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How many of you have watched the famous Hollywood movie called The Mask starring Jim Carrey? Well, in that movie, Jim Carrey was not the only highlight as there was one another person there. Her name is Amy Yasbeck. She played the role of Peggy Brandt. Remember her, the beautiful lady who was also one of the essential characters of the movie?

Well, sure you do. Amy is a famous actress widely known for her skills as an actress and ravishing beauty that makes most men inside and outside of Hollywood go crazy. She is, for most people, the epitome of beauty with brain and why wouldn’t she? After all, she appeared in one of the greatest movies of all time.

Amy Yasbeck

However, Amy Yasbeck is not only famous as an actress but also for her proximity association with another famous Hollywood actor. During their time, Amy delivered many blockbusters, and till this present day, people talk about her contribution to the cinema. But how well do they know her besides everything?

In this post, we will be talking about Amy Yasbeck and her personal life. Everything there is to know about this beautiful blonde lady is right here. All you have to do is keep reading and enjoy the show. Find out who is her husband, dating affair, net worth and much more.

Amy Yasbeck Personal Life

Amy Yasbeck is someone on whom the more we talk and praise about, the less it seems. So, we will stop talking about it now. Instead, let’s focus on her personal life because there are a lot of things that her fans do not know about her. Just the simple facts like her marriage, affairs and other family details. There are also some of the records that require some straightening to do. But we’ll talk about it later on.

As mentioned earlier, Amy Yasbeck is also famous for her association with one of the most famous Hollywood personality of all times. Well, the association is her marriage. The man that we are continually praising about and the man whom Amy Yasbeck married was John Ritter. You know who he is.

But for the sake of people who are not avid movie watchers or the younger generation who are not familiar with this veteran actor, let’s briefly talk about him as well.

Amy Yasbeck

Amy Yasbeck Husband, John Ritter

John Ritter is only one of the most prominent actors ever to live and contribute to the success of Hollywood. Born on September 17, 1948, he also established himself as a successful comedian and revolutionized how people perceived comedians. At birth, John diagnosed with a defect in his right eye as Coloboma. However, the defect never stopped him.

Born to a singer father and an actress mother, John always had a knack for acting and grew up with an emerging interest in theatre works. He attended the Hollywood High School and later went to the University of Southern California. Initially, John did not think of pursuing acting despite childhood interest and studied Psychology.

However, he later changed his major and took theatre arts at the USC School of Dramatic Arts. John made his debut on Dan August and later earned his film debut on The Barefoot Executive. Since then, John never looked back and kept on working very hard to achieve his goals.

While his career was soaring and people started knowing his name around the globe, his personal life also took flight.

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In the mid-90s, Yasbeck met John during work and the couple instantly clicked. They both went on dinners, started having phone calls and started meeting more frequently. Eventually, both realized that they liked each other and that the feeling was mutual and started dating shortly.

After dating for a long time, the couple started living together. In early 1998, Amy became pregnant with the couples’ first child. They were not married until then, but it did not matter. Both Amy and John were utterly overwhelmed with joy and welcomed their daughter in September the same year.

Now that they both were parents, John decided that it was the time they both married, but he had to do something before that happened. Before early 1999, John proposed Amy Yasbeck to become his wife. He got to his one knee, showed her the ring and proposed. Amy, who was full of joyful tears, said yes, and the couple got engaged.

On September 18, 1999, Amy and John tied the knot and married each other. They swapped their vows in an intimate wedding ceremony at the Murphey Theatre in Wilmington, Ohio where their closest family and friends surrounded them. But the happiness did not last very long as tragedy struck the couple.


Husband Death

In September of 2003, Ritter started working on a new project; a show called 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter. On 11th September, Ritter began to feel uncomfortable due to chest pain. He also started sweating vigorously and fell on his knees while rehearsing for the show.

People around him quickly took him to the nearest medical center called Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center, which is also the place where he was born. Because of the initial symptoms, doctors claimed that Ritter suffered from a heart attack and started treating him as per that. However, later, they diagnosed something else.

Ritter had a tear in his aorta that only grew larger. While performing surgery to repair the tear, Ritter died. He died in the same hospital where he was born and just six days before his 55th birthday. His family held a private funeral at the Forest Lawn, Hollywood Hills Cemetery where they buried him.

His family then took actions against the hospital and the doctors who performed surgery on him and diagnosed him.


Amy could not help herself from the thing that the hospital doctors made a blunder mistake while treating his husband which cost him his life. She filed a massive $67 million wrongful death lawsuit against the hospital and the doctors who treated her late husband, John Ritter.

Amy accused doctors of misdiagnosing Ritter with heart attack instead of looking deeply for the actual cause. She also claimed that another doctor failed to inform about Ritter’s declining heart health during a full body scan two years ago which collaboratively caused Ritter’s death.

The hospital settled most of the lawsuit outside of court and compensated Amy with $9.4 million in total. However, her case against two doctors who attended Ritter on his death day only concluded when the court passed an order stating no wrongdoing and announcing the doctors not guilty.

Amy Yasbeck

Married Again?

Did Amy Yasbeck marry someone after the uncertain demise of John Ritter? Well, the answer is a no as she has not publically announced anything about finding love again or holding hands with another man. The fact about her current personal life remains hidden.

Amy may be dating someone secretly at the moment, but until she makes a statement and confirms anything, people assume she is single and looking after her daughter. Talking about her daughter Stella, she currently identifies herself as a trans man. She also changed her name, and now people know her as Noah Lee Ritter.


Amy Yasbeck was born in Blue Ash, Ohio, the United States of America on September 12, 1962. She is currently 56 years old. Her parents’ name are John Anthony Yasbeck and mother Dorothy Louise Mary. Amy Yasbeck is a peculiar name because her parents are from two different ethnic groups. While her father is a Lebanese, her mother is of Irish ancestry.

While in her 20s, Yasbeck lost her father from a heart attack. Two years later, she also lost her mother to emphysema. This tragedy forced her to move to New York City to have a career that would sustain her. By 1985, Yasbeck started appearing on different shows which attracted a lot of attention.

Some of the most successful appearances on Yasbeck include in Robin Hood: Men in Tights, The Mask, Dracula: Dead and Loving It, Days of Our Lives, Magnum, P.I., Murphy Brown and many more.

Net Worth

At the moment, Yasbeck has a massive net worth of $5 million. Additionally, her net worth grew after she sold the Beverly Hills home Yasbeck and Ritter shared at a whopping $6.55 million.


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