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Aleisha Allen appeared on your television screen in as a character for one of the most famous movies of all time called School of Rock, and if you are in your late teens or in your 20s, you most probably you know her. We’re talking about the same Aleisha Allen who also appeared in Blue’s Clues. This American actress who managed to steal a lot of hearts and break them as well in the early days but where is Allen now?

Truth be told, so many people are jealous of Aleisha, especially ladies out there because they cannot just believe how someone can look so perfect and on top of that, have a lot of people searching about her. Even though her film career is fairly limited, especially compared to other celebrities, the charm that she put up only increases because she pulls everyone inwards like a magnet.

While many searches about Aleisha Allen more and more with a never dying eagerness to learn more about her, not many people get to know her. Now, you may be wondering why for someone with a limited career line in the film industry so famous and why are we even talking about it if you think that then you are not alone.

It has been years now since Aleisha Allen appeared in the screens, which makes fans and followers very eager to learn more and more about her. Where is Aleisha Allen right now? Did she completely stop working as an actress or is there something we are missing here. Perhaps she married someone and settled down having a family.

Aleisha Allen

But, for all the answers, we’ll have to learn more about her.

Aleisha Allen Early Life

American actress Aleisha Allen was born on April 28, 1991, in the Bronx, New York City, United States of America. Allen’s age is currently 28 years old and her zodiac sign in Taurus and Aleisha. She was born to black ethnicity, sharing parents, and therefore, Allen also shares white ethnicity and is very proud of it.

Her parent gave birth to other children as well; however, their names and how many there remain unknown. At the moment, we only know that Aleisha grew up with her parents and her siblings. Allen always believed in kindness and growing up, her relationship with parents as well as siblings was very good.

Her parent’s name are as follows: Father’s name is Otis LaNae Allen, and mother’s name is Angela LaNae Allen. At the moment, any further information about her family remains unavailable, and there is not much to talk about here. Allen keeps details about her siblings and parents secret.

She never really talks about her early family in the media, which creates a ripple of confusion between fans when it comes to generalizing who she is. Regardless of the fact that information about her family remains unavailable, it is undeniable that she grew up very well and is very well-mannered.

Aleisha Allen Education

From a very young age, her parents imprinted on her that education is a very important aspect of people’s lives, and they should always take it seriously. Her siblings also thought the same because their parents did not want all their children to wander around in the world uneducated. For that, all went schooling.

As a young child, Allen went to the Sacred Heart School in the Bronx, a local high school in their area which promised proper schooling because that is what matters at the end of the day. All of her siblings went to the same high school, and they all graduated with good marks, which is essential for college admission.

To that note, Allen did very well for herself in high school. She always presented herself as one of the most sincere and obedient students in the lot, and teachers also liked her. After studying very hard, Allen graduated high school with very good marks which opened the gates of most prestigious colleges in the states.

For college education, Allen went to study at the Professional Performing Arts School located in New York City. Tisch School is one of the most prestigious places to learn acting in. Allen took theatre as her major, and from there, she went on to Pace University. As a theatre student, Allen also developed a very extroverted personality which allowed her also to become a public speaker in university.

Name Aleisha Allen
Date of birth April 28, 1991
Birthplace The Bronx, New York, United States of America
Ethnicity Black
Height 5.5 ft
Weight N/A
Profession Actress
Married No
Nationality American
Birth sign Taurus
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $750 thousand


Personal Life, Dating

Now, here is a question for every Aleisha Allen fan. Who would not want to date this beautiful actress? We suspect everyone. But what are the chances that your dreams will come true?Because, the last time we checked, beautiful women were often taken. Either they had a boyfriend, or they were already married to someone handsome, charming, and equally successful.

When it comes to Aleisha Allen, it seems like the same thing. You do know Tahj Mowry, right? The handsome actor. Well, Aleisha and Tahj dated for almost half a decade. Allen and Mowry met in the early 2000s and started seeing each other often. After some time, the couple realized both likes each other, and that was the sign for Allen and Mowry.

By 2003, both began dating each other, and things started getting more serious between. During their time dating, Allen and Mowry made several public appearances clearly showing that they were not afraid of all the attention and what came with it. But, unfortunately, their love slowly started to fade.

In 2007, Allen and Mowry decided to split and call it quits for good. Since then, Allen does not reveal anything about her personal life and keeps all details secret. There is a very high chance that she is already married and settled with a beautiful family, but the same goes for her staying single and enjoying her life.

As of now, we cannot claim anything about her personal life.

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Aleisha Allen Career

Aleisha started her career early in 1997 with a movie called I’m Gonna Rip Your Head. In this TV series, Aleisha portrayed the character of a girl named Jennifer. Next year in 1998, she appeared in another TV show called Out of the Box in which she appeared as herself.

For the next three works, Aleisha gave her immaculate voice. She served as a voice actor for Blue’s Birthday Adventure, Blue’s Birthday and Blue’s Big Treasure Hunt. All these three projects are video games for kids, and she voiced the side table drawer that kids loved so much.

In 1999, Aleisha appeared as a flower girl in The Best Man, a spectacular movie that gained Aleisha, a lot of positive critics. From 1999 to 2000, Allen again served as a voice actor for Bule’s Treasure Hunt, Blue’s Big Musical Movie, and Blue’s Big Holiday and again, her work gained Allen a lot of appreciation.

From 1996 to 2004, Allen worked in a total of 130 episodes of Blue’s saga. In 2005, Allen appeared in Are We There Yet? As Lindsey Kingston and again appeared in the same movie as Lindsey Persons in 2007. After about three years, Allen appeared on The Electric Company  as Jules Quest and the next year as a random girl in Young Adults.

Her last TV appearance was in 2012 when she appeared in. You’re Nobody ‘till Somebody Kills You. She portrayed the character of Sarah Johnson.

Net Worth

Aleisha possessed a very prominent career, especially when she served as a voice actor for Blue’s saga from 1996 to 2004. However, she abruptly left the film business since 2012. But regardless of that fact, Aleisha still managed to get a very sweet fortune accumulated for her.

After a lot of hard work and consistency, Aleisha currently has a massive net worth of $2 million. But as a very humble person, Aleisha does not boast about her riches and keeps the influence to the minimum. She likes going to new places and travel once in a while. Also, Allen has a knack for nice restaurants.

Social Reach

Twitter: @AleishaLaNae

Instagram: @aleishalanae

Facebook: Aleisha Allen


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