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Amber Serrano: Age, Bio, Personal Life, Married, Husband, Net Worth


Becoming famous is one of the most interesting and intriguing things that can happen to anyone or anyone who can experience it as well. However, there are areas that people do not do anything by their own effort but still manage to become a very famous personality. This is true in most of the cases that involve people entangled in relationships with other people and celebrities. But who are these people to be very honest? Well, these are people who have managed to get attention in the broadest, and one of that kind of person is Amber Serrano.

Do you feel like you are a little on the unfamiliar side when we talk about Amber here because of the fact that you do not recognize her? Well, that is absolutely fine here because of the fact that Amber isn’t precisely isn’t that much of a celebrity to start with. Amber is one of those celebrities that remain mostly on the unfamiliar side, but people still want to know about her. This is for one and only one reason only. Remember how we talked about how people often get famous because of their other counterparts? Well, that is precisely the case here with Amber.

Amber Serrano

But it would help if you also were wondering who the person that actually made Amber so famous is. Well, that person’s name is Ralph Tresvant, and he is one that everyone surely knows about or has at least heard of him. For anyone who has a very bleak idea of who Ralph is, Here you go. Ralph Tresvant is one of the most famous R&B singers of this generation and possibly of other generations as well. Now that we have this out of the way let’s go on the journey of learning more about Amber here.

Amber Serrano Early Life

The charming and also astonishingly attractive personality, Amber Serrano, wife of Ralph Tresvant, was born on May 29, 1976. Serrano was born in New York City, New York, United States of America, and at the moment, she is already 44 years old and moving to her mid-40s at the moment.

Born in New York City, from a very young age, Amber began experiencing modern life and started living in contemporary life. All this lifestyle began helping Amber indulge herself in other exuberant activities as well. All this exposed Amber to a wider perspective towards life.

Looking at the current pictures of Amber, she fails to do something very serious. While you may think that she has failed to something that relates to showing good character, that is not the closest. What we mean is that, at the age of 44, Amber fails to look like someone in their mid-40s already.

As a result, there are several talks about how Amber approached the help of cosmetic surgery and has managed to look young. But if you ask us, everything that people say are statements coming from envy. What we believe is that Amber has a very healthy lifestyle that helps her keep up with the looks and amazing body.

Other things special about Amber are things like her zodiac sign and height. While there remain no official talks about Amber’s height, people suspect that her height is somewhere in the 5.4 ft range. Similarly, born on May 29, Amber shares the zodiac sign on Gemini.

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Amber Serrano Family, Father, Mother, Parents

Serrano, if you ask us, is one of a kind and has the ability to turn many people’s heads around when she walks by. But how many of those people know more about Amber in real life? Well, as it happens, not very much and the number is quite astonishingly low as well.

While many people always remain in the flaming journey of knowing it all about Serrano, who is the wife of Ralph Tresvant, they fail. This is because of the fact that Amber rejects the idea of letting other people into her life so easily and letting others know about her personal life.

Because of this fact right here, Serrano’s personal life remains a serious mystery. However, as very stubborn followers, we have managed to extract some information about her life. While at the moment, any particular information about Amber remains at bay for people, there is other information about her parents available.

Many sources out there claim that Amber’s parents are American natives who were themselves born in the United States of America. If this is true, Amber herself also remains an American native who shares black ethnicity. As per sources, Amber comes from an African-American background.

Other information about Amber’s parents remains missing at the moment. For all we know, Amber also does not have any siblings of her own. But this remains susceptible to change if Amber says otherwise.

Amber Serrano Education, School

As American parents, Amber grew up with one of those parents who always thought that education was a very important aspect. Because of this, Amber always felt how lucky she was to grow up in such an environment as a child. Most American parents share the same sentiment, and so did Serrano’s parents as well.

As a very young child, Amber’s parents enrolled her at a local but a very reputed elementary school where she began her educational journey. At the elementary school, Amber began showing extra skills as a student who was always very sharp and patient as well. Serrano bewitched everyone.

Further moving on, Serrano then went to a middle school where she continued to demonstrate her charm and began her journey. During middle school, Serrano began taking education pretty seriously because her parents put up a lot of work to make that possible for her.

After getting through with middle school, Serrano began her high school journey, during which time Serrano became an average student. Serrano, while in high school, also participated in other activities as well. Unfortunately, what Serrano did after high school remains a mystery.

Because of the fact that Serrano does not really talk about her school life, it stands as an impossible job to figure out more. For now, we believe that Amber continued her educational journey and began going to college.

Personal Life, Married, Husband

Amber Serrano is a very famous personality, and as discussed earlier, the reason why Amber is so famous is because of her husband. Like we mentioned earlier, Amber is the wife of a famous American R&B singer called Ralph Tresvant, a legendary artist, among others.

Back in the 2000s, Amber and Ralph Tresvant met each other for the first time, and things began rolling for the couple. After falling in love initially, both began dating each other with love-filled hearts. After a couple of years of dating, Ralph and Amber married each other in a very intimate ceremony.

On September 18, 2004, Amber and Ralph Tresvant married each other. A year after marrying, Amber gave birth to their first son and named him Dakari Tresvant. Before marrying Amber, Ralph was married to another woman named Shelly. However, Ralph and Shelly divorce in the year 1996.

At the moment, both Amber and Ralph live a very happy married life together.


Talking more about the mysterious lady Amber, while she famously keeps her personal life extremely private other aspects share the same traits. We all know by now how secretive Amber gets when it comes to details such as her early life and her parents as well, but other facts share the same fate.

Like her early life details, Amber also likes to keep other details such as her professional life a secret as well. Now, the reason behind this level of secrecy does not make any sense here, but one thing is sure. If Amber were a criminal, it would be hard to find any clues in her crime scene.

Digressing from the main topic here and talking about her husband, Ralph Tresvant is a very amiable personality who has a lot of charm and other talents as well. But among all those talents, Ralph shines for his ability to create very enticing music.

Everyone seems to love his music.

For anyone who remains unfamiliar or does not entirely know about Ralph Tresvant here, Ralph is a very famous singer. Tresvant is an American singer, songwriter, and also a multi-talented personality.

Surprisingly, Ralph is an actor as well. This is the reason why we say Ralph is the synonym of success as well. Because of this, Ralph also became kind of a household name for everyone as well.

Ralph famously wrote and sang songs like Sensitivity released in 1990, Do What I Gotta Do released in 1990, and another famous song called Old Thing Back released in 2015. By now, Ralph is a legendary artist in the music industry as well. This is also another reason why Amber became famous as well.

Net Worth

Because of the fact that Amber does not really talk about her professional life, other things related to it become harder to learn about as well. One of the most important things that people want to know about the people they follow is how rich they are. In other words, people want to know more about Amber’s net worth.

Unfortunately, because of the fact that Amber does not really talk about her professional, figuring out her net worth becomes impossible. But if you already do not know, there’s nothing impossible for us here. While Amber keeps her riches hidden, her husband is a very rich man.

Ralph has a massive net worth of $15 million. Reportedly, Amber also shares the massive net worth.

Name Amber Serrano
Date of birth May 29, 1976
Birthplace New York, New York City, United States of America
Ethnicity Black
Height 5.4 ft
Weight N/A
Profession N/A
Married N/A
Nationality American
Birth sign Gemini
Measurement N/A
Net Worth N/A


Social Reach

Twitter: N/A

Instagram: @ambertresvant

Facebook: Amber Tresvant


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