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Amiri King is the perfect example of determination to change and change for good. He turned his life around, started a family, became quite successful even though he had a dark past always lingering behind him. In this post, all the details about Amiri King’s life are going to be discussed and revealed.

If you did not know what his personal life and background look like, it is going to change from today. Keep reading so that you get familiar with the YouTuber who makes notoriously controversial videos, does rants, makes parodies and above makes people laugh.

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Amiri King Wife

Having a famous name is something that is both a boon and a curse. You are known worldwide, earn fame, fortune, and most importantly love from people. However, it can also mean that people have their way of judging you, creating false rumors and spread lies about you.

Well, there is nothing that serious her, but Amiri King also has some relatable story to share. Not that he is going to narrate the whole story, you know what we mean.

Amiri King, as we are familiar with, is an internet star who grew to fame via his YouTube videos. He mostly focuses on rants on particular subjects and also does comedy, makes parodies and skits. But that is not only why we are here, are we? If we so much wanted to know more about his YouTube video and its content, then YouTube would be the better place.

What we all are here for is to learn more about the personal life of Amiri King, the notorious YouTuber who we hate to love. Don’t deny it. You love his “My Vlog Is Better Than Yours” series. Well, you do love it but have you ever wondered about the personal life of the internet celebrity who you so religiously follow? No?

Amiri King Early Life

American television personality Amiri King was born on July 10, 1979, in Louisville, Kentucky, United States and is currently of age 39. King’s childhood was not a normal one as from a very young age; he had some mental condition which resulted in him admitted in a mental institute at the age of 8. However, after about three years at the age of 11, he ran away from the mental institute and to his family’s horror, started living on the streets.

That is where he started going bad, which had him arrested during his teenage years. After serving jail time, he came out as a changed man determined to leave his past behind. He started giving out speeches in schools about his past life, experience, and highlighting all the bad things that could happen.

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Amiri King, at the very moment, is married, and his wife is just so pretty. Amiri is married to Sara Ruminski. She is a beautiful Irish descent and is currently living with Amiri. However, when the couple got married is a mystery. They have not shared much information about their married life on social media and are entirely private.

When it comes to Sara, she has kept herself out of the limelight as much as possible. About her, only the fact that she has Irish roots is known. Other information like where she was born, her age, professional career are under the wraps.

Adding to her privacy, she also keeps her Instagram setting on private so that only people she knows could learn more about her and what she does daily. Amiri also has not taken the liberty of discussing his married life with Sara. He did the same with his previous married life.

Wait! Did you not know Amiri was married previously to someone? Well, you, Amiri’s fans are in for a treat today because we have got that detail coming right up, just for you so you can get more familiar with Amiri’s personal life.

Amiri King

Amiri King Married Previously

Before Amiri Kings married Sara, he was previously married. Amiri also has three children from his past married life; three daughters and he decided to call them Tilly, Kennedy, and Marcy. However, this time again, Amiri has failed to reveal who his first wife was.

This time, taking things up a notch, he has not even announced his first wife’s name so there that. Apart from the, it is also a solemn mystery on when he married for the first time and where. Did must have had a very close and intimate wedding with only closest friends and family invited.

It so looks like that Amiri is doing all this intentionally because people close to him also have not posted any pictures that could give us an idea on who his first wife was. Moving on, his privacy concern limit to only his married life as his family time is very public, and he often shares the time he spends with his three little princesses.

Amiri’s Three Daughters

As mentioned, Amiri has three daughters from his previous married life with mystery first wife. Unlike the information about the first wife, he frequently shares moments with three daughters. The eldest of the bunch Tilly has her own dedicated Instagram account, where she has over 1 thousand followers. She often shared goofy yet cute pictures of herself and just like her father, posts memes and funny posts.

On the father side of Instagram, he posts going shopping with his girls, or eating out and all kind of cute father and daughter things. As mentioned, he avidly shares memes and funny posts on his Instagram account.

Kennedy is the second born and the middle child among his three daughters. However, unlike her sister, she does not have a dedicated Instagram account. Then comes the youngest and most probably the cutest of them all, Marcy.


She is the third born and among the youngest of three siblings. All of his kids like adventure and are ready for any challenge. While their father Amiri is afraid of roller coasters, the daughters seem to be all smiles.

While his family is nothing but perfect, this wasn’t always what Amiri had. Amiri previously was involved in a lot of troubles and had also gone to prison as a convicted person. Let’s dig in through his life some more.

Dark Side Of The King

Before he took his ranting talents to the internet, Amiri was famous but not for making YouTube videos. He was actually someone people could not trust. Well, all that has changed these days but the past still lingers, and people like to poke it often. Amiri who is known as an internet celebrity these days was previously a con-man involved in minor to major crimes.

Long before his career started in this biz, he used to con people. Amiri has also gone to jail for such felonies and has served three years of jail time. Amiri was also involved in an armed robbery. Before that, according to sources, he was arrested for the first time at the age of 16.

Amiri King Recent Family Issue

Amiri King has had his share of fame and also some harsh backlash. In October of 2018, he started a GoFundMe campaign requesting funds from random people to help him raise money for his family’s safety and get CPS, which translates into Child Protective Services.

He started this campaign after his children faced intense harassment and torture for his father’s internet presence. He said that his children were pulled out of school and questioned without any evidence of any wrongdoing what so ever.


He said that he has over 3.5 million followers on Facebook and that it has resulted in constant and targeted harassment; especially to his kids. He also mentioned that he has lost income and is physically ill. However, to protect his children, he will be going forth with intense legal procedures.

He received over 600 donations, and the donations averaged in $10.

Amiri who once won LEO’s “best local comedian” for two consecutive years in 2014 and 2015. However, he was stripped off for 2016 LEO’s award. Digging in further in this controversy, this majorly happened because of his unapologetic rails on Black Lives Matter and his reputation as a racist and misogynist.

Amiri King

Net Worth

Amiri soon started doing comedy and also started his YouTube channel, which has more than 200 thousand subscribers. His most viewed video include Chevy Colorado Parody and Chevy Silverado Parody 2 which has over 5 million views.

From all his work, King currently has an estimated net worth of $150,000. However, the numbers are not solid and confirmed by King himself, which makes the amount questionable.

Social Reach

Twitter: @AmiriKing


Facebook: Amiri King


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