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Alexis Dziena is an actress who truth be told, is more than just that. Dziena is one of the most beautiful in the industry at the moment and uses her charm to swoon everyone who lays eyes on her. Yes, she is that pretty. For starters, she has appeared in TV shows like Law & Order and other as well.

As the kind of person who makes everyone, especially men, go weak on their knees, Alexis has the face that you probably can stare whole day and not complain; we know we don’t. And as a follower, you think you know her but do you? There are a lot of facts about her that remains unknown to media. Like who she is dating at the moment.

Alexis Dziena

Well, if you have no idea on subjects like that and are bewildered right now, don’t worry, this post is to guide you and everyone who wants to know more about Alexis Dziena. All you have to do is just keep reading, and every tiny bit of Dziena information will fall in order.

Alexis Dziena Personal Life

So, we talked about what Dziena does to people who lay eyes on her. Of course, she does not do anything of it intentionally. She, quite frankly, has no control over it all. Now, does she have anyone who can withstand that gaze?

Well, not sure if it is a myth or something, but people say that beautiful women are jinxed. The more beautiful they are, the higher the chances that they are in a relationship. Well, if that true with Alexis? Because, if she has someone like that, then fans ought to know him.

Not anyone can come around and date Alexis without having something special in him. So is Dziena dating someone? Well, it seems that Alexis breaks the myth. What do we mean by that?

Dziena Boyfriend

It looks like Alexis is not dating anyone at the moment. Now that is a surprise that no one really expected because most of the beautiful ladies in Hollywood are already dating and some of them are in a relationship with their co-stars or someone from the industry.

But not Alexis, she seems to be totally focused on her career at the moment, and rightly so. If she is in reality, focusing on her career, then it is serving her very well. Her career is soaring new heights and reaching new peaks.

Or it is something else that is holding her out from dating and having a relationship?

Alexis Dziena

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Is Alexis Dziena Lesbian?

In this age of time where people are heavily supportive of same-sex marriage, there are lots of celebrities who are coming out as gay or lesbian. Some of the famous ones are Ben Platt and Sara Ramirez. Now, here is the question.

Is Alexis Dziena a lesbian? Well, the fact that she is not dating anyone at the moment creates speculations and rumors that she infects a lesbian who has not revealed her sexuality to the public. But slow down your horses.

Alexis has not made any moves that make people think that she is a lesbian in any way although this does not mean that she despises the LGBT community, but this also does not mean that she shares the community.

Also, another fact that claims she is not lesbian are her past relationship history. Yes. Even though she does not talk about dating at the moment or staying married secretly, there are past relationships that help clear out any boiling gay or lesbian speculations.

Dziena Relationship: Michael Pitt

So, as mentioned, even though Alexis is not vocal about her current relationship status, she does have past affairs that busts any gay or lesbian rumors fans or even haters have. Although we do not believe that she has any haters.

Moving on, back in 2002, Dziena met actor Michael Pitt. After meeting for the first time, the couple knew they attracted each other, and with this mutual feeling, both started contacting each other often. After a couple of dates and realization that both liked each other romantically, they started dating.

However, Dziena and Pitt did not make their relationship very public, and very limited people knew about it initially. But later, media got wind of the romance, and they became the talk of the town.

Unfortunately, because of excessively tight scheduling and confronting things that they do have in similar that were also non-negligible, their love started getting sour. Eventually, in 2004, the couple broke up. This time, the demise of their relationship did not make it headlines.

Alexis Dziena

Jeffrey Francis Ausley

After her relationship with Pitt failed, Dziena laid back and did not date anyone for some time. But Dziena eventually found her way back to love and met Jeffrey Francs Ausley. The couple instantly clicked, and they started dating in no time.

After a couple of dates, Dziena and Ausley grew inseparable, and things started to get very much serious. However, this time again, her love life started to get sour. Eventually, because of irreconcilable differences, Jeffrey decided to break up with Dziena. However, they did not share the same feeling, and Dziena did not take the break up very nicely.

Reportedly, the thing got worse when Alexis came inside Ausley’s home with all her clothes to move in. She then said she threatened to have him arrested if he did not go along with her decision.

When Ausley said that their relationship was not working, she started throwing tantrums and the awful threat of harming herself as well as Ausley. Hearing this, Ausley did not have any idea apart from reaching legal help.

In 2014, months after the couple started dating, Ausley sought a restraining order against Dziena. The court made a judgment on Ausley’s favor, and Dziena remained 100 yards away from her frightened boyfriend. However, this is not the only time Dziena has put herself into legal trouble.

Before her feud with Ausley, she filed for a restraining order against her father. She told the court that she feared her father might murder her for her money. However, the jury did not make decisions in her favor, and the case dismissed.

Alexis Dziena Bio, Age

American actress Alexis Dziena was born as Alexis Gabrielle Dziena on July 8, 1984, in New York, United States of America. As a mixed ethnicity sharing person, Alexis comes from Irish, Italian, and Polish ancestry. Dziena went to the Saint Ann’s School from where she went to attend the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

From a young age, Alexis started acting as she appeared in several plays during her tie at the dramatic arts academy which she attended while studying in high school. Dziena also went to the New York Tisch School of Arts and started writing her own plays.

At just the age of 17, Alexis made her TV debut. Soon, Dziena started appearing in movies and TV shows frequently, and with the connections that she made over the years like Lori Eastside, a famous casting director, Dziena soon became a very popular actress.

However, as she started to rise to fame, her personal life started getting affected, and she even began distancing herself from parents with the paranoia that they were after her money. As discussed above, she pleads to the court her father was conspiring her murder for all the money she made with acting career.

Alexis Dziena

Net Worth

Alexis Dziena became active in the film industry from the age of 17, and after a lot of movies and TV shows, she has successfully gathered a large chunk of fortune. At the moment, Alexis has an estimated net worth of $3 million. The number is always growing as she rises to fame more and more.

Her salary, however, remains a mystery. But we know people in the film industry earn based upon their stardom, the role and the budget of the project at hand. It is safe to say Alexis is earning heavily.


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