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Back in the days, becoming famous took a lot of hard work and sheer determination. There were times when people took the decision for themselves to become known and to become famous among other people in the world. However, at the moment, there are numerous ways people get famous. Even times when a person has no intention, they become famous and renowned anyway. Such a case resides with us today as we talk about a man who is famous. His name is Alex Cowper Smith.

Now, raise your hands if you know this name, but we hardly suspect that any hands will go up in the air this time. Why are we so sure that you likely do not know this name? It is because Alex here is someone who does not come off as a famous man himself, but rather, the things he did and the person he linked with made him famous — still, having a hard time grabbing what we are trying to say here? We’ll try to lay it off in as simply as possible.

Alex Cowper Smith

Do you know how one famous person has the ability to make another person famous just like that? You’ve seen famous actors, actresses, or another kind of public figures whose significant other also become famous just like that. Well, that is the same case here and more as well. You see, the handsome money man here made one of the most beautiful women around his wife, and that was enough to spark the fire of fame for young Alex.

Here, learn more about Alex as we talk about all the interesting facts about his and also other things that make him famous.

Alex Cowper Smith Early Life

A very handsome and desiring man at first glance, Alex is as good looking as he is successful. Alex Cowper-Smith, the handsome man was born on January 1, 1970. Smith was born in some part of England, however, not sure exactly which one it is. As of now, Alex remains very reserved about his birthplace.

According to this handsome young man’s birth detail, which is, he was born on January 1, Alex shares the zodiac sign of Capricorn. That said, Alex also shares the famous and almost always talked about qualities of a Capricorn as well. As per popular beliefs, people like Alex who share the zodiac sign Capricorn, they are very determined towards their goal and also very friendly as well.

One of the many keys towards success is that a person, like Alex, do, never should have a flicker of uncertainty towards the goal he wants to achieve. It is also one of those traits that make him successful, as well. Talking about his age, Alex, at the moment, remains almost 50 years old already.

Looking at him, it does not look like Alex is already 50 years old. When people look at him for the first time, they all come up with the same guesses that Alex is somewhere in his 30s right not or below that. Judging by the cover, Alex still holds some of the charms that are able to give even high ranking male models a run for their money.

Alex Cowper Smith Family and Parents

Now, does the man who talks very less about his birth details and early life talk about his family and other personal matters to the public? Well, it largely depends upon what you sit expecting to learn about Alex here and her family life. If all that you look forward to is some basic information, you may not go disappointed. But if you, as a follower, look forward to some hardcore information, well, that’s a different case.

Alex, at the moment, does not talks about his family and parents at all. What he does talk about is spending a large time while growing up in England and later going on to boarding school. Because of the fact that Alex went to boarding school, he did not spend much time with his family except for when he came home during weekdays.

Other than that, a large portion of Alex’s life includes schooling and college life.

Alex Cowper Smith Education

As a child of parents who share the western thoughts, Alex always realized what he had to do once growing up began. Unlike other parents, parents from western families usually focus a tad bit more on education than others do and for all the good reasons as well. This allows their kids to get a proper education.

Not much different from this, Alex also realized his school days possessed great importance as a kid. His parents enrolled Alex at a very prominent elementary school where Alex learned a lot of basic knowledge. Along with that, Alex also learned the habit of going to school on a consistent basis, as well.

After going through with elementary school as a very fine young man, Alex went on and joined another very prominent institute for further studies. For high school, Alex joined the Westminster School, located in Westminster, England, and began studying there as a very obedient student.

Slightly apart from another school, Westminster is a co-ed boarding school that focuses largely on the quality of education and other aspects that make their students stand out. The course tailored for students at Westminster made sure that Alex receives a full volume of all the knowledge that the school had to provide.

After graduating high school from Westminster School, Alex went on and joined the University of Nottingham. At the University of Nottingham, Alex began primarily focusing on business and finance, which always intrigued him from the very core. Understanding business and its terms from a young age, Alex did not possess much difficulty regarding studies.

After four years of relentless studies and all the hard work that Alex did, he finally graduated from the famous University of Nottingham in 2003.

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Personal Life

Now, we have already mentioned that Alex is the husband of one of the most celebrated actresses, but we haven’t revealed who that person is. Well, the person, the beautiful lady that made Alex Cowper so famous, is none other than, amazingly attractive actress Alice Eve.

Now, most of you already remain familiar with Alice Eve as she is a talent to reckon. Alice Eve is a British actress born on February 6 in 1982. Alice was born in London, United Kingdom, and appeared in famous movies like Star Trek Into Darkness and She’s Out of My League.

Now, Alice and Alex did not meet each other after both became really successful in life but rather, met each other during their teenage days for the first time. Both Alex and Alice went to the same school called Westminster School. After getting glimpses of each other during classes, things started off from there.

Alex and Alice started dating each other, and that continued until graduating from Westminster. However, after graduation, both part ways on mutual and respectful consent. As fate would have it, Alex and Alice met each other years later and fell in love all over again. In December of 2014, Alex and Alice married each other at Brompton Oratory.

Unfortunately, Alex and Alice’s relationship did not last long because of Alice’s busy work schedule. In 2017, Alex and Alice separated and divorced from each other. At the moment, Alex remains single.

Alex Cowper Smith


As we mentioned earlier, Alex’s parents thought it through about how education helps children achieve success in the long run. After you take a look at Alex’s professional life, one will become sure. You will automatically start thinking that the wisdom his parents reflect is really true to the last word.

Right after getting through from the University of Nottingham, Alex began working on his professional life and also started to build a job portfolio. For any job that Alex wanted to apply for or any company that he wanted to start working in. Alex’s educational life gave him heads up every time.

After graduating from the University of Nottingham, Alex applied for a job at Goldman Sachs. Goldman Sachs is one of the oldest and also one of the most successful multinational investment banks available at the moment. As expected, Goldman Sachs was clever enough to take in Alex. Seeing that his grades were absolutely remarkable Company took him immediately.

At Goldman Sachs, Alex Cowper Smith began working as an associate for the conglomerate, and there he thrived. Inside one of the most successful business institutions, Alex felt right at home, and he began working very energetically as well. At Goldman Sachs, Alex developed a very nice and well-groomed work ethic.

While working at the company, Alex also managed to gain further knowledge and from there. Since then, his professional life ladder began to rise as well. After Goldman Sachs, Alex started working as a financier at different organizations and institutions, and all of valued his work as well.

Net Worth

Alex began working at Goldman Sachs for one of many particular reasons. One of the strongest ones for Alex is the will to work with and around money. Cowper’s interest in banking and finance grew from a very young, and since then, it has only risen to greater heights. Along with his enthusiasm, Alex’s life has also thrived.

At the moment, Alex Cowper Smith has his net worth in millions. How we know, that is because of all the deals that finance people do that make them tons of money as well. The most average salary that Goldman Sachs provided ranged above £41,337

Name Alex Cowper-Smith
Date of birth January 1, 1970
Birthplace United Kingdom
Ethnicity White
Height 5.6 ft
Weight N/A
Profession Financer
Married No
Nationality British
Birth sign Capricorn
Measurement N/A
Net Worth million


Social Reach

Twitter: @cowpeal

Instagram: @cowpeal

Facebook: Alex Smith


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