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Aimee Osbourne

Birth Date: 2nd of September, 1983
Birth Place: London, England
Height: 5’6″
Weight: 67kg
Salary: N/A
Net Worth: N/A
Nationality: British
Marital Status: N/A
Married date: N/A
Children: N/A
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Facebook: N/A
Twitter: https: @AimeeRachelO
Instagram: N/A
Quotes: There is acceptance but not ease with siblings.



Aimee Osbourne

Let’s see where should we start. Ah yes, a wise man once said We become what we repeatedly do, so who is Aimee Osbourne exactly. First and foremost she is a talented actress/lyricist and then she is the daughter of famed Ozzy Osbourne. Anyways let’s dig deep into Aimee Osborne’s mysterious life for now. Many of you out there might have already noticed it but Aimee has been successful in masking her personal life for some time now. From whom you might ask so you see it’s mostly from the hungry eyes of paparazzi photographers and media networks. Now keep scrolling to find out more about Aimee Osborne.

Early Life

Being the eldest daughter of Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne, Aimee Rachel Osbourne was born on the 2nd of September, 1983. Originally from London, England, she is blessed with two siblings Jack Osbourne and Kelly Osbourne. Interestingly enough Aimee is a half-sibling to Jessica Osbourne and Louis Osbourne from her father’s first marriage. As for her maternal grandfather, he is none other than Don Arden. Also known by the name Harry Levy, Don used to be a music manager during his time. Aimee’s siblings started to get recognition after their appearance in MTV’s hit reality shows The Osbournes. Aimee, on the other hand, is shrouded with mysteries of her own. Thinking the show might jeopardize her future career Aimee, however, decided to bail on the show entirely. Whether it was a good or bad idea is up to Aimee herself. But she always wanted to make a name of her own rather than depending on her father’s legacy.

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About her Parents

Aimee was nowhere the fan of “The Osbourne” furthermore she was displeased by her parents’ behavior on the show. Speaking of her father Ozzy, he is one of the most popular heavy metal rockstars. It might come as a surprise but Ozzy was one of the lead vocalists in the “Black Sabbath” group. That however changed when he left the heavy metal band to pursue his solo career in 1979. Giving his hit performance to heavy metal fans Ozzy also made his appearance in a number of talk shows and TV programs. Surprisingly enough Aimee’s mother Sharon Osbourne happened to be a music manager herself. With the entire family in music business its no wonder Aimee too became involved in the musical industry. Other than being Ozzy’s music manager, Sharon Osbourne’s reputation exceeds being movie producer, entrepreneur, author, and television personality. Being a well-known celeb herself, Sharon married Ozzy Osborne on July 4th, 1982.

Aimee Osbourne


Aimee Osbourne didn’t appear in The Osbournes alongside her family members but she definitely made her presence in a number of other TV and reality shows. Starting off with 1991’s music videos and a documentary of Ozzy Osborne, Aimee later appeared in 1998’s The Howard Stern Show. Shunning unnecessary publicity as always she also gave her performance in 2003’s MTV show Wuthering Heights. It was around this time when Aimee started getting her own media spotlight. Nonetheless, in 2014, Aimee did a voice acting for the animated movie Postman Pat: The Movie. Despite her appearances in No of movies and television shows, Aimee eventually made her musical debut in early 2010. Mostly inspired by PJ Harvey, Portishead, Kate Bush, and Massive Attack, Aimee soon began recording her own music. Branding her music ARO, Aimee has released a number of hits throughout the years. The most popular being the “Raining Gold” has 2.5 million views on YouTube alone.

Personal Life and Relationship

At age 36 Aimee Osbourne is 5 feet 6 inches tall and belongs to the Star sign Virgo. With a well-built physique and cute smile, Aimee obviously is the most beautiful woman of her age. One might wonder whether she is married or not but much info isn’t available in the mainstream media. It’s understandable as Aimee doesn’t take part in talk shows or interviews. Her love life is quite private as her own life. It’s just a speculation but many women at her age would be married and be parents of their children. But that’s not the case with Aimee. Let’s hope she will soon find a beautiful life partner.

Awards and net worth of Aimee Osbourne

Aimee is most famed for her synth-pop music in mainstream media. Unlike Ozzy’s heavy rock metal, Amiee also specializes in trip-hop and Instrumental vocals. It’s quite surprising news however Aimee hasn’t won any awards or nominations to date. As her ARO initiative is young and still growing it will take some time until Aimee can bag any real awards. Let’s hope she will undoubtedly out win her father someday. Aimee has gathered a lot of assets throughout the years. Through acting, singing, and songwriting, Aimee has made a grand total of around $5 million. It’s not much compared to her family or other siblings but it’s quite impressive at her young age.

Aimee Osbourne

Social Media Presence

In these desperate times, social media has become a vital reserve of information and knowledge. From a high school kid to mere celebrity everybody is now bound to this circle of information exchange. For celebrities, it has its own perks and cons. We’ve seen individuals gaining widespread popularity all thanks to their performance in these so-called media platforms. These days posting a ten-minute long video on YouTube can earn you millions of loyal fans and followers. She has followers in her Instagram account and her Twitter account is @AimeeRachelO with 455 followers. Aimee rarely posts about his private and personal life that makes it easier for her to escape unnecessary rumors and controversies.


Most of the celebrities out in the world are philanthropist these days. Is it a coincidence or a new trend growing among young and talented celebrities. The answer is Yes and No also. You see most celebrities engage in donations and charity work out of goodwill and pure intentions. But some seek their own fame and popularity in these works. Entertainers and celebrities like Ellen De’ geners and Oprah Winfrey have established themselves to be some of the greatest philanthropists of Hollywood. If we look into their works most of them have their own charity foundations or donation groups which provides help to millions of helpless people. Ozzy family is no exception either, Sharon herself has indulged in philanthropic work from age. As for Aimee Osbourne nothing much can be said but she might have done some charity works.


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