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I loved Cabin in the Woods. Absolutely loved it. One of the wittiest films I’ve seen in a long time, and visually it was stunning. This book means you can look at the design in a lot more detail as some of that stuff is only on screen for a couple of seconds! Click the picture to […]

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Bonditis (1968): Lobby cards and stills

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

Here are some lobby cards from the German film Bonditis from my collection, plus a couple of stills from the set.
Bonditis is a German film (shot in Switzerland) about a man named Frank Born (Gerd Baltus), who is suffering from dreams that he is in fact a top secret spy named James Bond. I’m not sure how the […]

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As announced fairly recently, a remake of Brighton Rock is underway, set in the 1960s to make it feel “more contemporary”. It is being updated by Rowan Joffe, who I think is a first time director. It’s got a pretty good cast, including Pete Poselthwaite and Helen Mirren. I was on set today, but I […]

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