Alexis Knief: Biography, Net Worth, Nationality and Ethnicity, Awards


Alexis Knief was born in 1989. The exact date of birth is still not known. She was born in the United States of America. Alexis is well known for being the wife of the popular actor, Timothy David Olyphant.

Nationality and Ethnicity

Alexis Knief holds citizenship and is the citizen of the United States of America. Thus, her nationality is American. Her ethnicity is white.

Alexis Knief

Family Life

Alexis Knief has not revealed much about her details and her family life. She has not even published a thing about her family. Her father, her mother, and her siblings are still not known, and she keeps it to herself. Neither does her husband reveals about her parents, nor does she. So, her family life has not come to the disclosure of the public yet.

But her family life with her husband, Timothy David Olyphant, has been revealed. They live in a pleasant family environment with two of their children, namely; Grace Katherine, Henry Katherine, and Vivian Catherine. This couple is the example to many, and they can lead a good life with a secure family environment.


When it comes to the profession of this famous actress, she went to the highlight only after she got married to the popular actor; Timothy Olyphant. There are no evidence and details of her past works. She has not revealed what she works. In this way, she has kept her career secret.

Talking about her husband’s career, her husband is a well-known actor in the United States of America. He is a popular actor who can attract the hearts of many because of his excellent acting skills. Able to grab the attention of the public in a short time, he is best known for the movies like; “A Romantic Comedy,” “Live Free or Die Hard,” “The Broken Hearts Club,” “Die Hard 4.0” and The Crazies and Rango. Also, he worked as a reporter in the famous show Indie 103.1 in Los Angeles, United States of America.

Alexis Knief

Early Life

No information about the early life of Alexis Knief has come to the disclosure. She has not revealed even a bit of information related to her private life. This lady has not disclosed about her family, education history, and her early life.

Education History

According to the sources, she joined the University of Southern California. But, her academic qualification and education background other than this is not known. She had to reveal about the University of Southern California because this was the place Alexis Knief met her high school sweetheart to whom she got married.

 Awards and Achievements

Alexis is not a great personality but came to the highlights because of her very popular husband, she has not received any kinds of awards and achievements yet.

Alexis Kneif; Net Worth

Even if Alexis Knief has never revealed about her profession, people can make the estimates of her salary. She is secretive and feels it useful to keep her business within herself. Her earning is quite impressive, and she lives a luxurious life. People and the Medias believe that even if her profession is hidden, but she has a handsome amount of salary. Her salary was under review. According to the reports, she earns about 1 million dollars.

As Alexis Knief and her husband have a good relation, she can play many hit movies. Her movies have done well in the box office and brought a million dollars. Her favorite film, Live Free or Die Hard was able to collect more than 300 million dollars. That movie was only expected to collect the amount of about 100 million dollars, but it was a grand hit and received a considerable amount.

Moreover, her next movie, The Crazies made around 55 million dollars. The Crazies was made with a total budget of approximately 20 million dollars but made a revenue of about 35 million dollars. She lives in a city called Westwood, which is in Los Angeles. Her life is quite luxurious as her husband is a well-known actor and earns a handsome amount of money.

Hence, the net worth of this lady is not known, but she is quite costly and lives a lavish and luxurious life.

Alexis Knief

Alexis Knief; Relationship Status

Alexis met her husband while she was at her University. She met him at the University of Southern California. They dated since their college days, and later they tied a knot of marriage. This couple had a strong bond of love and affection, which was genuine and generous. So, they can stay the same romantic couple to date. They had a low-key marriage where they invited only their close relatives and friends and did not expose it to the media. After they got married, they gave birth to a daughter in 199 and named her, Grace Katherine. Then, after two years, they gave birth to a boy child and named him Henry. IN 2003, they gave birth to another girl child and called her Vivian.

This perfect couple, Alexis Knied and Timothy Olyphant, are living a good life now in Los Angeles, the United States of America along with their family. They share a strong bond of affection and value each other. Also, their sense of love and respect is infinite, and they can remain together with no rumors of divorce till date. Alexis Knief is a good mom and a good wife and has maintained her family environment in the right way.

Body Measurements

Talking about her body measurement, she is still fit and beautiful even at her old age. This ancient but gorgeous lady as a body which is slim and athletic builds. She can maintain herself with heavy workout and the right amount of exercise. Even at her 50s, people bet amazed by her physical features and body measurements. Her height is 5 feet and 8 inches, which is approximately 1.72 meters.

Moreover, her weight is only 52 kg, which is quite a good weight for her height. Because of her appealing appearance, she can attract the hearts of many. Also, Alexis Knief has an attracting pair of blue eyes and blonde hair, which adds more to her beautiful face. Her face is the dream of many.

Furthermore, talking about her physical appearance and body measurements, she has the best size of 32 inches, her waist size is 26 inches, and her hip size is 32 inches. Her curves are flaunting, and her bicep size is 12 inches. According to the US shoe size, this lady requires shoe of size 9. Hence, Alexis Knief has an attractive personality.

Alexis Knief

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Rumors and Controversies

Alexis has not revealed anything about her private life to the media. She can keep her things to herself. Because of her secretive nature, she can get free of the gossips. She did not even reveal about her profession to the public people. Not showing things to anyone has made her be comfortable and live a life that is free of gossips. Also, her husband is very private when it comes to her, so they have a happy experience that is free of rumors and controversies.

Social Media Reach

Viewing the social media reach of Alexis Knief, it is a huge disappointment. She is not active on social media at all. Being a private, confidential, and a conservative person, she feels it is away from social media. She does not have any social media account to date. But, her husband posts randomly with her, and some people have created a fan page. Also, her husband supports her in her interests, and he keeps her private life away from the social media platform.

Hence, this gorgeous lady is not found on any social media sites like; Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter because of her conservative and shy nature.


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