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What is it like to be successful? Ask that question to Amanda Burden, the business magnate, and one of the most famous influencers this world has right now. Amanda Burden is a principal at Bloomberg Associates and has her named already written down in history as one of the most powerful women.

She is a source of inspiration for many people out there, and moreover, she is also a Ted talk speaker. Becoming a Ted talk speaker is another milestone she has achieved throughout her years of exposure to the industry. On top of everything, Amanda is also one beautiful woman, and no one can take that compliment away from her.

Amanda Burden

Over the years, Amanda grew larger and larger until she became one of the most influential. But her personal life is something that people are highly aware of already, and it is her personal life that people crave to know. Wouldn’t it be interesting to learn more about Amanda, the power personality from a personal perspective?

If you think so, then we have got you covered. Here, we will talk about the personal life of Amanda Burden and learn more about her. Do you know about her relationship status at the moment? Is she married to someone? What does her family look like? All these questions have answered below.

Amanda Burden Personal Life

So, people always wonder who this awesome and successful woman married. People are sure that she married someone who is a highly successful person and the people who speculate that are absolute. Amanda, who is also an icon for women all over the world and a beacon of inspiration, married someone very successful, not once but twice.

Burden married Shirley Carter Burden Jr. who is a multi-millionaire descendant of Cornelius Vanderbilt. Amanda and Shirey got engaged in September of 1963. The couple dated for several years before getting married to know each other more. On June 13, 1964, a year later, after getting engaged, the couple got married.

Amanda Burden


The couple welcomed two children during their time as a married couple — a daughter Flobelle Fairbanks Burden in 1969 and a son Shirley Carter Burden III in 1972. Unfortunately, the couple ended up divorcing in 1972 due to irreconcilable differences in the same year they welcomed their son.

After some years of the gap from relationship and dating, Amanda again fell in love. She met Steven J. Ross, who served as the head of Warner Communications in the mid-70s and the couple married each other on 1979. Amanda and Steven did not have any children together and swiftly divorced in less than three years in 1981.

This time as well, Amanda started focusing on her career, and during these times, she made exponential growth in her professional career. In Charlie Rose started dating 1993. Charlie Rose is one of the veteran journalists who ran shows like 60 minutes and other. Amanda and Charlie dated for more than a decade before quitting and breaking up.

At the moment, Amanda is presumably single and is not dating anyone.

Name Amanda Jay Mortimer
Date of birth January 18, 1944
Birthplace New York City, United States of America
Ethnicity White
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Profession Business person
Married Yes
Nationality American
Birth sign Capricorn
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $45 million


Amanda Burden Early Life

American personality Amanda Burden was born on January 18, 1944, in New York City, United States of America. She was born as Amanda Jay Mortimer to Stanley Grafton Mortimer Jr. former heir to the Standard Oil fortune and mother Babe Paley, a socialite. Her whole family tree includes extremely noted people.

Amanda also has a brother Stanley Grafton Mortimer III. Along with a brother, Amanda’s family include five half-siblings from her mother Babe Paley’s marriage to other men. Her siblings are Kate Cushing Paley, Averell Mortimer, William Cushing Paley, Jay Mortimer, and David Mortimer.


Amanda Burden went to the Westover School located in Middlebury, Connecticut, and later went to the Wellesley College. After graduating from college, she Sarah Lawrence College in 1976 where she studied concentration in Environmental Science and graduated with very good grades.

She later joined Columbia University from where she earned Master of Urban Planning. Her graduation created history at Columbia University after she wrote a thesis on solid-waste management that won an award. She did that with vehement hard work and dedication.

At the moment, Amanda Burden works as a principal at the Bloomberg Associates. Bloomberg Associates is an international consulting service that Michael Bloomberg founded and established. The organization acts as a philanthropic venture that helps city governments and authorities level up the life of its citizens.

Amanda has been serving as Principal for Bloomberg Associates since 2013, and she has done absolutely groundbreaking work. With her administration in Bloomberg, she has helped city governments a lot to proliferate the living standards of their citizens. We most certainly do not know what we would have done if it weren’t for Amanda.

Amanda Burden

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With an excellent degree from the Columbia University, Amanda started her career working on Project for Public Spaces, a project that urbanologist William H. Whyte started. She worked with him and Gruzen & Partners, which is an architecture firm. She joined this project to gain experience.

Amanda Burden then moved to work as a vice president for the Battery Park City Authority Planning and Design. She started to work from 1983 and left in 1990. During her time as a vice president, she looked after all the design guidelines for a massive 92-acre site and also look after all open spaces and parkland.

When her tenure ended at the Battery Park City Authority Planning and Design, Amanda started working as a New York City Planning Commission. Andrew Stein, the New York City Council president, appointed her given her excellent academic background and solid experience.

After over a decade, Burden promoted to become the director for the New York City Planning Commission in 2002. Her part contributed a lot as her department rezoned almost 40% of the city. While carrying out development work, Burden also focused on managing the aesthetics of the new developments that took place.

While Amanda Burden neared to the end of her term at the office, her development progress did not stop. With her hard work and unconditional determination, Burden managed to make the Bloomberg administration a place that encouraged and set overall friendliness to development.


New York Couture Group named in the Amanda the Best Dressed List when she was just the age of 22. She also received Honorary Doctorate in Public Administration in 2005. She also got Center for Architecture Award by the New York Chapter of the American Institute of Architects.

The New York Observer also named her the fifth most powerful person in New York real estate. In 2009, she received ULI’s J.C.Nichols Prize for Visionaries in the Urban Development segment and also received a massive $100,000 award prize. As a philanthropist, she donated the money to back to the institute.

Burden also won the American Architectural Foundation Keystone Award. These are, however, few of the many awards and recognition that Amanda has until this date.

Amanda Burden

Net Worth

Amanda, since her early days only took responsibilities that demanded more than what any normal people have to offer. Her intellect and sheer talent allowed her to excel in any role she decided to take, and with that, she is now among the most powerful person in New York.

She served as a commissioner, a director and now, as a principal. These are the CEO level positions, and they also pay a lot more than a normal 9-5 job. With that said, Amanda currently has a net worth of $45 million, which she gathered from her high profile job positions.

Amanda Burden also has multiple properties under her name but chooses not to disclose them because of privacy concerns. The more intensive responsibility she takes, the more earning Amanda invites in her financial deposit, which is always a good thing.


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