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We often see people who are famous on their own and also people who are usually famous because of their link to a particular person who is very famous. But, when it comes to Andrew Frankel, things start to feel a little different because he is the mixture of both scenarios that we just talked about. The one who become famous on their own and also the ones who become famous for their link to someone famous.

What are we talking about you are asking while scratching your head in dilemma? Well, Andrew is a businessman many in his field of a profession already know Frankel very well. However, people outside of his field of the profession also know about him, and that is because of another person who is famous among all.

Andrew Frankel

Andrew Frankel, while famous as a businessman, he is also famous as the husband of Bridget Moynahan, the famous American actress who appeared in famous movies and showed like Blue Bloods, I, Robot, Lord Of War and the like of John Wick. She is also very pretty, no wonder how Andrew managed to bag this beautiful lady for himself.

While Bridget is already a very well-known personality, her fame has also helped shape the popularity of her husband in a way never imagined. As mentioned, Frankel is already a famous personality with a very renowned father and a business as well, but as the husband of Bridget, his fame is on the next level. So, who is Andrew Frankel after all?

This is the question about Frankel we ought to answer thoroughly today. While going through all the information, we will also talk about Andrew’s career, personal life, and other details along the way.

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Andrew Frankel Early Life

Husband of Bridget Moynahan, Andrew Frankel was born on August 20, 1974, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America. He grew up with a very renowned family who always had a knack for business and growing their fortune. This influenced Frankel from a very young age.

Andrew was born to his parents, father Stuart Frankel a very recognized businessman b profession, and his mother Sharyn Frankel who everyone believes was a housewife for the majority of her family life. Frankel grew up in a very business influenced environment where he learned a great deal about business and running it from a very young age.

Since both his parents were from America natively, they both shared white ethnicity and American nationality. Because of that, Andrew Frankel also shares a white ethnicity and American nationality as he was born in the United States of America. At the moment, Frankel does not reveal information about his early family much more.

We do not know if Andrew has any siblings whatsoever because there lies no information about his parents giving birth to anyone other than him. Because of this secrecy, people remain quite unsure of whether Frankel is the only child to his parents or not. Unless Frankel clears anything, we believe he is the only child of Stuart and Sharyn.


While growing up, Frankel’s father Stuart always told how education helped him to create a business and carry its own as he did for all the years. Andrew realized from his father’s words that he needed to get a proper education if he was to carry on his father’s business legacy and become a self-sustained person.

Because of that determination, Frankel became very determined to study hard and get good grades so that he could pursue his initial dreams of running his business. As a young boy, Frankel went to the local high school where he became very eager to learn new things. During his time there, Frankel managed to establish himself as a very obedient student.

Teachers loved him and always preferred him to tell answers to the whole class. After graduating from high school with top of the line marks, Frankel began his search for a very nice and reputed college to study in and further continue with his education. However, the college he was searching for was right in his hometown.

After some time, Andrew went on to study at the University of Pennsylvania, where he decided to take economics as his major subject. This tuned out to be a very wise choice as economics would help him understand the market, which would ultimately help grow his family business. He joined the university in 1990.

In about four years, Andrew Frankel completed his studies and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics from where he learned about modernizing his father’s business and mold it according to the modern consumer’s needs.

Name Andrew Frankel
Date of birth August 20, 1974
Birthplace Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America
Ethnicity White
Height  N/A
Weight N/A
Profession Businessman
Married Yes
Nationality American
Birth sign Leo
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $3 million


Personal Life

As already mentioned, Andrew Frankel, apart from recognized as a businessman, most people also know him as the husband of famous American actress Bridget Moynahan. The couple met back in the early 2010s when a mutual friend introduced them both to each other.

After a conversation on the phone and frequent meet-ups, the couple started going on dates and talking romantic stuff. Without both Andrew and Bridget realizing, both were dating each other officially. After dating for a couple of years, Frankel decided it was time the couple got married, and he proposed Bridget.

Undoubtedly, Bridget said yes, and the couple later got married in October 2015 in a beautiful wedding ceremony in Hamptons. However, this is not the first time both have married each other. Before meeting Bridget, Andrew was married to another woman. However, he wishes to keep her identity a secret.

Both welcomed three children, all sons during their marriage, but the couple eventually got divorced. On the other hand, Bridget also has a son from her previous relationship that she also decides to keep a secret. Because they already have children of their own, Andrew and Bridget do not have children of their own as of now.

Andrew and Bridget live together with their sons and enjoy family life together. Both are very happy, and Frankel and Moynahan have no rumors of split or getting divorced.


For Andrew, starting his career was not that hard as his father already possessed a successful business and all he needed to do was make his father realize he is worthy of taking over the business and running it on his own terms to success. Before Andrew could do so, he decided to work elsewhere before joining in.

Andrew started working for Alien Space Avenger in 1989 followed by appearing in the Chevrolet 1994 commercial. Apart from that, his resume has traits like anchoring, writing, camera operating, editing, and much more. While working, Frankel started working as an intern at the WB affiliate.

Frankel also has plenty of experience in acting and movie production as he moved to Los Angeles in 1997 and worked in the pre-production and development department with Evolution Film & Tape and InCue Productions. Step by step, Frankel gathered all the knowledge he could and later when his father handed over the business to him, Frankel started applying his knowledge to boost the business performance further.

Net Worth

Andrew Frankel owns a business and also has an extensive career of his own. This only suggests one thing, and that is Frankel is very wealthy. While he does not reveal what kind of business he actually runs, the fact that he has a very extensive career in the back of the Hollywood industry is very interesting.

As of now, with all the work Frankel has done over the years and also his business, Andrew Frankel is a millionaire. As of now, people report that Frankel has a massive net worth of $3 million and has other properties in real estate and shares as well. On the other hand, his wife seems to take the limelight here.

At the moment, Bridget Moynahan has a massive net worth of $25 million which she gathered from her career as an actress and a famous personality.

Social Reach

Twitter: @Andrew_Frankel

Instagram: N/A

Facebook: Andrew Frankel


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