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When there are no other instruments at disposal, a person may use his or her body to make a living. Now, this may come in various aspects. A person can use their body for sexual purposes like prostitution or for making movies on erotic subjects. Or they can also use their being in ways to defeat others and conquer large belts as well. As it happens, there is exactly a man like that we are talking about today. His name is Andre The Giant.

Reigning in the past, most of you may be familiar with this enormous man and his being. As the name suggests, Giant was one of the biggest men that ever walked the earth. Do you feel like we are exaggerating and bending facts to make you believe unrealistic scenarios? Well, we would never do that. Deceiving, you never made it to our list. Everything that we exclaimed about Andre is absolutely true. Heck, this might even be an understatement.

Andre The Giant

Now, for anyone who does not know what we are talking about, let’s portray a picture of Andre here. Imagine a man, a huge man. If you have trouble with the sizing, imagine a man whose height is around the scale of 7.4 ft. Ridiculous right? Now, imagine the same man weighing about 500+ lbs. What will you get? After correctly imagining this, you get Andre, the giant we’ve been ranting about from the above paragraphs.

In this post, we strive greatly, discovering about Andre, the enormous man who actually existed, and won people’s art anytime he got the chance. Through professional wrestling and also through acting, Andre made sure everyone loved him. Except, of course, his opponents. Here is everything you need to know about The Giant.

Andre The Giant Early Life

One of the history’s most famous wrestlers and also one of the largest person ever existed, Andre The Giant was born on Mary 19, 1946, in Molien, France. At the moment of his death, Andre was just 46 years old and had already started to get some problems because of his body.

Because of his body stature and everything that went along with it, Andre looked a lot older than he actually was. As a teen, because of his height and stature, Andre dwarfed other people of his age. This ended up giving Andre a figure of someone much older, and people also bullied him for this reason as well.

Andre was born to father Boris Roussimoff and mother Marianne Roussimoff. Boris and Marianne welcomed five children in total, and Andre was the third of all children. As a child, Andre started to grow in physic very quickly as he managed to reach over 6 feet tall in the first decade of his existence.

Seeing the massive growth of Andre from a very young age, his parents started calling him Dede, and that sort of became the name for Andre. While growing up, his stature also meant that he could easily lift heavy objects and work on labor-intensive jobs as well. As it happened, his father worked as farm labor.

For the most part of his early childhood and teenage, Andre worked on farms along with his father. Unfortunately, further information regarding Andre’s early life remains a secret. The giant never actually revealed anything and also does not talks about his siblings as well. Were Andre’s siblings as large as him?

Andre The Giant Education

Growing up in a village in France, Andre’s parents weren’t exactly the kind of people who would give priority to education. However, there were also not the sort of people who would shun Andre out of any possibility regarding education and going to school for a change.

Now, expecting some of the most astonishing results from the unexpected people, who would have thought that Andre would be so good at studies. We’re not trying to make biased judgments here but rather point out towards the facts here. Because almost all of the people who see Andre would probably think that he was uneducated or did every bad at studies.

But on the contrary, Andre established himself as a very good student who often received fair marks in his class. Moreover, what is even more surprising is the fact that Andre was particularly good at maths. Now, when it comes to maths, half of the world’s population is bad at it.

Because of that, Andre comes off as a very interesting personality, as well. All in all, Andre’s educational journey shows us how we should not make any biased judgment based on people’s looks. After all, Andre, who everyone took as a giant with little to no knowledge, excelled, particularly in maths.

However, this comes as unfortunate news, but Andre never finished high school. Not that Andre started to deteriorate in his studies and intellectual powers, he just did not think education is important for farming. As mentioned earlier, from an early age, Andre started to work with his father.

Andre The Giant

Personal Life

The large physical of Andre usually came as a lot of problems for him while it also bears a lot of merits for him. For one, Andre began to have a difficult time while traveling. While most airline seats are designed to fit an averagely or a little larger than the average size, it would not fit Andre easily.

Secondly, road transports also became very difficult for Andre as he suffered a lot while traveling in cars or taxis because he had to crouch a lot. These are some of the personal issues that Andre faced while alive and working. As we talk about it, Andre also did not possess much luck in relationships.

Even at this moment, there are a lot fewer things that we know about Andre’s personal life and if he ever dated anyone. Well, the answer is yes, he did date. Andre, during some point in his life, date. A woman named Jean Christians. While not much remains known about Jean Christiansen, we know that the couple welcomed a daughter.

That is correct people, Andre has a daughter, and her name is Robin Christensen-Roussimoff. Robin, after growing up, is also an enormous woman but not as much as her late father. Robin stands tall at the height of 6ft and as a beautiful young woman. Andre’s death came not as a surprise to many.

His large stature gathered him a lot of issues, but he refused medical help altogether. In 1993, Andre died in his sleep after suffering congestive heart failure.

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Andre The Giant Career

Affected by the symptoms of gigantism that is usually caused by an excess amount of growth hormone in the body, it took no time for Andre to develop a massive figure. At the age of 19, Andre already became an abnormally tall guy everywhere he went, and that started becoming the talk of deep discussions as well.

During late teenage days, Andre moved to the capital of France, Paris, where he began learning professional wrestling. Before doing so, Andre worked as a farm laborer, and then as well, he finished three times the work than the average man. After starting to train with Obert Lageat, Andre began wrestling in the capital.

After famous wrestler Frank Valois encountered this giant man, he offered to become his manager and adviser. Under Frank’s supervision, Andre became famous around the wrestling scene in many countries like Germany, Australia, and Africa. After Andre’s undefeated streak, he joined WWF or as it is called WWE in 1973.

Around many wins in WWF/WWE, Andre also won a match against Hulk Hogan. The match attracted a lot of attention because the feud went on for years. During his career, Andre also had fued with other professional wrestlers of that time, like Studd and King Kong Bundy.

Apart from wrestling, fighting, and slamming people here and there, Andre’s huge stature also provided him with an acting role. That is right. Apart from being a wrestler, Andre was also an actor. While appearing in many movies, Andre’s appearance as a giant infamous 1987 movie The Princess Bride stands out.

As per the director, he played a particular role while keeping only Andre in mind. Apart from that, Andre has appeared in a dozen movies.

Net Worth

Andre came from a very poor family as a child, and his family struggled financially when it came to money. That, Andre began working as a farm laborer just like his father. While he excelled in Farmworks, Andre realized his potential lying elsewhere and hurried towards it.

After starting out in wrestling, Andre began gaining a lot of fame in a very short span of time. Because of his large physic, Ander easily won matches. Soon, under the managing authority of another fellow wrestler named Frank, Andre began traveling the world fighting and winning.

During his career, Andre earned a lot of fame, and with that, a massive fortune as well. He bought a 200 acre of land and built a ranch upon it. At the time of his death, Andre amassed a massive net worth of $10 million.

Name Andre, The Giant
Date of birth May 19, 1946
Birthplace Paris, France
Ethnicity White
Height 7.4 ft
Weight 520 lbs
Profession Wrestler
Married No
Nationality French
Birth sign Taurus
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $10 million


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