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Inventions are something that only some of the greatest minds of all time have managed to do so. While people think that it takes a lot of effort for someone to invent something, but there are supernatural people to whom this comes naturally. Just like a subconscious thing, their minds are constantly finding out new things and, thus, inventing new things as well. However, only a few have managed to make and leave a mark in the world with their inventions — one of those people in Alan Turing.

Turing is one of those people whom people refer to as some of the greatest minds of all time and for all the good reasons available as well. It so happens that his mind worked like a computer, or let’s say, like a calculator as well. Because of that, there are a couple of inventions that Turing has made that have changed the world and how people work in different sectors. Such are the inventions of Turing.

Alan Turing

However, to people who have a particular taste in history, they might not remain familiar with the name Turing. Because as it happens, this name only remains famous among people who share a love for maths. And frankly saying, there are not a lot of people who love maths and solving all the problems. But Alan did, and he made quite a few remarkable inventions or let’s also call it discoveries. Alan discovered the LU Decomposition and also invented the Universal Turing Machine as well.

That said, this post acts like a tribute, as well as a biography for Turing here. In this post, we talk about everything there is about Turing’s professional life and also discuss his personal life as well. Bear with us as we solve this mystery.

Alan Turing Early Life

A person who helped a country win a war that no one ever thought that they could win, Alan Turing was born on June 23, 1912. Turing was born in Maida Vale, London, United States of America, and at the age of his death, Turing was only 41 years old. His death is a tragedy that the world can never forget.

As a child, Turing possessed a very shy personality and did not conversate with people that much on a daily basis unless he actually had to do so. Because of this, Alan actually found it a little difficult as a child to make new friends down the road and also maintain any friendship he made.

On top of that, Alan, as a child, also showcased extreme signs of undoubted intelligence during his school days. It went to the point that his teachers accepted this fact to his parents, who were both very hardworking people. This acknowledgment of his brainpower led to people claiming his inevitable success.

According to his birth details, Alan was born on June 23, which means he shared the zodiac sign of Cancer. Like most people believe, people who share the zodiac sign of Cancer is extremely hard working and also very determined towards achieving success in their lives. As we all know, this holds true for Alan’s nature.

Alan Turing Family

Turing, as mentioned earlier, was born to parents who always, for most of their lives, lived a life of very hard working people and also kind as well. Alan was born as Alan Mathison Turing to father Julius Mathison Turing and mother Ethel Sara Turing, who previously shared the last name, Stoney.

Both of Turing’s parents loved each other very much, and both always remained as a very happy couple as well. Turing’s father, Julius Mathison Turing, professionally held a very reputable job in the government sector. For work, Julius worked with the Indian Civil Service or also known as ICS.

On the other hand, what Ethel did professionally is something that remains a secret till now. Turing never actually talked about Ethel and what she did to support the family. While we know that her father worked as a chief engineer, Ethel’s profession remains a mystery till now.

Talking about his siblings, Turing is the youngest child of Julius and Ethel. Apart from Alan, Julius and Ethel had another child, a son born before Alan. Alan’s elder brother’s name is John Turing. Both Alan and his brother John always remained very close together possessed of a special bond as well.

Alan Turing Education

For someone who got fame in the sector filled with education and all the related things, there has to be a lot of schooling history behind Alan’s success. As it happens, there is. As we mentioned earlier, Alan began showing his intellectual prowess at a very young age, and it astonished a lot of people as well.

When as a young child, after his parents moved to a new home that they purchased with a lot of hard work, his parents enrolled him at a day school. The name of the day school is St. Michael’s, and in the school, Alan began taking on the habit of going to school on a consistent basis.

However, even in daycare, his teachers began noticing the absolute genius that Alan showcased. After day school went through, Alan joined the Hazelhurst Preparatory School, and there Alan continued his further studies. From Hazelhurst Preparatory School, Alan went to Sherborne School.

Despite some roadblocks from his teachers at the school, Turing excelled in Maths and Science in particular, and then he went to college. After graduating high school, Alan went to King’s College, Cambridge, and started focusing on Mathematics. At the age of 22, Turing received first-class honors in maths from the college.

During college, Turing received many honors. Most of them came from his excellence in studies as well. During college, Turing worked on several papers that still hold a lot of importance in modern computing and mathematics. As a result, his work still stands as an example.

Alan Turing

Personal Life

As far as his personal life goes, Turing’s personal life is largely summed up in a movie called The Imitation Game. In the movie, Benedict Cumberbatch portrays the character of Alan very marvelously and showcases all the quirks that Turing was so infamous for as well.

When meeting Joan Clarke, Alan began getting close to her purely for the intellectual prowess of Joan attracted Alan. As a homosexual who became familiar with his sexuality during high school at Sherborne, Alan later witnessed conflicts in Joan’s life. She was leaving to work for Bletchley park because her parents wanted her to get married.

Frightened to lose her, Alan proposes to Joan and asks her to marry him. Dazed, Joan said yes to the proposal, and Alan and Joan got engaged like that. However, after the 1941 engagement, Joan and Turing end their relationship when Alan confesses his sexuality and insists not to carry on the relationship.

After that, Alan began a relationship with a man named Arnold Murray, a man 20 years older than Alan himself. After meeting for the first time at a bar, Alan and Arnold began dating each other until Arnold burgled his house with a fellow friend. When Alan filed for a burglary complaint, a police investigation found out that Alan was gay.

During that time in England, Homosexuality was considered as a crime of indecency and given a choice between probation and conviction. Alan chose probation that included hormonal treatment. While in that lane, Alan committed suicide at his apartment caused by Cyanide poisoning on June 8, 1954.

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Alan Turing Career

Turing’s career is something that most interesting things and also remain one of the most known facts among several people as well. After all, his invention saved millions of lives of the country he was born in. As a result, his career remains an enigma in itself and something everyone admires about him.

For starters, Turing’s career started as an initiative of questioning everything about papers and lectures. Then, it slowly began shifting as more people began recognizing his point of view. Sometime after graduating from Cambridge, Alan began working for the Government Code and Cypher School but only part-time.

During his working days, the government bestowed further responsibilities upon him when they asked him to look over a secret mission. In September of 1939, Alan began his job on figuring out the ciphers and code that the German army used to communicate and share their plans with.

Shortly after arriving at the workplace designated and segregated for Alan, he began working on a machine that people call the gem of the older days. Alan designed an automated machine that would automatically help the British decipher secret code messages used by the opponent country.

After two years of hard work and working out away from various problems, Turing finally managed to crack the code when he received a hint from a fellow lady colleague. The breaking of the German code called Enigma made history and helped Britain win the war as well.

Net Worth

During his whole childhood, Turing made sure that he learns new and different things and always excel in it as well. As a result, in mathematics as well, Turing excelled and became one of the best, if not the very best as well. This is also another reason why Bletchley park hired Turing in the first place.

Now, there is a nasty myth that people indulged in a profession like Turing’s do not make that much money to start with. Alan, during his years of working, became pretty rich as per sources. According to reports out there, At the moment of his death, Alan possessed a massive net worth of $119 million.

That is a lot of money as far as how much mathematicians profession go for.



Name Alan Turing
Date of birth June 23, 1912
Birthplace Maida Vale, London, United Kingdom
Ethnicity White
Height 5.7 ft
Weight N/A
Profession Mathematician
Married No
Nationality British
Birth sign Cancer
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $119 million


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