Andrew East: Body Measurement, Career, Relationship, Net Worth, Rumors


Andrew East, a famous athlete, was born on the 17th of September 1991 in Indianapolis, Indiana, the United States of America. His birth sign is Leo, and his birth name is Andrew Dean East. He is well known for being in the renowned American football team. His football team is Redskins which was in the National Football League (NFL) of the United States of America. He has also played college football at Vanderbilt. Also, he had got various short stints with different NFL teams.

He is pretty good looking. As he is an athlete, his build is athletic, and there are millions of girls who are cray for him. He is also famous for being the husband of Shawn Johnson, who is an Olympic gold medalist. In this life, he has also played for the Oakland Raiders which is a great football team.

Andrew East

Andrew East; Family Life

Andrew East’s father’s name is Guy East. He was a long snapper at Purdue. Talking about his mother, his mother is Masha East. The profession of his mother is unknown. He has four siblings. They are; Grant East, Christine East, James East, and Guy Jr. East. He belongs to the American nationality with the ethnicity unknown.

Childhood and Early Days

He was highly interested in football from an early age. He played college football too. Apart than this, there is no information about his childhood days.

Professional Career

He was interested in football since his school days. At Vanderbilt University he played college football. He signed Kansas City Chiefs in May 2015. Then, in the year 206, he signed a contracted with the popular Seattle Seahawks. But, he got released after a couple of months and then on 13th of March 2017, he signed a contract with Los Angeles Rams. Then, he went to the Oakland Raiders. Now, he is the famous player of the National Football League (NFL). Hence, from the start, he chose his career in the field of sports, and he is still shining.

Education and Academic Qualification

He attended the Owen Graduate School of Management. And, he cleared his education from there. Then, he started playing football at Vanderbilt University. Hence, his academic qualification is based on football after he left his formal education.

Andrew East; Relationship Status

Andrew East was in a relationship as a lover with Shwan Johnson. Shwan is an Olympic Gold Medalist. They were in love for a long time, and they got engaged in July 2025. After they got engaged, they got married after a year on the 16th of April 2016. They enjoy their married life to their fullest and love each other immensely. There is not even a single rumor that he is into any other girl and having an extramarital affair. So, they do not have any stories that they will get a divorce soon too. Right now, they live a beautiful and happy life with no children. People expect them to get children soon.

Net Worth

Andrew East is active as a football player for a long time. He has dedicated all his professional life is on the national team of the football. It took him quite a long time to get into the national team. But, his struggles became fruitful after he went to the national team. He has served for man football teams until today. As per now, he has earned a lot from his career being a footballer. His net worth is about 5 million dollars. His salary is 510K dollars which he gets from his football club. Hence, he is a rich footballer.

Social Media and Fan Followers

Being a player is more about the fans than the playing. With the fans, the support rises, and there will be more confidence to perform in the ground. The number of fans he has is quite significant because of his excellent football skills. He has a pleasing amount of male fans because of his admirable football skills. But, there are female fans too because of his looks. He got admired everywhere, and there are a lot of people who follow him on the real media and social life as well.

Moving towards his social statistics, he is quite famous on the social media platform. His social media is full of people who admire him and want his success. To maintain his status, he puts efforts on social media as well. His fans adore him for being active on social media despite the busy schedule to be in contact with them. He has a significant number of following on his social media profiles. Among his social media profiles, he has a substantial amount of following on Instagram, which is about 450 thousand followers. These 450 thousand followers prove that his appearance on social media can not be underrated. On his Facebook, there are about 105 thousand followers. And, on Twitter, he has more than 15K followers.


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Andrew East; Gossips, Rumors, and Scandals

It is tough to manage relationships for celebrities. The renowned stars and celebrities are often seen getting involved in different relationships, one after another. Because of the glorifying looks that every personality have, they are involved in different relationships. These relationships fulfill their relationship and marital life, but they do not get a good appearance in social media. Also, as they have their personality well maintained, there would be many people into them, which they cannot deny when they are lonely, and things are not going right. But, the case of Andrew East is somewhat different.

He never got involved in any other relationship except for one in his lifetime. Because he married his soulmate with whom he was in a link from an extended period, he has no rumors based on his personal life. There are no extramarital affairs that he has. Also, Shwan was the only girlfriend that he had on his entire life before marriage. So, to keep his partner and himself happy, he can maintain the relationship and go well with his partner. Thus, his relationship life is lovely, and there is no rumor of it at all.

Talking about his professional life, he has not faced any scandals here too. He got highly dedicated to his profession as a football player. His dedication and support for his team are infinite, and there is no any lousy rumor that proves that he was not into doing wrong to his team members. Hence, he holds a big name in the football industry as he is not in any mischief in his professional career.

Body Measurement and Appearance

Andrew East is a well-known football player of theNational Football League (NFL). Being into the game and athlete from a young age, his physical exquisite is quite good. He is very good looking. To maintain himself, he was trained a lot as a footballer. Until today, he is rising in the world of footballs because of his interest and profession. Professionally, it takes a lot for him to maintain himself, and he needs to do it at any cost. Although he is not the tallest among the football players, he has done a lot to maintain himself into the fit.

When talking about his exact height, his height is excellent. It measures about 6 feet and 2 inches, which is approximately 1.88 meters. His weight is about 109 kilograms. The balance of his height and weight is pretty good. He maintains the balance by exercising regularly. On his schedule, exercise and fitness training also falls on the prime criteria. On his towering height, he has the face that can easily attract people. Looking at his face, his face is very well structured. It is the perfect definition of handsome. He has brown eyes on his face, and the light brown hair makes pairs with his brown eyes.

Overall, he has an appealing body. However, the measure of his other body measurements and statistics is not available yet. He might expose his other body features and sizes to the audience in the coming days. So, get ready to read the body statistics of this excellent football player.


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