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You remember Ursula’s friend from George of the Jungle, right? The chubby blonde who showcased a charm like no other. Well, her name is Afton Smith, and she is much more than just that. But, you might be wondering why you never heard about her in the first place, right? Well, that is because someone else overshadowed her fame.

You already know that Hollywood is a very complicated place to be, and there are different levels of celebrities. Some are so famous the whole world knows them – literally, while some are those who get overshadowed by them. Unfortunately, Afton Smith falls on the second list. So who is the person that dominated Afton?

Afton Smith

It is her husband. That is right. But don’t get us wrong because this does not affect her at all. Instead of people knowing her from some of her appearance on movies, they know her as the wife of a handsome hunk who is also an undoubtedly skilled and talented actor. You must be all pumped up to know who he is right. We are too.

In this post, we’ll talk about the personal as well as professional life of Afton Smith, all about her married life, husband and family. Consider this a fully-fledged bio.

Afton Smith Personal Life

Afton Smith surely is the woman of most men’s dream. She is just like that, undeniably hot, charming and an overall babe. So it is natural for you to fuss out a little when we mentioned that she has a husband. But we care for you people out there. So here is a surprise revelation for everyone. Afton Smith HAD a husband.

That is right. Afton Smith was married to the man who as we speak “over-shadowed” her fame and you may already know him very well. Have you watched any of the older The Mummy movies? Not the one with Tom Cruise in it. You have a picture of that man in your head already right?

Well, the man, the Afton Smith, married is Brendan Fraser. The heartthrob for millions around the world and he fell for Afton Smith, and there is nothing to complain about here. Undoubtedly, the couple stands out, and it was a sight for every fans and follower; either of Afton or Brendan. Before we jump to anything else, let’s start by her married life.

Afton Smith

Relationship, Engaged

Afton and the charming The Mummy star met more than two decades ago in 1993. During a barbecue at Winona Ryder’s house, a famous actress currently famous for appearing in Stranger Things, Afton and Brendan met for the first time. Ryder invited Brendan to her house during while Smith and Ryder appeared in the same movie.

The couple sparked and felt it could mean more than just a first meet. When they meet for the first time, Fraser felt that Afton could be the one for him and boy was he right. As Fraser put it, he knew to combine his personal as well as professional ambitions while also having a friend within her.

The couple started dating shortly after meeting for the first time, and soon, they became inseparable. Years went by, and Afton and Brendan started making red carpet appearances and fans went crazy over how gorgeous they looked together. Everyone just wanted them to get married, and fortunately, Brendan considered it.

In October of 1997, Brendan got down to one knee, took out the ring, told Afton how much he loved her and then asked her the question that most women want from their lover. He asked her to marry him. Naturally, Afton remained there, clutching her mouth in ‘aww,’ nodding a yes and finally kissing off and making the proposal a success.


Afton and Brendan started living together and now that the couple engaged in getting married. Both decided to get married as soon as possible, so the wedding set in October of in 1998. Surrounded by friends and families, Afton and Brendan exchanged vows in an intimate wedding ceremony at the Bel Air Hotel garden.

At the time, Afton gushed about how perfect her wedding day became and that it couldn’t be any more perfect than that. Afton and Brendan welcomed their first child, Griffin Author Fraser couple of years after getting married in 2002. While both smitten of their newborn and ecstatically happy, another bundle of joy hit them.

Two years later, in 2004, the couple welcomed their second child. They named him Holden Fletcher Fraser. We do not know what is it with the couple and two years gap, but in 2006, after welcoming their second child, they welcomed another baby. Leland Francis Fraser was born in 2006.

Despite having a full family and a loving relationship, Afton and Brendan’s relationship started to start to wobble, and they started struggling to manage it. Tabloids started to speculate that the couple was having a rough time in their relationship and it all turned out to be true.

Afton Smith


After much media and fans speculation, the news of their separation came to light. In 2007, Afton and Brendan’s divorce finalized and they parted ways. Just before the divorce, the couple sold their Beverly Hills, California home for a whopping $3 million. Since Brendan is a massive celebrity with multiple Blockbuster hits, he also had a massive net worth.

This is where all the conflicts came in. The couple initially agreed to an alimony and child support payments of $900, 000 a year. Brendan at the time had a massive net worth of $50 million, so the court ruled it out. However, years later, in 2013, Brendan started to worry about his fortune stating that the high spousal and child support aggressively affected his net worth.

Fraser requested the court for a reduction in the alimony and child support payments to $50,000 a month which equivalent to around $600, 00 annually. However, ex-wife Afton retested this request. She also went to the length of accusing Brendan hid his money. She told the court that his net worth justified the payments and once again, the jury agreed with her.

The reason why Afton who maintained such a sweet relationship before started accusing Brendan is also because he was having an affair with Maria Bello at the moment. However, neither Brendan nor Maria ever confirmed this rumor.

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Dating Again?

After the sensational divorce chaos, Brendan became distant with Afton, and the same goes for her as well. While some linger around in the spotlight and start dating again, Afton chose solitude. At the moment, there is no report about Afton dating or marrying anyone in the industry or outside. Tabloids presume she is busy raising her three children.

On the other hand, Brendan also seems to stray away from relationships. The man who once had chiseled body with six pack abs now boasts a dad bod. He claims that life-long stunts damaged his body severely. But Fraser is trying to get back into shape now.

Afton Smith

Afton Smith Bio, Age

Brendan Fraser ex-wife was born on December 3, 1967, in Northport, Long Island, United States of America. She is currently years old. Afton belongs to white ethnicity and holds American nationality. She graduated and started pursuing her career as an actress from a very young age.

Afton made her debut appearance in Less Than Zero, a movie that premiered in 1987. Later in 1991, she appeared again in Fried Green Tomatoes. This appearance gathered her lot of attention, and she started getting calls from everywhere. In 1994, she appeared in Reality Bites, a rom-com drama movie.

While her career was soaring, Afton also made an appearance in George of the Jungle in 1997. However, without any definitive reason, Afton stopped working in movies. Fans suspect that due to the birth of her children, she found it tough to maintain a professional career. Afton later published three books. They are:

“Hollywood Picks the Classics: A Guide for the Beginner and the Aficionado”

“The Tiger: Class of January 1922; Lewis and Clark High School, Spokane, Washington”

“Point to Happy: For Children on the Autism Spectrum”.

Net Worth

Her current net worth remains unknown. But because of the alimony and other ways of income, it is over a million.


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