Society. These involvements prove her to be very engaged since her early days. She graduated n 2015 from college, and after that, she started to study for the certificate of Human Resource Management from the famous Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, California, United States OF America.

She has a solid educational background.

Ayla Woodruff; Career

As Ayla Woodruff was a social media freak, she wanted to be accessible on social media since her childhood. And she started making attempts on it. At first, she began to work as an assistant. A famous YouTuber Logan Paul was her boss and was a big internet personality. Then, she got attracted to fame and created her own Youtube channel.

In the beginning, she had no posts on her Youtube channel. After two years, she posted her first video named “Intro to My Youtube – Ayla Woodruff” on 1st May 2017. Then, she became very popular as she posted about fashion, cooking, fitness, challenges, travels and housing as well.

Net Worth and Salary

She lives a lavish life as she started to make her career right from the age of fifteen years old. By the time she was fifteen, she was found to be involved in various jobs. Her works include assistant of Youtuber, server, and trainer of Island Resturant in San Diego.

Nevertheless, she did an internship as an event coordinator at San Diego for Instyle Event Planning while she was still a student at the University of California, San Diego in 2015. After that, she created her Youtube Channel and came into popularity. Her Youtube channel has about one million followers. This big fan follower has made it possible for her to be the brand ambassador for many clothing brands like Lulus Clothing, Levis Jeans, Revis Bikinis and Yoga Clothing.

She makes the earnings of about forty thousand to about sight hundred dollars monthly through her Youtube Channel which adds to make her annual income for about nine thousand dollars yearly. Also, due to tremendous fan following in her Instagram people believe that she makes about fifteen thousand dollars from each post. Due to this high social media reach and popularity, she can fulfill her demands in a lavish way and ale to lead a luxurious life.

This famous Instagram and Youtube celebrity, Arya Woodruff has a net worth of about two hundred thousand dollars which is a considerable amount.

Ayla Woodruff; Social Media Index

As we all know, Ayla is an Internet freak and a popular social media personality. She has maintained her Instagram account with a high number of followers of about 1.5 million followers. Also, her Facebook has enormous fan followings too. Nevertheless, this gorgeous young lady has a large number of a subscriber on her self-titled Youtube channel.

Controversies and Rumors

Ayla Woodruff was bullied because of her height in small as she was relatively small compared to others. About other rumors and controversies, he came in the highlight when she dated Logan Paul in 2017. They kept their relationship a secret and never confessed, but they posted on social media which made tons of gossips about them. Finally, this rumor ended in 2019, and she can live a happy life free of scandals. But her new relationship with Mackenzie Dae is still in the highlights.

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 Body Measurements

Ayla Woodruff is elegant and gorgeous. She has a slim body with a small height which is noticeably 4 feet and 11 inches only. Alya Woodruff height in cm ( centimeters) is 149.86 centimeters. But, she is cute, and her height suits her. She is a fashion blogger and can maintain herself with diet and workouts. Her face is the most delicate part of her body. Also, her gorgeous brown eyes and slightly blonde hair attracts the heart of many. She is only about 42 kilograms.

Ayla Woodruff; Relationship and Marital Status

Ayla Woodruff is currently dating a model, Mackenzie Dae. He is her formal boyfriend, and they make a perfect pair. They share an equal level of expertise and are known for their creativeness.

Mackenzie Dae is a photographer, model, a cinematographer, and a commercial drone pilot as well. Also, he has worked as a producer and a director too. They are in a healthy relationship for four years, and they are living a happy life. Her boyfriend was her trainer before they got into a relationship. Arya posted a lot about her relationship with Dae on her Instagram.

They went on romantic dates and often posted pictures of them holding hands. People considered them to be couple goals and also lovers took them as their inspiration. Unfortunately, this young love birds had to separate because of their issue, and it disheartened many.

In 2017, Ayla faced a rumor for being in a relationship with Logan Paul. This relationship created a lot of gossips, but they never confirmed their relationship. With time this gossip faded as none of them proved.


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