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You most probably know Allan Kayser form his appearance on Mama’s Family. Yes, it is the exact Allan Kayser we are talking about today, and if you liked seeing him on your TV screen, then you may also like to know him better as celebrities are often different from what they appear on TV.

Familiar with Lena Headey who plays Cersei Lannister in Game of Thrones, one of the most popular TV series of this era? People often presume that she is as ruthless and cold-hearted as she seems on that series. Although it is because of her exceptional acting skills, the presumptions are very different.

Allan Kayser

In reality, Lena is very sweet and far from murdering people. Similarly, Allan Kayser is entirely different from what he portrays on TV series or movies. How well do you know this grown blonde man who still manages to make women skip a heartbeat? We’re guessing not much. But that is going to change today.

Here, we shall reveal information on Kayser and spill some of the facts that are new to a large group of people. You may know them or may not but either way, if you keep reading, there is a lot to take away from here. But before we jump directly on his personal life, let’s learn about him first.

Allan Kayser: Who Is He?

Kayser is an American actor who as mentioned earlier, is famous for appearing in Mama’s Family. However, apart from that, he is also most famous for playing and portraying different roles on Hot Chilli, More Than Love, House of the Witch Doctor, and so on.

Born in Littleton, Colorado, Kayser went to Columbine High School from where he is 1982. Columbine is the same high school that Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold attacked on August 20, 1999. Allan grew to fame after his role in Mama’s Family exploded.

With his piercing gaze and silky blonde hair, Allan made a lot of hearts beat as well as freeze. He joined the sitcom in 1986 and soon became a teen idol that many teen girls even worshipped. Undoubtedly, a lot of teen girls wanted to date him, but during that time and moment, Kayser only had eyes for his career.

He portrayed the role of Bubba Higgins, which made him very popular among viewers of all age, not to mention among teens. The role even helped him get nominated for Young Artist Award in Best Young Actor Guest Starring in Drama or Comedy Series. Although he did not win the award, even getting nominated is a very big deal.


His career then started to skyrocket, and people started noticing him more and more. After his exit from the famous sitcom, he appeared in many major projects. In 2002, he starred in Double Teamed as Nicky’s Dad.

Allan’s other credits include More Than Puppy Love, Shimmer, All Roads Lead Home, Next Caller, House of Forbidden Secrets, House of the Witchdoctor and many other self-credited projects as well.

But since his role ended in Mama’s Family, Allan has not bagged any major role that exceptionally grew on people. He currently has one project at hand called It’s Here. Apart from acting, he reportedly does not have any other career line.

Some actors have taken a different line of career once they realized that acting is not their cup of tea. However, Allan is still active and is joining casts.

Allan Kayser

Allan Kayser Personal

Now comes the moment you have all been waiting for. To learn about Allan Kayser’s personal life and who he is behind the camera. Surely, the once teen idol has a lot of fan base because as he grew older, his fans grew older as well and they never stopped liking him.

Is Allan Kayser married or dating anyone? This question seems ridiculous because who in their right minds would not want to date Allan? But there is another more pressing question that people have asked. That is If Allan Kayser is gay.

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Is He A Gay?

For someone as handsome as Allan, it is only natural that people presume his as gay. Some of the rumors are here because people are naïve and have detached themselves from any news related to Allan. On the other hand, some rumors exist because of jealousy and hatred.

Now, we cannot just dissect which rumors came from where but what we can do is clear things out. As it so happens, Allan Kayser is not gay. He has never been gay or any other sexuality other than straight.

However, that does not mean that he does not support the LGBT community, but facts are facts. However, if you are still not convinced, then there is solid evidence of his sexuality for you.

How about his married life? Bet you did not know that this hunk has past relationships that can also vouch for his sexuality, although that is not necessary.

Allan Kayser Married, Wife

As it so happens, to nobody’s surprise, Allan is a married man. We told you that nobody in their right minds would want to date him or in this case, marry him. However, this right here is a surprise because Allan has married more than once.

He married Lori Kayser back before the 2000s. Unfortunately, the exact date of their wedding remains a mystery as neither Allan nor Lori have talked anything about it. The couple tied the knot in a very intimate wedding ceremony surrounded by friends and family.

The couple welcomed two children together. This time again, they have kept the information regarding their children a mystery. Despite staying married for long and welcoming two children Allan and Lori parted ways and divorced in the 2000s.

But, for a handsome hunk like Allan, divorce was not the end of his romantic journey. He met another woman named Sara Kayser in the 2010s and fell in love with her. After dating for quite some time, the loved up couple decided to marry each other.

On August 23, 2014, Allan and Sara got married in the United States and the officiator pronounced them husband and wife. In just a matter of a few years, they have already welcomed two children and are living very happily at the moment.

Unlike his first marriage with Lori, Allan is reportedly much happier with Sara, and there are no rumors about divorce or a possible split.

Allan Kayser

Allan Kayser Bio, Age

American famous actor Allan Kayser was born as Allan Joseph Kayser II on December 18, 1963, in Littleton, Colorado, United States of America. As a young kid, Allan went to the Columbine High Scholl in 1978. With good rapport and fair scores, Allan graduated from high school in 1982.

To receive further education, Allan enrolled at Central Missouri State University. Allan was always very active in extracurricular activities, and he attended different theatre programs while there. Also, he did several plays there. After finishing high school, Kayser moved to California, where everybody came to pursue their career as an actor.

Net Worth

As Allan started to build connection and win hundreds and thousands of heart across the globe, h also started to earn a lot more. As a very private person, Allan keeps his net worth hidden, but tabloids claim that he currently enjoys a massive net worth of $1.5 million from his film earnings.


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