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The Perks of Being a Wallflower comprises of a lot of talented actors, and one of them is Adam Hagenbuch, and he is an beautiful man. As a movie of TV series person, you may already be familiar with him; however, for all the people out there who are not familiar with Adam, he is just another actor who appears on their TV screen.

Well, if some of you think like that then today your perception is going to change forever. While his looks alone are enough to get even the like of supermodels go weak on their knees, he also has the body of that is no less than of Greek gods statues. Yes, that is 100% true and no exaggeration.

Adam Hagenbuch

Pretty sure he has fans, especially women out there swoon over him but the fact that if any one of them can make every date, he remains questionable. Firstly, many people do not know who Adam Hagenbuch is behind the camera as many only see him on TV and then kind of forget about him.

Second, there is a pretty slim chance that he is single at the moment. Some even speculate if Adam is gay or not. Well, to find that all out, we will need to get a closer look at his personal life. While doing so, we will also talk about his professional career and bio as well. So stick around.

Adam Hagenbuch Gay?

Is Adam Hagenbuch gay? This question is one of the only many questions people as related to him. But it is all natural for fans to question everything about the actor they so religiously follow. Well, to answer this question is a little tricky because Adam has relatively remained silent on this matter.

At the moment, Hagenbuch has not made any public statement about his sexuality and also, he has neither confirmed nor denied any of these speculations. The reason people ask if Adam is gay may primarily be because of his portrayal of a gay character in on-screen because it is the most common way people generate personal life curiosity.

Adam portrays the character of Jimmy Gibbler on a famous TV show called Fuller House in which a character is a gay man. But the fact that one actor portrays a gay role does not mean that he is gay in real life as well because. It is their job to take projects based on the storyline, and if the storyline requires actors to become gay, then it is how it all happens.

Adam Hagenbuch

Dating, Girlfriend

Sincerely Adam. What is it with you and all those jaw-dropping looks that you possess? It is like we do not have enough men in the world to crush upon that he comes along with those misty-eyed look and astounding personality. Not to mention again, the Greek god-like body.

So, does he have a woman in his life that has full access to those rock-solid abs and counts them as hers? If he is dating someone, then people should know who that person is because some women out there think Adam is way above their league. They ought to know what it takes to date a man like Adam.

Unfortunately, Adam has failed us again. Just like keeping his sexuality in question for fans rather than just spilling everything out and either confirming or denying the rumors, he is mum about his relationship as well. Seriously, what is wrong with some men in Hollywood?

At the moment, Adam is silent on his relationship status, and he has also not talked about any girl that maybe his girlfriend. He frequently posts on his social media account but not with anyone who we can label as his girlfriend or potential girlfriend. For the moment, Adam is single.

However, it looks like he focuses on his work rather than having a relationship because dating always takes a lot of work and, actors are usually busy for it. Most of the real-life love stories start and happen on sets. Maybe, Adam will also find his significant other while working as well. Best of Luck, Adam.


Adam Hagenbuch was born in Addison, Texas, the United States of America on January 23, 1991. Adam is currently 28 years old, and his zodiac sign is Aquarius. He as a brother and a sister as siblings and shares white ethnicity. Adam received his early education from Trinity Christian Academy.

Since childhood, Adam Hagenbuch possessed an interest in acting and always got fascinated with movies and TV shows. To pursue a career as in the film industry, Adam went on to study at the Carnegie Mellon School of Drama where he learned the art of acting and also played the role of Romeo in famous Romeo and Juliet drama act.

Unlike other Hollywood celebrities, Adam is quite vocal about his nickname. His friends and family call him Hagen Boo and that is such a cute nickname to have.


Adam Hagenbuch started his career in the film industry with Hell’s Fury: Wanted Dead or Alive in 2009. He then appeared in Extremely Decent in 2011, and people loved seeing more of him as he progressed with his work. One of Hagenbuch’s most notable appearances is in The Perks of Being a Wallflower in 2012.

Adam has since worked in many movies and TV shows like American Cliché, Watch The Skies, A New York Heartbeat, Breaking Character, Modern Family, Major Crimes, Welcome to The Building and many others.

Since 2015, Adam worked in three different projects simultaneously. He appeared on Undateable TV Series from 2015 to 2016. He also appeared on Kirby Buckets from 2015 to 2017 and Switched at Birth from 2015 to 2017 as well. Adam appeared on Fuller House from 2016 to 2018 and currently not involved in any projects.

Adam Hagenbuch

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Net Worth

With such an engaging and continual career, Adam has successfully gathered himself a net worth of $500 thousand. However, the numbers come from the tabloid in media and Adam has not confirmed any details regarding his earnings to the media. But as he starts taking in more projects, his net worth will also escalate rapidly.


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